How Much Does a Chinese Crested Dog Cost? (2024 Price Guide)

Last Updated on July, 2024

A dog that looks like a teen who is going through their emo phase sans the downtrodden character is the Chinese Crested dog.

And you are probably here because you are wondering how much Chinese Cresteds would cost as a whole; initial cost, monthly cost, and annual cost.

They are smaller dogs and are suitable to carry with you anywhere, in case you are an apartment dweller. And this would give you an insight into how much it would cost to have one.

This breed is a small dog with low maintenance, so it does not need much professional 

grooming. They are pretty cheap and convenient for the dog owner to bring up.

A fun fact to keep you entertained is that the Chinese Crested originated not from China but from Africa. They were also known as the African hairless dogs. But, their names came from these breeds being used to catch rats in Chinese ships.

Quick Summary

On average, a Chinese Crested can cost between $1000 to $4000, making it a relatively expensive breed compared to others.

The cost of a Chinese Crested dog can vary depending on factors such as scarcity, bloodline, and breeder’s reputation.

Also the initial cost of a Chinese Crested dog can vary depending on the way of obtaining it, with options including getting one for free, from a rescue center, or from a breeder.

How Much Does a Chinese Crested Dog Cost?

Chinese Crested Dog standing on the ground

The initial cost of this breed depends on the mode in which you get them due to its scarcity. The average Chinese Crested cost ranges from $1000 to $4000. 

Yes, this is quite an expensive breed compared to other breeds. It increases depending on their bloodline, breeder’s reputation, and other factors.

The average usually is between $1000 to $2500 and varies from lower to higher depending on whether they are hairless dogs or fluffy Chinese Crested dogs. 

There are two types of Chinese Cresteds: powderpuff and hairless. The latter of the two is rarer, which makes it high in demand within the same breed.

If you are going for hairless Chinese Crested dogs, your costs may lean towards a higher initial price, topped off with sunscreen and other creams to keep their exposed skin healthy.

But if it were powderpuff, the costs would adapt to it, but the initial Chinese Crested dog price would be lower than this.

Initial Cost Depending on the Mode of Getting a Chinese Crested Dog

We all know that we can get a dog through different means. Who knows, we might even get one as a gift from a friend whose pets had some Chinese crested puppies (If only we were that lucky, Nah). 

And then there is the method of getting one through a rescue center, which is usually rare. One final and well-known option is buying one from reputable breeders.

The Chinese Crested cost varies depending on the way you are getting one. There needs to be some consideration about what kind of Chinese Crested you are looking for. This means – don’t go for the cheaper option; it is not of quality.

For Free

There is also the option of getting one for free. This is usually set up by rescue centers when they set up adoption events to give homes to many dog breeds in a short amount of time.

And, of course, the best way to do so is to give them away to loving homes for free. 

Look out for adoption events in the vicinity, or even driving a distance for one isn’tisn’t too bad. Also, there is the lucky situation of getting one from a friend. This would only cost $0 to do so (:D)

a Chinese Crested Dog standing in the beach

From a Rescue

This is a sweet way of providing a home for a Chinese Crested dog. It is also relatively cheap compared to getting a Chinese Crested puppy from a breeder.

As this breed is comparatively expensive among smaller dogs, this way, you can get one without poking a hole through your wallet.

Chinese Cresteds usually cost around $50 to $600 as an adoption fee, depending on the dog’s status. This increases from Chinese Crested adult dogs to Chinese Crested puppies, as they require more vaccinations and other health-related help.

Although finding a Chinese crested dog is more challenging due to being rare, they usually don’tdon’t end up in shelters; if they do, they soon get adopted due to demand.

The best way to do this is to inform some local rescue centers about your preferred breed beforehand.

From a Breeder

Suppose you want to get a high-quality Chinese Crested puppy, as in that they are not privy to underlying health issues due to improper dog breeding of unhealthy Chinese Cresteds. This would be the best way to do so.

This option may cost you a lot, but you can be sure that the Chinese Crested dog is well-checked and bred healthily. Reputed Chinese Crested breeders make a habit of ensuring that healthy dogs are bred. 

Chinese crested dog prices range from around $1000 to $3000 on average and increase to $4000 depending on their lineage and authenticity. 

Breeders sell them only after they are put through the initial vet visits, ensuring their vaccination is upto date. They usually have a kennel club registration to prove their authenticity. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of the Chinese Crested Dog

a Chinese Crested Dog running on the snow

Quite a few factors affect the cost of the Chinese Crested dog. These need to be taken into consideration;

Chinese Cresteds have two types of coats that they come with, one is hairless, and the other is powderpuff. As the name suggests, dogs are hairless except for their head, tail, and feet. In contrast, the latter has fur along its body’s length.

In this scenario, the hairless type dogs are given preference over the other dogs because they are rare. Therefore, this is bound to make them more expensive than the powderpuff.

Then there are the health tests a reputable breeder does to ensure that the Chinese Crested 

puppy or parents have no underlying health issues like seizures, glaucoma, and other severe causes. Furthermore, some breeders also do genetic testing to ensure that the parent Chinese Crested dogs are checked for unhealthy genes.

This cannot be said for all dog breeders, but reputable breeders participate in this. In doing so, the cost of the pup is increased if they have undergone these tests.

Another factor that is the norm is the vaccination that the dogs need. This is usually the case for the first few rounds of vaccines until they are sold. This expense is typically added to the initial cost of the Chinese Crested.

Other factors affect the Chinese Crested dog’s average price as well. 

One-Time Expenses 

a Chinese Crested Dog running on the ground

These are a compilation of costs derived from dog supplies needed when you bring the little one home for the first time. Their necessities need products that can be used in the long run.

Bed: These small Chinese Crested dogs need long hours of beauty sleep, and the best place for one is a comfortable bed. A bed for them has a range of costs that vary. It can begin from a measly $25 to $150, depending on the quality of the bed you are looking for.

Collars and Leashes: A basic necessity when owning a Chinese Crested. The collar and 

leash can range from $10 to $50, depending on the materials. 

Bowls for food and water: This, too, is a no-brainer as you will need a bowl with a bottom that doesn’tdoesn’t slip (We don’tdon’t want the little four-legged friend to make a mess, right?). This will cost you $10 to $50 max.

Toys: Are needed to keep them occupied and train them to tame their anxiety and aggression. This may seem unimportant, but playing is a part of training. You will have to invest in soft chew toys costing $20 to $30.

Nail clippers and Brush: They might need professional grooming occasionally, but you will need the tools for nail trimming and a brush for their silky coat. And it will cost around $25 for both. 

Many more one-time costs can be added, such as shampoo, kennel, etc. One must endure these costs when owning a Chinese Crested to provide their pets a healthy and clean lifestyle.

Pet Insurance Cost

Getting an expensive dog means you will also need to cover pet insurance for their safety. This is in the unlikely event that your pet receives a severe sickness or ailment that you are not financially ready for. This is a cost that is of importance for all dog owners.

Pet insurance will cost you $15 to $50 as a monthly cost or $500 to $600 per year, depending on the package that you go for.

You could go for a lower package where you can ensure that your pet is treated in case of any accident or go for higher pet insurance where illness is covered.

This would serve as an emergency fund to provide security to your Chinese Crested dog’s life.

Recurring Maintenance Costs 

As pets, they have their fair share of recurring costs that come with caring for their needs. It’s not as if they are a robot that needs a battery replacement every three months. 

These costs are necessities for their well-being. Food, water, health, etc., along with other expenses like grooming and training that dogs need.

Especially the little ones would end up better when they receive all these necessary assistance.

Food and Treats Cost

These dogs do not need a higher volume of food or treat to keep them sated as they are small dogs. Chinese Crested dogs will make do with a smaller portion of quality food and treat (This doesn’t mean that they are starved).

Your vet would guide you on their diet styles and advise you accordingly. On average, this costs you around $10 to $50 a monthly budget. These values will increase if you are going for high-quality treats.

Health Cost

Deworming, Flea, and Tick Medication for your pet would see that there are occasional visits to the vet. And all these precautions are going to cost you to keep your dog healthy and safe.

These are usually the dog’sdog’s health issues that they will have from birth to their latter years. Things will become hectic during their senior years when they are more prone to other health problems. 

On average, you would meet a cost of $50 to $300, depending on their severity. There is also the cost that comes with spaying and neutering, which will be much more. 

Grooming Cost

Getting yourself a hairy type Chinese Crested would save you from the trouble of grooming costs. It is not the case for this particular breed as there are quite heavily furred in the face, tail, and feet.

Both types have their own grooming cost, with the powderpuff needing to visit the groomer once in a while, whereas the hairless type needs sunscreen and lotions to protect them.

As we mentioned above, grooming can be done at home with the help of some products that would only cost you one time unless you lose it every now and then. 

This will cost you the shampoo and clippers at the very least. It will be within $30 or less depending on the price (or free 😉 if you are up to the task).

Safety Cost

With dog kidnapping on the rise, there must be measures taken to safeguard your family pet from harm and theft. You will need to invest in a few safety products like microchips and licenses.

A dog license is paramount to provide proof of owning a Chinese Crested dog through identification. This would serve well in case your Chinese Crested puppy gets lost. 

Or the microchipping method that would allow you to identify your Chinese Crested puppy if they are lost and found. As the name suggests, a microchip of sorts would be inserted into them underneath their skin. Either method can be used for a price between $10 to $50.

Other methods of invisible fencing or GPS trackers will also allow you to have real-time awareness to keep track of its whereabouts. This will add to the costs as they are relatively expensive compared to other options.

Training Cost

Once you bring them home, their training is the next thing that comes into play.

Yes, it will be an addition to all the initial costs and essential for basic obedience. 

You can either get a private trainer or join a puppy training class at your convenience.

This will need to be done at the initial stage to curb any nervousness and anxiety they would feel in public. 

Group classes will work wonders on your puppy’s confidence as they will be trained to socialize and obey commands.

a Chinese Crested Dog standing with a human

Private training would be unnecessary unless your Chinese Crested dog is rescued from a poor household that has made them aggressive or twitchy.

A group class with a number of training sessions would cost around $150 to $500, depending on the trainers. It will be comparatively high if you require a private trainer. 

An average private session would cost you $50 to $150 per hour, varying by the trainers. This will not be needed for little Chinese crested puppies in the early stages of learning.

Other Additional Costs

Now that we have looked into the apparent costs of procuring a Chinese Crested dog and then caring for it, other situations may warrant an additional cost or two. 

These small dogs may rack up some vet fees with the gradual increase of the dog’sdog’s age. This would be something that most dog owners face, even if the dog was not from any backyard breeders.

On average, this could even result in an $800 to $1500 loss from your wallet.

Another instance where there might be an additional cost is hiring a dog sitter or dog walker who would look after them.

If you are always on the road but still cherish your time with your pet, you will require a dog walker or caretaker when you are out of town. It will vary from around $15 to $50.

Professional trainers for a one-on-one session with your Chinese Crested dog will considerably increase your cost. But Chinese Crested dogs are easy to train to begin with. This means, you won’t have to spend $150 to $300 per session.

Tips to Keep it Budget Friendly

a Chinese Crested Dog lying on the bed

The best way to keep it all under wraps is by ensuring that your pet is healthy. Imagine if your Chinese Crested dog ate nutritious, high-quality dog food, had their walks, and had routine vet check-ups and vaccinations.

That would automatically confirm that you have no unnecessary medical expenses to add to the pile. We all understand the responsibility that comes with getting a Chinese Crested dog.

Therefore, panning out your pet Chinese Crested dog’sdog’s journey from the beginning to the point of sudden additional costs would also be best for your emergency fund in the long run.

Choose a dog with a proper vet record, be it either from animal shelters or reputed breeders. This will alleviate your fear of underlying health problems that may arise later. It may be expensive compared to some options but better in quality.

There will also be the recurring cost of high-quality dog food and treats added with vet visits at regular intervals to keep an eye on your pet before anything unlikely happens.

You can also forego unnecessarily expensive chew toys that would dampen your spirits (spirits of your wallet). And instead, have a simple toy that they can play with. This will bring down your cost and save you money.

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We have established that Chinese Crested dogs are the ones for you; If you are looking for a four-legged companion of more diminutive stature and a friendly personality.

Before you step into the parenthood of caring for a Chinese Crested puppy, you should research how it would affect you financially. It would be best if you didn’tdidn’t step into something that would make you go broke.

This particular dog breed may look like they are just out of bed, but we know that this bed head looking dog has an assortment of needs that would take a toll on your wallet.

If you are ready, you must go through with it by ensuring you get them from a reliable source with no hidden drawbacks.

Furthermore, the Chinese Crested dog would have initial costs ranging around $2500 to $4500 for the puppy, along with the necessary vet check-ups and vaccinations. 

The initial Chinese Crested cost would reduce and give way to yearly recurring expenses that are very much needed to provide them with a healthy home. This means it will only have a significant hurdle at the beginning of your puppy’spuppy’s journey.

If you are looking for a cheaper way to get one, your option would be to inform a rescue center to contact you in case they get a Chinese Crested dog. This would take time, and you never know how long you might have to wait for one.


Because they are pretty rare, especially the hairless type is expensive.

No, Chinese crested owners can rest easy knowing that they are low-maintenance.

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