How Much Does a Maltese Cost? (2024 Average Pricing Guide)

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Maltese dogs are cute, cuddly friends; a Maltese puppy is even cuter. So how much does a Maltese cost? Are Maltese puppies easy to take care of? Are adult Maltese dogs better, or should you buy a Maltese puppy?

When looking for a Maltese Dog, there is a host of factors you need to consider.

This article contains everything you need to know about buying a Maltese dog. We have gone to the task of bringing you this article to make it easier for you to make an informed decision. 

Before anything else, let’s learn a little bit more about the Maltese breed.

Quick Summary

The average cost of a Maltese dog is $600 to $2000, which can vary depending on the breed and mix of the dog.

It is important to purchase a Maltese puppy or dog from a reputable breeder for proper genetics and health.

It is also important to consider the annual cost of owning a Maltese, including expenses like flea treatments and grooming products.

About the Maltese Dog Breed

Maltese sitting on the ground

Maltese dogs are great companions for both singles and families. Primarily, their appearance makes them more suited to females than males. These are cute and cuddly dogs, yes, even adult dogs. 

They make great companion dogs and are known to be GREAT with children. 

Size and Appearance

Maltese puppies at 6 MONTHS are usually 3 to 6 pounds. Adult dogs, on the other hand, can grow up to 8 pounds! Maltese dogs are one of the small fluffiest dog breeds; hence Maltese puppies are tiny, which is why they are so CUTE!

If you’ve petted quality Maltese dogs ever, you would know that their fur is INCREDIBLY FLUFFY!

Dog breeds, such as the Maltese, have compact body that is very athletically built! They have a tufted tail that curves over the back. 

Maltese dogs are small dogs, and pet owners must be careful with Maltese puppies when raising them from a young age. 


The lifespan of a Maltese dog is good. Though they are small dogs, they can live till the age of 15 or more in some instances.

The average lifespan of a Maltese dog is between 12 and 15 YEARS!The life span is dependent on the dog’s health.

These are little dogs that require a greater degree of care. Most dogs are easy to care for, and Maltese dogs aren’t any different.

However, at the puppy stage, you have to be very careful. Most puppies need to be properly socialized, and things such as heartworm prevention will need to be administered. 

Maltese standing on the floor

Speak to a licensed veterinarian for health care administration. The lifespan of your dog is dependent on the healthcare it receives. Without access to proper healthcare, it is difficult to establish the probable lifespan of your Maltese.


Maltese ownership will tell you that Maltese dogs are good family dogs. They are gentle and affectionate creatures that love interacting and playing with humans. They are a very intelligent breed of dogs and can master training well. 


They are very responsive to human interaction and communication. Parent dogs are known to be more trusting and mature. 

They have a very lively and PLAYFUL temperament and can be vigorous. They can thoroughly enjoy learning tricks. 

When it comes to raucous children, however, they can be SNAPPY!

Types of Maltese Dog Breeds

Though not one of the oldest dog breeds, many mixes of Maltese dog breeds exist. These are varied breeds known as separate breeds; however, the parent breed is the Maltese dog. 

A breed such as the Maltipoo is a mix of the Maltese. It is actually a Maltese and a Poodle mix. 

Then there are other breeds such as Morkie, Malchi, and Malshi, which are also breeds with the parent breed being a Maltese dog. 

There are more than 12 TYPES of Maltese dog breeds. These are mixes of Maltese dogs with another breed, such as a Yorkie or Pomeranian. 

How Much Does a Maltese Cost?

Maltese standing on the ground

You should be careful to ensure you get your Maltese puppy or Maltese dog from a reputable breeder. Reputable Maltese breeders take extra care to ensure good genetics from parents and proper practices in breeding to ensure better standards. 

Though the cost of a puppy sourced from a reputable breeder may be greater than other unreliable sources, a reputable source will guarantee a dog with better genetics, therefore, better health. 

Maltese Dog

The average cost of a Maltese dog is around $600 to $2000. You should be careful to ensure that you get your Maltese dog from a reputable breeder. 

The cost of the Maltese dog will depend on the Maltese breed. Since there are so many breeds of Maltese dogs, the cost will be heavily dependent on the mix and breed of the dog. 

To understand how much a Maltese costs, you must consider the annual cost of owning a Maltese dog. 

Maltese Puppies

Maltese puppies also have an average cost of roughly $600 to $2000

The puppy’s cost will also depend on the breed and mix. This is only the cost of purchase. The annual cost of owning a Maltese puppy is substantially higher. 

Flea treatments, for instance, can be expensive, but so is expensive dog shampoo. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Maltese

Maltese standing on the grass

There are various factors based on which the average cost of a Maltese is dependent on. Firstly, where did you get your Maltese from?

If you pick one up from one of those animal shelters, it won’t cost you much (dog license). 

Hence, the average cost depends on where you source your dog from.

We don’t recommend that you source a cheap Maltese from the dodgy guy behind the alley; however, there are sources where you can get your hands on a Maltese for less than the average cost. 

It is always best to go with a reputable breeder and a reputable pet shop, where the average cost will now depend on the Maltese breed. A reputable shop or breeder is known to carry healthier pups. 

This is because reputable breeders take extra care to only breed the best of Genetics. This ensures that the puppy has a better chance of a healthy life.

The cost of sourcing from a reputable breeder may be higher. However, you are more likely to save yourself from the heartache of having to deal with a sick pup. 

As mentioned earlier, the breed of the Maltese will also determine the cost of the dog. A Maltipoo will have a varied cost to a Malshi. However, all these breeds are classified under the parent breed, the Maltese.

Hence, the type of Maltese dog you pick will also determine the cost of the Maltese. 

Further to this, the type of training the dog or puppy has received will also weigh in on the cost. Let’s put it this way, would you have to pay more for someone with a College degree or someone without a college degree?

Dogs trained to basic commands will cost more than those not trained to sit, come or listen. 

Other factors, such as the dog’s age, will also be a determinant factor in the cost of the Maltese. A puppy will have a varied cost to an older, more mature dog.

Socialized Maltese dogs will cost more. However, it is important that you ensure that the dog you pick is socialized properly. 

Hence though, on average, a Maltese can cost between $600 to $2000 or even more; it is entirely dependent on a host of factors.

Where to Buy a Maltese Dog?

There are a few options when it comes to buying a Maltese dog that you can consider. The Maltese cost will depend on where you consider buying your Maltese dog from. 

Hence where you buy a Maltese dog will depend on a host of factors, including your budget and you selection of source.

Rescue Puppy

Maltese puppies can be acquired from animal shelters (Maltese rescues) which can be an easy way to ease the Maltese cost (FREE!). 

A Maltese puppy rescued from a shelter will need extra care and love. Make sure to feed the Maltese puppy some good dog food and love and cherish the Maltese puppy as the puppy thanks you for the new HOME!

This can be a great way to get your hands on a quality Maltese dog! Yes, you can find quality Maltese dogs in animal shelters.

Maltese dogs

Refrain from assuming just because you are picking it up from a shelter, the quality of the dog could be better. 

Rescuing puppies can be a very rewarding thing. So if you want a new Maltese, these shelters should be the first place to look. They may have a little pup that is looking for a new home. 


It will cost you practically nothing to adopt a puppy from an animal shelter. Regardless of whether you find yourself fortunate enough to find a Maltese puppy or a grown mature Maltese dog in an animal shelter, you should MOST certainly consider, adoption first. 

The adoption process is usually free, however, there may be a small processing fee involved. This fee is usually a few dollars and is nothing close to the exuberant cost of actually buying a Maltese dog. 

A Maltese puppy rescued from an animal shelter will be just like any other Maltese dog; however, it will have a strong personality and will be even more affectionate than one you purchase from a store. 

If you are interested in finding your new pet through this source, look for local animal shelters in your locality and contact them. They may be able to help you find a Maltese dog at either their shelter or in one close by. 


You can also get a Maltese puppy from a breeder. These are the people who specially breed Maltese puppies.

If you are looking for a specific mix of Maltese that may be harder to source, it is best to get a Maltese puppy from a reputable and well-known breeder. 

It is essential you take into consideration the reputation of the breeder. Breeders with a lousy reputation have a bad track record because they rely on unethical practices in breeding these dogs.

The conditions and the environment are not up to standards, and you want to ensure that you are sourcing your Maltese from a reputable source that upholds proper standards. 

This is the only way to ensure the good health of the dog that you purchase.

A good Maltese breeder will have healthier results, which you can TRUST when picking a new pet. 

Bad breeders run these operations called puppy mills, where the sole purpose of these dogs’ existence is to breed and produce puppies.

These dogs in puppy mills are not given the love and affection they deserve. 

Maltese puppy standing on the floor

Puppy mills are known to have horrid environments and conditions (both male Maltese dogs and female dogs are kept in poor conditions), so in no way should you consider buying your new Maltese from puppy mills.

Pups born in puppy mills are known to have poorer genetics. This is due to the poor treatment of parent dogs, who are kept in poor conditions and fed a poor diet. This results in poor offspring that often fall sick and die. 

Picking a Maletse from an animal shelter just makes more sense than even considering puppy mills. 

However, if you are looking to source through a breeder, it is important that you know, the Maltese dog cost will vary depending on the source and the breeder.

Maltese owners will tell you that picking the right breeder is very important. The breeders produce puppies, and the health of these puppies is dependent on the breeder. 

Reputable breeders will also take extra care. They are known to be reputable breeders because they maintain standards in breeding and ensure that ethics are followed.

Reputable breeders are unlikely to use unethical breeding practices and are known to create great environments for the dogs they breed. 

Trusting a reputable breeder is easy. Just look at how the breeders threat their breeding dogs. Reputable breeders often treat parent dogs are pets instead of business entities and are given love and affection coupled to being fed a GREAT diet. 

Experienced quality breeders produce show and pet quality Maltese.

As per the American Maltese Association (AMA), relying on a reputable breeder is the best way to ensure that you have a quality Maltese in your hands. Picking a quality Maltese is essential as quality determines BETTER health. 

You can also look to find backyard breeders in your locality, who are local people who own dogs (Maltese) who have bred their dogs and have resulted in offspring.

Considering the fact that the parent dog is the actual pet of the dog owner, they are often fed a good diet and kept in good health. 

You can trust backyard breeders just as much as other reputable breeders. This only difference, finding backyard breeders is much, much harder.

Online Website (Eg: Craigslist)

You can also consider buying a Maltese from an online website. The internet has plenty of places where you can buy just about anything. 

Finding a Maltese for sale on the internet isn’t difficult, nor is it impossible. There is a good chance that you will find a Maltese on various online websites with advertisements for dogs for sale. 

These are also known to be reliable sources; however, you have to be careful. You want to check all of the Maltese puppy’s details when picking up a Maltese from a source on the internet. 

Get the back story, why are they selling the Maltese? Where was the Maltese bred? Do they have proper documentation and health records?

For instance, have they taken flea-prevention medication?

Online websites can be an easy way to source a Maltese. Yes, it is as simple as making a Google search. (Buy+Maltese+YOUR LOCATION).

When buying online, you must check that quality breeders bred the dog. If you are looking for purebred dogs, the best place to find a source is ONLINE!

Maltese sitting on the bed

Unlike puppy mills, you will be able to find high-quality puppies naturally bred by dog owners. If you are looking for healthy Maltese, then it is the best place to search. 

However, you must be careful. Online operations can often be fronts for puppy mills. Hence it is important that you ask all the questions necessary to ensure that you have a clear idea of where the puppy was bred. 

Feel free to ask the seller all the questions related to the pup. This may include information on the breeder, the existing condition of health of the pup, and information on the health of the parent dogs. 

Asking questions will help you get a better idea of the source of the puppy, providing you with the ability to TRUST the source. It is important that you TRUST the source from whom you purchase from. 

Check for the breeding quality and the health of the breeding dogs. It is essential that you ensure professional breeders breed the dog.

If not professional breeders, you want to dig to ensure that puppy mills do not back the online source. (Dog owners DO NOT like puppy mills.)

Steps to Adopt a Maltese Dog

Maltese biting s stick

There are various steps to adopting a Maltese dog. First and foremost, you must find the Maltese dog you want to adopt from a pet shelter. Once you have found the Maltese, all you have to do is carry forward the registration.


This involves filling out the necessary paperwork to register the adoption. The shelter or source from whom you are adopting the Maltese dog will have the papers ready for you to fill out and sign. 

It is as simple as filling in these papers and signing them. You will then be provided with a copy of the adoption papers, and you will be able to take your beautiful dog HOME!

The registration process is simple and easy. It doesn’t cost much money, which is why sourcing a Maltese by way of adoption is one of the most budget-friendly means of acquiring a Maltese. 

Cost of Raising a Maltese Dog

Apart from the initial cost of acquiring a Maltese, you should be aware of the various costs of raising and owning a Maltese. 

Though the costs of raising a Maltese dog will vary based on age and breed, it is possible to estimate the average costs to get a rough idea on how much it could actually cost to raise a Maltese dog.

These costs are averaged between breeds and are estimates. However, they paint a good picture regarding roughly what it can cost to raise a Maltese dog. 


Maltese puppies have to be fed dog food three times a day. This can accumulate to a heft sum considering which dog food you choose. 

Adult Maltese dogs also eat about three meals a day, which means owning an adult dog will cost you more for food.

Adult Maltese dogs tend to eat more than puppies, hence you should keep that in mind when considering the costs of raising a Maltese. 

Though some adult dogs eat about the same amount as puppies, other adult dogs eat more.

dog Food and Treats

An adult dog can need about two times or three to four times the amount of food a puppy does. So how much does a Maltese cost to feed?

It costs about $90 a year to feed a Maltese, which is considerably less than feeding larger dogs. Maltese dogs are small, so even the lot of food they eat is still relatively little. 

Hence, compared to other dogs, it doesn’t cost as much in terms of food and feeding. This is a significant plus point in the Maltese price, considering smaller dogs such as the Maltese require less food and are a relatively budget-friendly breed. 

Health and Vet Visitation

Many dog breeds require vet visitations to ensure proper health and well-being. The Maltese coat is dependent on the health of the dog. The healthier the dog, the healthier the coat.

You have to consider the health costs of raising a Maltese. You will require medication and frequent vet visitations to ensure the pup is healthy. 

Pet insurance can cost between $20 and $50 a MONTH. Hence, this could be a pretty chuck of the costs of raising a Maltese. 

The cost of healthcare for your dog is not something you should omit. You may think that pet insurance is not essential; however, this is far from the TRUTH!

Pet insurance, though it can be an added cost, is an essential requirement for your Maltese, who needs a good level of care for better health and wellbeing. 


The cost of grooming can vary depending on how well-groomed you want your Maltese to be. Though grooming also depends on the dog’s personality, the Maltese coat is considered a coat that can be beautifully groomed into various styles. 

Dog grooming kits are available for those looking to groom their dogs, which can cost about $30. 

Having your dog professionally groomed can cost you anywhere between $30 and $90 or more, depending on where you get the grooming done. 

Though grooming is not essential, it is a cost for many Maltese owners who know their dogs to be social creatures. 


Training your Maltese may also require more costs to be incurred.

Though you may think you can train your Maltese by yourself, relying on some treats, you are not wrong. 

Maltese are extremely intelligent creatures and are capable of being well-trained. Hence, depending on your abilities, you can train your Maltese yourself!

However, you may have to incur other costs in training, such as buying training books, guides, or even equipment, which will all cost more money.

You may think of installing an invisible fence, which will also cost money. But It’s worth it.

Maltese in the Training ground

If you prefer having your dog trained by a professional dog trainer, you could hire a trainer who could set you back thousands of dollars.

Otherwise, you can purchase a training guide online, which will teach you and train you to train your dog. These training guide basically teach you everything you need to know on training your dog. 


If are looking for the FREE way to train your dog, you would have to rely on free information found on the internet, which can also teach you a few things on training your dog basic commands.

However, for more advanced training, you may have to purchase a training program. Luckily here’s a free dog training program that is totally free, “K9TI”. Find more about the free course in this K9TI program review.

However, some form of training is essential, and there may be a substantial cost based on the type of training you want to invest in.

For stubborn dogs, training is an essential need and it is best to train your dog when young, which is the BEST time to train your pup better. 

Overall Annual Expenses

Chew toys, dog beds, puppy food, and hiring a dog sitter all cost money. So how much does a Maltese cost annually? 

When it comes to the annual expenses, it greatly depends on the type of life you provide your Maltese. It depends on many factors; however, the annual costs are usually between $1200 to $3000. 

Though a Maltese dog’s annual expenses are relatively less compared to bigger dogs, it is still a sizable amount.

Caring for a Maltese, such as grooming, can often cost more money than other breeds. 

Maltese lying on the bed

Healthcare could be a big chunk of the costs, so your best bet would be pet insurance. Purchasing pet insurance gives you the freedom to know that all costs incurred are covered.

This ensures that in case of a health emergency, your puppy has access to the healthcare services that could save its life.

Maltese dogs are better when adequately groomed, which is considered a substantial part of the annual cost of raising a Maltese dog. Though grooming is an added cost, you can control the amount of money you spend on grooming.

If you are on a budget, it is advisable that you do the grooming at home and not pay hundreds of dollars to a professional groomer.

Though at the puppy stage, they can cost around $1200 a year, as the years pass by and the dog ages, more frequent vet visitation and the need for medication could raise the cost to about $5000 a year. 

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Final Thoughts

Maltese are an adorable breed of dogs that are both affectionate and loving. They are great pets to have around children and make adorable companions. 

These dogs are known to make great family pets and are known for their playful and affectionate nature. When it comes to picking a dog, the Maltese is one of my favorite picks. 

As intelligent as these creatures are, they can follow instructions and training and are considered quality pets by many Maltese owners. 

The cost of owning a Maltese will depend on where you source your Maltese from. Adopting being the most budget-friendly option, you should make it a point to ensure that you source your Maltese from a reliable source that follows good breeding standards. 

Though the Maltese are small dogs, they can be expensive to own, considering the added costs of grooming and caring for this highly social creature. 

Maltese make a great pet, and we hope this information in this article has provided you with the intel you were looking for on the costs of owning a Maltese. 


Yes, managing more than one Maltese Dog can be a challenge, but having two Maltese Dogs can be just as manageable as having one.

Yes, Maltese dogs are known to be friendly and playful.

Yes, maintaining a Maltese dog can be expensive, with costs ranging from $12000 to $3000.

Yes, Maltese dogs are safe to keep around young children when they are properly trained.

Before purchasing a Maltese Dog, it is important to consider factors such as the source’s reputation, the breed and age of the Maltese, and any additional factors that may be pertinent to the individual situation.

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