How Much Does an American Bulldog Cost? (2024 Price Guide)

Last Updated on July, 2024

American Bulldogs are famous around the world. The English Bulldog is the ancestor of American Bulldogs. Having extraordinary qualities, American Bulldogs are expensive.

In this article, you can find the cost and all other expenses related to American Bulldogs. As a treat, you may find new information that will surely be useful if you have an idea to buy an American Bulldog. Keep reading and be wise!

Quick Summary

The cost of an American Bulldog from a reputable breeder ranges from $1800 to $4000, with superior bloodline puppies costing upwards of $7000.

The price of an American Bulldog includes initial immunization, deworming, verified certificates, health examinations, and possibly a microchip.

American Bulldogs are often confused with American Bullies and American Pit Bull Terriers, but they are less expensive than those breeds.

How Much Does an American Bulldog Cost?

American Bulldog lying on the ground

If you buy an American Bulldog from a well-reputed breeder, the puppy will cost $1800 to $4000. However, an American Bulldog puppy with a superior bloodline costs more than $7000. 

You need to understand that an American Bulldog’s price includes the cost of initial immunization, deworming, the puppy’s verified certificates, health examinations, and maybe a microchip.

Farmers may have brought up American bulldogs in earlier times. As for now, it is not easy to maintain an American Bulldog protecting its uniqueness and health conditions. 


People often confuse American bulldogs with American Bullies and American Pit Bull Terriers. The truth is that American bulldogs are less expensive than those American Bullies.

To be more precise, American Bulldogs are less expensive than English Dogs and American Bullies but more expensive than French Bulldogs.

The above price range is for standard American bulldogs. There are price variations for American bulldogs based on the factors like appearance, breed type, bloodline, gender, and breeder’s recognition. 

Factors Affecting the American Bulldog Price

American Bulldog running on the ground

There are differences in each of the American Bulldogs. Each difference makes variations in the price of the dog. Out of all the dogs, choosing an American Bulldog is a wise decision.

It also depends on the requirements of the buyer. Here are a few critical factors that affect an American Bulldog’s price. 

Health Guarantee

The first thing you must confirm when buying an American Bulldog is its health. For a healthy American bulldog puppy, a genuine breeder gives a warranty regarding its fitness for at least two years. This can make sure that the puppy doesn’t have any genetic issues. 

The health guarantee is one of the primary key factors that affect the price of an American Bulldog since it also includes the veterinarian bills while caring for the puppy from its birth. 

Well-Known Breeders

In the current era, you can find many scammers, even the sellers of innocent pets.

Knowing that an American Bulldog is expensive and in high demand among dog lovers, some people breed American Bulldogs without proper knowledge and without providing good care to the parent dogs. 

It is always wise to buy an American Bulldog from a well-reputed breeder. Having high demand for the puppies and earning a good name, a well-known breeder rates the puppy a little more. 

American Bulldog sitting on the ground

Anyways an American Bulldog is expensive, as you know. But approaching a well-known breeder to buy one reduces cruelty on pet dogs. 


An American Bulldog with a superior bloodline costs more than a standard one. The American Bulldogs are descendants of English Dogs. Before being recognized as American Bulldogs, the breed had different names in different parts of the continent.

A purebred American Bulldog has the exact qualities of its ancestors, acting as a guardian against invaders. An American Bulldog with pure bloodline costs more for its unique attributes.

Type of the American Bulldog

There are types of Bulldogs, and there are five types of American Bulldogs. The price of each type of American Bulldog varies. So what are the types of American Bulldogs available? Let’s check it out!

  • Johnson American Bulldog (Classic)

The Johnson American Bulldog is an American Bulldog breed that originates from the bloodline of John D. Johnson’s dog. These are larger dogs with 23 to 27 inches in height.

Their distinctive Bulldog appearance results from their traditional underbite and boxy skulls. As home pets, these are exceedingly generous and protective. 

  • Scott American Bulldog (Standard)

This type of American Bulldog is a cross-breed of the Johnson American Bulldog and Southern Bulldog. Due to their strength, Scott American Bulldogs are recognized as the standard type of American Bulldogs.

This type of breed is 22 to 27 inches taller. These dogs are bred for working purposes.

  • Painter American Bulldog (Margentina)

The margentina or painter American Bulldogs are bred solely for fighting. This breed was developed in the 1970s, mainly by a person called Joe Painter. This type of American Bulldog is bulkier but trainable.

  • Old Southern White American Bulldog (White English)

The genetics that gave rise to the modern breed of American bulldogs is thought to have originated from the original southern white American Bulldogs. 

  • Hybrid American Bulldog

Genuinely, the many available American bulldogs are thought to be hybrid lines. For different purposes, the breeders try to cross-breed the American Bulldogs to get the resultant puppy satisfying the expectations.

This method only guarantees a partial percent result. As a dog lover, I would never recommend this method to process. 

Breed Information 

Before buying an American bulldog, you better know the information on the breed. I have simplified the information for you. Continue reading! 

Appearance and Size 

An American bulldog has a unique stiff look. It has round or almond-shaped eyes, dark brown, medium-sized ears that can be cropped, a wider nose, an average-sized tail, and a short coat.

The American bulldogs can be found in white, black, gray, brindle, fawn, and red.

A male American bulldog is commonly 20 to 28 inches taller, whereas a female American bulldog is 20 to 26 inches taller.

Regarding weight, Female American Bulldogs weigh around 50 to 100 lbs, whereas Male American Bulldogs usually weigh within the 70 to 120 lbs range.

American Bulldog standing in the water

Life Span 

The average lifespan of an American bulldog is 10 to 16 years. Additionally, health concerns and genetic issues can affect the lifespan of an American Bulldog.

We all know a dog’s lifespan is shorter than a human’s. The good news regarding American bulldogs is that the breed kind is recognized to have a high lifetime compared to other dog types.


American bulldogs live an extended lifetime, for they are highly active and maintain physical fitness. They challenge premature death by maintaining their body weight by doing physical workouts.

Another plus point regarding the lifespan of American Bulldogs is that these dogs don’t have many genetic issues like other kinds of dogs.


American Bulldogs are affectionate, smart, and protective.

They are alert, active, and stiff. As mentioned earlier, different types of American Bulldogs show different levels of aggressiveness toward strangers.

You heard me right! American Bulldogs are aggressive to strangers. That is why they are protective of their own family members. I mean the owner’s family of the Bulldog.

As the American Bulldogs are very active, they love to play. They are very loyal to the owners and tend to stand up for them no matter what.

American Bulldog standing on the ground

Known to be rough and stiff, they are really friendly and silly sometimes. You have to see an American Bulldog when it gets happy. It doesn’t know what it was doing. It’s like a bag full of happiness spread out all at once.

American Bulldogs are great companions that act as clowns to make their owners happier. Commonly, American Bulldogs are family dogs lovable with a confident attitude.


American Bulldogs are usually healthier and do not get sick that easily. It is necessary for the owners to act according to their veterinarian’s advice. The owners should follow a plan for check-ups and immunizations on a scheduled basis. 

As active players, American Bulldogs tend to have issues with their hips and joints. The owner of the dog should be informed of this issue and do the required check-ups regularly. 

An American bulldog with a good bloodline is fine. But the genetic concerns of the parent dogs affect the puppy’s genetic patterns.

Hence they can show genetic health problems related to their parent dogs. This is why it is crucial to approach a reputed breeder when buying an American Bulldog.

The tests recommended for an American Bulldog from the National Breed Club are listed below.

  • Hip and Joint Assessment
  • Test for hearing problems
  • Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 1 (CMR1)
  • Hyperuricosuria (HUU)
  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 10 (NCL10)
  • Ichthyosis
  • Degenerative Myelopathy DNA Test 

Illnesses to Which American Bulldogs are Prone

  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Since American bulldogs are athletic dogs, they can get issues with their skeletons. The elbow and hip joints may get misplaced during some physical activities. (1)

Elbow dysplasia is characterized by joint instability, frequently leading to cartilage and bone fragments coming free and aggravating the joint tissues.

Dysplasia-related rubbing can eventually lead to problems, including pain, lameness, and secondary osteoarthritis.

Don’t worry; necessary treatments are available to fix the issues. 

American Bulldog lying on the floor
  • Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (NCL)

This genetic condition of the neurological system impairs how the body breaks down particular kinds of fats or proteins in the cells.

The cells eventually stop functioning properly due to the body’s inability to break down these proteins, which results in a decrease in mental and motor abilities. (2)

This disorder can be noticed in American Bulldogs with genetic issues. Hence, getting a puppy from a good place is highly advisable. 

  • Visual Disorders

Conditions of the cherry eye, cataracts, and entropion, a hereditary condition in which one or both eyelids are inverted or roll inward, can rub the eye’s surface.

Even though good-quality American Bulldogs don’t get these issues often, it is better to have an idea of these issues in advance. 

Training Methods 

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) analysis, American Bulldogs require training at a very young age.

Back then, ancestors of American Bulldogs were brought up by farmers to help them with farming and protect the chickens and pigs from the wild.

The genetic influence is still being printed in every American Bulldog. This makes American Bulldogs train excessively for their well-being. 


First, you will have to know your purpose for training the Bulldog. If you bring up an American Bulldog with a protection sense, you will have to approach a relative training method.

There are people who bring up American Bulldogs just to let them fight and participate in such competitions for money and fame. For this, a different training method should be followed. 

  • Socializing training should be provided at the very young age of an American Bulldog. 
  • Training in Obedience is one of the essential training methods for an American Bulldog. Messing with this step can make the owner regret it a little later. 
  • Train the puppy with voice and hand commands.
  • Use positive reinforcement training methods to get good results in training an American Bulldog. 
  • Consulting a professional trainer before training an American Bulldog is much advisable.

Training tools dog owners must have for their dogs:

Grooming an American Bulldog

Unlike other fancy dogs, an American Bulldog has a short coat that usually doesn’t need extensive care. But remember that the American Bulldog regularly sheds, so it requires brushing every day. 

To ensure the dog has appropriate oral hygiene, it is best to purchase a dog toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental chew sticks. Pet wipes can be used to clean the ears and remove gunk from the eyes. 

With the expenditures of the grooming materials, the grooming expenses will be around $100 – $150.

Where to Buy an American Bulldog? 

American Bulldog standing on the grass

Depending on your budget, you can choose the most suitable place to buy an American Bulldog. You can find American Bulldog Puppies in one of the three categories listed below. Here we go!

Buying From a Well Reputed Breeder

If you are hoping to buy an American Bulldog, choosing a well-reputed breeder is the wisest choice that you could ever make. Come on! You are investing in a lovable courageous companion.

Apart from getting a pure bloodline one, getting a puppy with no genetic issues is necessary. A well-reputed breeder can give assurance on this. 

Of all the places, buying an American Bulldog from a well-known breeder is an expensive choice too.

Here, the breeder often considers the health of the parent dogs and takes them for regular check-ups. Getting a high-quality American Bulldog is most possible with a reputable breeder. 

So who is a well-reputed breeder? This is what you might be asking now. Don’t trust social media advertisements blindly. A well-reputed breeder is usually registered with national breed organizations or the American Kennel Club.

When breeders get registered, as said, they have no choice but to follow the organization’s strict guidelines. 

You can get paper works, health records, and legal certifications as evidence for the good quality of the American Bulldog puppy that you are buying from a well-reputed Breeder. 

Buying From a Breeder Through Advertisements

Buying from a non-reputable breeder is another option you can consider when buying an American Bulldog. Here the price is less high than the reputed breeder.

The thing here that you have to notice is. Usually, these breeders are not professional breeders. They don’t follow strict guidelines of the national standards. 

Unprofessional breeders mostly don’t take the pets to the veterinarian on a scheduled basis.

They might consider taking them if any severe illnesses are noticed.

American Bulldog puppies

They just take over the breeding process in their backyards, mostly. Such breeders do not produce purebred puppies. They tend to produce cross-breeds. Some people actually like to have cross-breeds of American bulldogs. 

Some unregistered breeders actually do their research on American Bulldogs to give proper care and bring them up following the standard guidelines. If you can find any such breeder to buy an American Bulldog, you can get it for a reduced price.

Buying From a Rescue Organization

Mostly the pet animals you find from a rescue shelter are unexpected results of the cross breeds. For the sake of money, plenty of cruel people illegally try to produce expensive dog breeds. American bulldog puppies are no exception in this process. 

A contract will be given when a professional breeder sells a puppy to anyone.

In the contract, it is mentioned that in any case, if the buyer finds it difficult to bring up the bought puppy, the puppy should be returned to the original breeder and not sent to any rescue shelter because a professional breeder knows the worth of the puppy and can take care of it further or sell it for someone else.

An unprofessional breeder doesn’t care about the pet and gets rid of the puppy if the resulting puppy has any visible issues or major genetic issues. 

An American bulldog rescue shelter may rescue a pregnant American bulldog, but the history of the parent dogs is unidentified. After rescuing the dog or puppy, the shelter will definitely take good care of it.

After rescuing the dog, it will get vaccinated, health tests will be taken, and grooming and caring will be done following the standard guidelines. This can ensure the good health condition of the puppy you might be adopting. 

Buying an American Bulldog puppy from a rescue shelter is significantly less expensive. In this case, you can get the puppy for the price range of $100 to $500.

Getting an American Bulldog puppy from a rescue shelter is not a bad choice after all. Make sure you take good care of the puppy no matter what. 

Expenses to Consider When You Own an American Bulldog 

dog food in bowl

The protective companion should get quality treatment. I would say the term “required care” would be more suitable.

It costs around $1500 per annum for the expenses of an American Bulldog puppy. Let’s see a quick view of the expenses that one will face after buying an American Bulldog puppy. 


American Bulldogs are very active. So that they require sufficient nutrients to balance their energy levels, you can choose the food kind for your little companion because there is a range of food choices advised for American Bulldogs.

You’ll need to spend around $400 on food when owning an American Bulldog. The puppy may eat less than you can think. But keep in mind that the puppy’s growth is more tremendous in the first year. 

Vet Bills

An American bulldog puppy requires much more attention. Immunization, vaccination, and regular health check-ups are necessary. If any health issue is noticed, the relevant expense will also be added. It costs around $100 – $350 annually for veterinarian consultation only.

Training Cost

Most owners of American Bulldogs tend to train their puppies with a professional trainer. For this, you can take yours to group puppy classes. It costs around $500 per week for the training sessions. 

But you know we’ve got the best solution to skip the whole training cost… There’s the best virtual training course where you can train your dog easily and cost-free. Checkout K9 Training Institute. I swear, It will save you time and money.

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Final Thoughts 

American Bulldogs are one of the well known breeds around the world. They are descendants of English Dogs.

They are large and muscular. In earlier times, they were used as farm and ranch guard dogs, catch dogs, and stock dogs. For being smart, protective, and friendly. 

One can get an American Bulldog puppy from a professional breeder, craigslists, and rescue shelters. Getting a puppy from a professional breeder is highly recommended.

But it is an expensive choice too. Considering the budget, one can choose a place to get an American puppy. When buying, getting proper track of the puppy’s health condition is essential. 

Besides the buying cost, bringing up an American Bulldog puppy involves additional expenses. The expenses include designed diet planning, toys and training materials, and veterinarian consulting expenditures.

There are types of American Bulldogs available. Whatever the type it can be, getting an American Bulldog puppy is worth a lot for whoever owns one.


Yes, American Bulldogs are worth a lot of money due to their intelligence, alertness, and protectiveness.

Yes, you can purchase an American Bulldog for a lower price from a rescue shelter. However, the parent dog’s history and genetic records will not be available, but the current health records can be obtained.

American Bulldogs can be aggressive depending on the training they receive. Socializing training is key in determining the level of aggressiveness the dog will display towards strangers and their family.

No, American Bulldogs and Bullies are not the same. While they may look similar, they are distinct breeds and have different characteristics.

The Blue American Bulldog is a breed of American Bulldog that has a blue-gray coat.

Yes, American Bulldogs can suffer from hip dysplasia, like other large dogs.

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