How Much Does an Afghan Hound Cost? (2024 Pricing Guide)

 Last Updated on July, 2024

The best way to prepare for a pet dog would be to consider all the financial responsibilities that come with it— from the initial cost you would incur to the additional charges that might pop up along the way.

If you are on this page, you are almost there to bring an Afghan Hound home. You can get most puppies and older dogs from a reputable breeder for a cost estimation of $2000 or more depending on the breeder. 

But, if you are looking for a Show dog with no health conditions (which means that you won’t have any additional medical expenses from genetics in the future), this would cost you above $2000.

Going blind without considering the one-time or recurring expenses is a straight-up – NOPE. I’m speaking to the everyday dog owners here, not the high and mighty ones that don’t look at price tags when shopping (sighing in poverty!).

Most Afghan Hounds are priced according to their bloodline or if they are suitable for dog shows. The higher the price of it when you look into a quality pedigree (If not, it will be like that moment Ned found out Joffrey was not pure-bred by going through the Westeros Pedigree 😀)

Although due consideration needs to be given to the dog license and certification if you want to breed them. This is going to add to the initial cost as licenses are expensive.

Quick Summary

Cost of Afghan Hounds can vary from $600 to $3000 depending on source.

Cheaper Afghan Hounds may have lower quality and uncertain breeding.

To ensure a quality Afghan Hound, it is important to purchase from a reputable breeder, even if it may be more expensive.

How Much Does an Afghan Hound Cost?

Afghan Hound lying on the ground

These majestic Afghan Hound dogs with silky manes would cost between $600 to even $3000, depending on where you get them from. The cheaper they are, the less sure you could be of the dog’s quality and breed.

An Afghan Hound puppy would cost below $2500, which still makes them somewhat above the normal range. But these are usually from the right breeders who ensure that there aren’t any health concerns.

The ones worth it aren’t sold through a sketchy post online, where they give them to you for less than $900.

You should ensure that the Afghan Hound puppy you are getting is quality through a reputed breeder; that way, you will not have to go through the misfortune of health problems and concerns in time.

Initial Cost Depending on the Mode of Getting an Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound running on the ground

Like the other breeds, there are a few modes of getting yourself an Afghan Hound. Either through Craigslist, where it is cheaper but could be sketchier most of the time. The less reputable ones who use unfavorable breeding methods use these avenues to sell them.

There is also the option of adopting one from a rescue center. These places usually don’t get puppies, though. Or, the best way to get a proper high-quality Afghan Hound is through a reputable breeder.

From Craigslist

Not the best place to look for Afghan Hounds if you are not interested in being duped. Unlike the reputable breeder who ensures that the parents are healthy and have no other ailments, some sketchy breeders use this platform for fraudulent practices.

You would even find Afghan Hounds for $600 or so, which is very cheap for a dog of this breed. This usually means something fishy because this is not one of those cheaper dog breeds.

There comes the issue of bloodline, which is shady and below standard. And there are cases where the breeder doesn’t provide the necessary care and support for the puppies.

There are necessary health check-ups done on the parents before breeding which some shady breeders overlook because they are expensive. And some of the listed puppies don’t receive the proper veterinary care and other needful vaccinations.

Some Afghan hound puppies may be antisocial and aggressive due to not being trained for socialization. This will prove to be a problem if the dog is uncontrollably aggressive, where you might have to invest in a personal trainer who would cost $200 or above per session.

From a Rescue

This is an option that is far better than craigslist and nobler too. It should also be considered that dogs from rescue homes might have a troubled past, making them unsuitable for homes with kids.

Further, we have to prepare for the eventuality that Afghan Hounds don’t easily end up in Rescue centers, and even if they did, they don’t last too long due to high demand.

This method would either take too much time to bear fruits at times.

a human feeding a Afghan Hound

You can take steps to visit and inform the local rescue centers in the area or, even further, tell them that you are on the lookout for this particular breed.

Compared to some, Rescue centers usually ensure that the dogs are vaccinated and have had health check-ups.

This is the best option to get an Afghan Hound dog cheaper without contradicting its value. Also, the rescue centers aren’t as focused on profit-making as the breeders.

This is a more pocket-friendly approach to getting an Afghan Hound, as the dogs that come into the rescue homes are usually tested.

They are given a series of medical check-ups to ensure they are not suffering from diseases or trauma. Most of them are spayed or neutered accordingly, too.

This means that the rescue center covers most of the initial costs you would come across. Furthermore, they are cheaply priced as well. The only thing that is out of your hands s that you have less choice in this approach.

From a Breeder

For those of you who are in the market to get a high-quality pup of a proper bloodline, these people know what they do and have insight into ensuring that the puppies are healthy and well.

They are registered and equipped with the knowledge of correctly caring for the Afghan Hound dogs.

It means puppies get their routine health check-ups, vaccinations, and other perks until when they are sold.

The Afghan hound cost will be around $1500 to $3000, varying from breeder to breeder, depending on the pup they are.

Afghan Hound puppies on the ground

This way, you can sleep easy knowing that they have been thoroughly examined and selectively bred to ensure that the Afghan Hound puppy is healthy.

This will be the best method if you want an Afghan Hound puppy of your choice.

This is expensive but low risk because the puppies are brought up in an adequately socialized manner with groups of Afghan Hound dogs and other breeds, making them less fearful and aggressive.

They are also given the highest quality dog food rich in carbs and protein with the proper guidance and support. It will, in turn, reduce the chances of emergency sick visits to the vet. Furthermore, this would curb vet bills. The price may vary depending on their bloodline.

Factors That Affect the Cost of the Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound lying on the ground

There are not many factors that affect the Afghan Hound cost. But there are one or two that can be taken into consideration;

There is this type called Show dog who has competed in shows, which gives the puppy they came from one of them an edge over the others in terms of price.

It is like the Pureblood privilege in the wizarding world (Malfoy would’ve loved to know that the pup’s parent was a show dog 😊).

Compared to others that have many factors that play a significant role in the price of the dog, Afghan hounds have no such varieties. They are all similar in looks and have no color or coat hierarchy.

The main factor that plays a crucial role in the pricing would be the dog’s bloodline. Rather than sketchy breeders who over loo their health of them, the reputed breeders ensure that they are tested and well taken care of.

If you are wondering if price matters concerning the quality, it usually does. Shady sellers sell some pups birthed through unlikely means for a lower price. Therefore, you should take quality and bloodline into consideration over monetary value.

Because most of the health problems that arise in dogs at a later stage are from genetics and these medical bills are very expensive. Going for a cheaper cost at the beginning may result in a long-term loss later.

One-Time Expenses

Afghan Hound dogs running on the ground

These are several costs that are needed to be incurred when you bring the pup home for the first time. Their necessities need products that will be re-used in the long run.

Bed – Unlike the small ones, this will cost a sum as Afghan Hounds are bigger dogs, all said and done. A proper bed is a significant investment for the Afghan Hound, as they need 12-14 hours of sleep. This will cost $20 upwards for a large bed.

Collars and Leashes – All dog owners require these as soon as they bring their new pet home. A collar and an adjustable leash are a must-have for the Afghan Hounds to go on a walk. This may cost $15 to $35 on average.

Bowls for food and water – Rather than the flat round bowls we see every other dog owner uses, the Afghan Hound needs something different to fit its needs. It requires a long-eared bowl to prevent Afghan Hound’s ears from getting soiled. It is available at a price starting from $15 onwards.

Toys – All dogs need a toy to play with or a chew toy to munch on. When it comes to a large breed like the Afghan Hound, the toys need to be larger. This means you will need to spend around $30 or more, depending on the size.

Nail clippers and Brush – They need professional grooming routinely to maintain those lovely tresses (I meant the dog here 😉). Although having the tools to groom them at home to maintain them is a need too. This will cost around $25 or so for both. They will also require special tools to keep them groomed (Unlike the regular brush and combs we use on every other short-haired dog).

Other toiletries – Although grooming an Afghan Hound at home is a daunting task in itself bound to failure. There is still a need for shampoo and other toiletries to take a bath and stay clean. This is not something I look forward to personally (I am faint of heart, wondering how I would handle washing and drying them and their long manes).

Recurring Maintenance Costs

a human with a Afghan Hound

As pets, they have their fair share of recurring costs that come with caring for their needs. These costs are the basic necessities of their well-being: dog food, water, health check-ups, and other expenses like grooming and training that dogs need.

Every dog owner knows that these recurring costs are crucial for their well-being. From dog food to grooming, everything has a need to meet, which is, of course – COSTLY.

Therefore, you will have only to get a high-maintenance dog if you are financially stable enough to provide for it.

Without due diligence and care, your pet would face numerous health problems at the very least, which will, in turn, spike up your expenses.

Food and Treats Cost

As they are bigger, they have a good appetite and are enthusiastic most times. The way to ensure that they receive the essential nutrients needed to keep them well should come from healthy dog food.

To keep them energetic, they will need 2 to 2 ½ cups of dog food rich in carbs and protein. These dog foods are engineered with the correct formulas to promote digestion and absorption using probiotics (sounds just like the protein shake you are having).

Dog food comes in large packs. These packs start at $50 and even reach above $60 at times, depending on their nutrition.

Health Cost

Health care is of utmost importance when bringing up a dog of this caliber. And the best place to start is choosing a healthy puppy right at the beginning.

This reduces their chances of being diagnosed with highly critical medical conditions like hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, or elbow dysplasia.

The usual health check-ups every six months or one year will ensure that the Afghan Hound’s health is far from deteriorating.

Furthermore, it should be vaccinated and have a routine dental check to keep it safe.

Afghan Hound lying on the ground

The typical annual cost would be $50 or more, depending on what they are checked on. 

You should also invest in pet insurance if they get any severe ailments like hip dysplasia.

Grooming Cost

The most important aspect of owning an Afghan Hound is the care you should put into the grooming of this dog.

As a large breed, Afghan Hound is well known for its huge frame and long silky fur that has the eye of many.

Without proper grooming, it would be all for naught (We want an agent to call our dog for a L’oreal ad and not some matted dog to be picked up by stray dog rescues).

The Afghan Hounds need to be treated for the whole experience, from being bathed until they are back with their cascading soft and silky fur.

a human grooming a Afghan Hound

Compared to the grooming of other dogs, Afghan Hounds will be far more expensive as this has more hair and a frame, to begin with.

This particular cost is a good one to bear with the memory that this is what maintains their identity. This price may differ according to the age and size in different places, but on average, it will begin at $35.

Doing so yourself is out of the question unless you are trained and have the equipment to handle their grooming. 

This means that the grooming cost of Afghan Hounds compared to other breeds is compulsory enough to routinely warrant the visit to the professionals.

If this was some other breed like Pitbull or even a German Shepherd, the particular cost could’ve been cut down to a measly sum of $30-35; for a comb and brush at the very least.

Training Cost

This a great way to make sure that your puppy socializes and obeys. This can be taught through group training classes where they interact with trainers and other dogs, making them less nervous and more relaxed around others.

A commonly agreed upon training is group training that spans over a few months. This is usually priced starting from $200 onwards. This is a perfect way to let your Afghan Hound puppy curb his aggression and fear without lashing out.

I wouldn’t recommend private training as this breed doesn’t need to be put through it, as they are pretty easy to tame. And this will also put a massive dent in your pocket with its price.

Other Additional Costs

Afghan Hound

The main additional cost would likely stem from the grooming. This aspect of this breed deserves more attention as its very character depends on it. This extra cost of $200 is accepted due to its importance.

Pet insurance is another additional cost, excluding the occasional vet visits. You expect to pay the vet bills from your savings during times of emergency, but having pet insurance help mitigate those vet costs.

We often need to remember the dog caretaker cost, which has an average price range of $15 to $50. You do know that most dogs cannot be left alone.

If you chose an Afghan Hound, I wouldn’t be at fault for wondering if you may have a garden or land to play in because these large dogs are unsuitable for being brought up in cramped apartments.

This brings up another cost worth investing in, an invisible fence and a Dog GPS tracker. This would be a cost to ensure their safety and security without worrying.

The invisible fence would cost around $900 to $1500, which would be needed if you have a large open land around your home. A GPS tracker could be purchased for your pet for $50, with expensive ones depending on available options.

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For someone willing to put in the work to look after a big dog that is the epitome of grace and elegance, this is the perfect choice for you, and now you have an idea of how much financially responsible you need to be.

Afghan Hounds are the perfect choice for someone looking for a graceful dog that is big but still affordable. This will be a choice that you could make within a cost of $3000 at the most.

That depends on their lineage and other medical assistance that they have been through.

The journey begins with choosing a healthy puppy with the best bloodline from a well-known breeder who has provided the necessary health check-ups to ensure that the Afghan Hound is healthy as they are.

This will reduce the chance of them being affected by genetic health disorders.

With an average life expectancy of 12-14 years, there is much to be considered when bringing an Afghan Hound home. This means that initial costs are a price to pay for a chance at a healthy life for the dog in the long run.

Most of us chose this breed among many other dog breeds due to their silky coat fur. The main point to be considered is the grooming costs that will rack up routinely when maintaining them.

The dog is priced depending on the value additions that come with it, like the breeder’s reputation, the vaccinations that have been given, socialization and other training, grooming, and health checks.

Therefore, you must look into the medical history and gain awareness of what kind of healthy diet it needs to follow. So this way, you will keep away from emergency visits to the vet.


You should expect to pay around $5000 to $7000 overall, disregarding the medical expenses that might come with the dog’s age. However, you might need to keep another $2500 or more for medical costs you will face in the dog’s lifetime.

Yes, they are. This breed is well known for its long fur, and we know that with long fur comes high grooming costs. 

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