Bernedoodle Grooming: Guide to the Best Haircuts and Caring

Last Updated on June, 2024

I know the feeling. Dog grooming is fairly intimidating for beginners.

Your Bernedoodle’s grooming process may seem complex, with all the different fur types, haircut types, and the like. 

And a fair amount of methodology must be followed to groom a Bernedoodle. 

But the truth is, a thorough knowledge of this grooming process could save you a costly visit to a professional groomer. 

I know it sounds anxiety-inducing, but trust our guide here to let you know the ins and outs of grooming your beloved Bernedoodle!

Quick Summary

Grooming is important for Bernedoodles for various reasons such as enhancing appearance, removing dead skin and debris, checking for health conditions, and creating an affectionate bond with your dog.

Understanding your Bernedoodle’s coat type is crucial for proper grooming and requires different grooming tools and techniques.

Grooming should be done regularly, with certain tasks like brushing and teeth cleaning being done on a weekly basis, and others like bathing and nail trimming being done every few months. Proper grooming can also include various haircuts to suit your dog’s type and lifestyle.

Why Grooming is Important for Bernedoodles?

a bernedoodle getting a new haircut

There is a reason why grooming is considered vital for dogs of any breed and age. Grooming enhances the appearance of your Bernedoodle. Your pet will be gorgeous when you take him for a walk in the park!

It also helps remove any dead skin, dirt, and other debris from your dog’s fur. Grooming also keeps your dog’s fur tangle-free and ensures a much more comfortable Bernedoodle!

Then, you can inspect your dog for any health conditions; grooming allows you to see if your Bernedoodle has any rashes, irritations, or infections. And finally, grooming gives you a great chance to create an affectionate bond with your dog. 

Every trial and error should be something to laugh at most of the time! Just relax and do your best! These sessions can enhance the love between you and your furry friend, and it’s a shame to miss out on them! So why visit a professional groomer?

Understanding Bernedoodle Coat Types

As a Bernedoodle owner, it’s essential to understand and know your dog’s coat type to brush and treat them accordingly and appropriately. You’d be on par with the expertise of a professional groomer!

Each coat type has its own demands for caring for and trimming it, so keep these in mind!

Bernese Straight Coat

The straight coat resembles the genetic influence of the Bernese mountain dog! Bernedoodles with straight coats do shed a little, so this is a concern.

Bernedoodle Curly Coat

Also known as the wool coat, curly coats are less prone to shedding. Curly coats are inherited from the poodle parent of the dog.

Bernedoodle Wavy Coat

Wavy hair is a mix of curly and straight fur. The wavy-haired Bernedoodle sheds little, with little chance for matted hair. It is characterized by being soft to the touch.

Many consider wavy coats a mix of the genes of the Poodle and Bernese mountain dog parents’ coats.

Essential Bernedoodle Grooming Tools

a white bernedoodle laying on the grass

Before we get started, having these grooming implements at hand is essential.

So, make sure to head to your local pet store!

  • Grooming Shears: To trim your Bernedoodle’s fur. It is recommended that you get yourself a stainless steel pair.
  • Slicker Brush: A great tool to undo mats and tangles along Bernedoodle coats. You don’t need to worry about this brush damaging your dog’s coat; it’s designed not to do so!
  • Comb: Make sure to get a wide-toothed comb to smoothen out your dog’s fur. Not only will the comb even out mats and tangles, but it also helps to spread out the natural oils on your dog’s coat.
  • Nail Clippers:  Nail clipping requires patience; for that, you’ll need the best nail clippers. Long nails can be detrimental to your dog’s health, so check them regularly.
  • Ear Cleaner: It is crucial to prevent ear infections in your dog by removing wax and other debris. Also, use cotton balls to clean the outside of their ears.
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Pick up an excellent dog-oriented pair of these!
  • Grooming Table: For a steady platform to groom your furry friend. It helps you get to their height while providing an arm to steady yourself. 
  • Shampoo: Pick up the 4-in-1 pack dog shampoos, which include the conditioner and detangler. Also, don’t forget to pick up ones that suit your Bernedoodle’s coat type.
  • Grooming Apron And Towels: A grooming apron is excellent for keeping yourself dry during the grooming process. Remember towels to dry your dog afterward!
  • Styptic Powder: To stop bleeding from any accidental cuts which can occur during the grooming process.

Bernedoodle Grooming Tips

a bernedoodle laying on a grassfield
  • Brush Daily: Regular brushing spreads the natural oils of your dog’s hair, which will also even out the curls and tangles in your Bernedoodle’s coat.
  •  Use Dog Shampoo: This is an important tip to note. Regular human shampoo can be too strong and irritate your Bernedoodle’s skin. So make sure to use dog shampoo.
  • Clean Your Dog’s Eye Matter: This is also important because it prevents odor and discoloration around your dog’s eyes.
  • Make Grooming Fun For Your Dog: Proper grooming doesn’t have to mean doom and gloom for you and your Bernedoodle puppy. It’s a great idea to make your grooming sessions fun! Give your dog treats for being good during the grooming session, and throw a massage or two!

Handling the First Grooming Session

There may be many of you reading this who would be encountering these terms for the first time. Never groomed your dog before? Don’t worry. Great dog owners could and should learn methods used in great professional grooming sessions. 

It’s best to understand your Bernedoodle’s coat type first. The best way to prepare your Bernedoodle puppy for grooming is to take him for a walk first. Then, gently take him onto the grooming table after he has settled.

Remember, your first few grooming sessions should be filled with treats and positive reinforcement. So try to avoid punishment as much as possible because your dog wouldn’t know if he did anything wrong in the first place. 

Always be gentle when getting rid of loose hairs and washing your puppy to tell it that you are not trying to harm him or her. 

The Ideal Schedule to Groom a Bernedoodle

a bernedoodle getting a teddybear haircut

First things first, you need to understand that frequency matters a lot in grooming. Now, you’ve probably heard that before but have yet to hear the specifics of it. To make life easier, we’ve segmented the schedule weekly and monthly. 

Weekly Grooming

On a weekly basis, brushing hair and teeth is mandatory. This doesn’t mean your dog’s hair must be brushed daily. But, your frequency of brushing would vary depending on your dog’s fur type.

The usual brushing routine happens twice a week to remove any dead or loose fur. But Bernedoodles with curly and wavy coats tend to get their knotted and matted more, so their fur should be brushed every other day.

As for brushing your dog’s teeth, this should happen twice a day. This is to prevent the formation of any dental plaque that could occur. 

Monthly Grooming

In the category of monthly grooming comes bathing. It is recommended to bathe your dog sparingly since this can tamper with their natural secretion of oils that aid their fur growth

Hence, it’s recommended that you bathe your dog every two to three months. Of course, when they leave your rain-soaked lawn, bathe them too! Then, be careful to inspect your dog’s nails. 

Unattended nails could cause severe health conditions for your Bernedoodle, arthritis being one of the more common ones. Long, uncut nails could also dig into your dog’s flesh, which could cause them severe pain.

If you’re not confident about trimming your dog’s nails, visit a professional.

Brushing Your Bernedoodle

a bernedoodle getting brushed

Bring your slicker brush and a wide-toothed comb to your hand because it’s time to learn about brushing a dog’s hair!

For curly-haired Bernedoodles, we suggest using a pin brush.

And make sure that your dog’s fur is dry before taking to this!

  • Start brushing from your dog’s head to their tail, in the direction of their natural hair growth, with the slicker brush.
  • Ears and hindquarters are prone to matting, especially in dogs with straight coat types.
  • Use short, gentle strokes and go one area at a time. Ensure that the coat’s natural oils are spread!
  • Use a de-matting tool if you find any spots!
  • And then, double-check your dog’s fur before giving him a treat!

Bathing Your Bernedoodle

a bernedoodle getting a bath

Shampoo and conditioner are the grooming tools you’d need for this process. There are different shampoos for different coat types, so make sure you get a vet’s recommendation:

  • Fill a tub with room temperature water and soak with shampoo.
  • Give your dog’s hindquarters and back a thorough lathering. Work the same way with the conditioner.
  • Be extremely careful with your dog’s ears to minimize the risk of infections and irritations.
  • Then use a hair dryer, and you’re done!

A side note regarding the conditioner: Typically, long coats and curly coats require conditioner, but consult a vet to find the best conditioner for your Bernedoodle’s coat. 

Popular Bernedoodle Haircuts

Are you feeling stylish? Want to give your dog a red carpet-worthy coiffure? Look no further! Since we’ve listed the cutest and most popular Bernedoodle haircuts below!

But on a serious note, you should consult a vet to see which cut would best suit your climate and lifestyle because some of these cuts may cause a little shedding on your furry friend. 

And unless you are a professional, we do not suggest you try to cut your Bernedoodle’s hair yourself.

some pictures of different bernedoodle haircuts

The Bernedoodle Winter Cut

The winter cut will help keep your Bernedoodle warm and cozy for colder climates since a longer portion of your dog’s hair is kept. However, remember that since the winter cut has longer hair, your dog would need more brushing than usual.

The Bernedoodle Summer Cut

Just like your style, Bernedoodle haircuts change when the sun’s out! This is another fashionable cut if you want your dog to look suave in the park! The summer cut would keep your Bernedoodle cool and relaxed during warm days. 

Keep in mind that the summer cut would require little brushing with Bernedoodles with straight and wavy coat types!

The Bernedoodle Poodle Cut

Now, this is one of the Bernedoodle haircuts representing the Poodle parent! But this also means their hair would be longer on some body parts. So, this would also require a careful amount of grooming.

Bernedoodle Teddy Bear Cut

Do not get the teddy bear cut if you don’t want to die of cuteness.

The teddy bear cut makes your Bernedoodle look like that: an adorable soft toy. So precious! Though this cut does not serve any practical value, it renders your dog’s appearance more innocent. 

The Mohawk Cut

Easily the most punk-rock style in Bernedoodle grooming, this cut will help your dog stand out from the crowd! The mohawk is sometimes restricted to the head area of the dog, but daring stylists sometimes make it run along the length of the dog’s back!

It’s a relatively easy cut and easy to maintain. However, this cut has little practical value and is more for aesthetic sake!

The Kennel Cut

Are you going to be away from your dog for a while? Will your Bernedoodle be in a boarding for dogs? Then, the kennel cut is the cut you need to take. This cut reduces the possibility of mats and tangles and is easy to maintain. 

The kennel cut will also help prevent the collection of dirt and debris in your dog’s hair.

The Lamb Cut

If your Bernedoodle is the type who loves to play and frolic outside, this is the perfect cut for your dog.

Short around the face, legs, and tail, the lamb cut is easy to maintain and won’t be smeared with dirt when your furry friend goes out to play. It’s cute plus convenient. What more could you ask for?

The Lion Cut

With a leonine appearance, this cut would make your dog look like the king of the jungle! All that’s missing is the Pride Rock for him to majestically stand on!

This cut is used on Bernedoodles sparingly; it’s more seen on Pomenarians, but it’s still a style worthy of trying! Leave tufts of hair on the legs and feet and a glorious mane around your beloved fur baby.

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Yes, the Bernedoodle requires frequent brushing due to their long and prone-to-matting coat, making them high maintenance compared to the average dog. However, they are also an ideal family dog due to their outgoing and friendly nature.

The primary reason for shedding in Bernedoodles is their inherited coat type. If your Bernedoodle’s coat is wavy, they may shed frequently, while those with curly coats shed rarely. Knowing your Bernedoodle’s coat type can help understand their shedding patterns.

The recommended method for grooming your Bernedoodle’s ears to prevent infections is to carefully wipe them after bathing, trim any inner hairs using small grooming scissors, and be cautious around the sensitive ear canal to avoid trapping bacteria and viruses.

It depends on your dog’s hair type. If they have a double coat, it’s not recommended to shave them as it can make them more prone to skin issues. But if their fur is inherited from the Poodle parent, shaving them during the summer can help them stay cool and comfortable in the heat.

It is recommended to groom your Bernedoodle every two to three months, with a bath every two months to maintain the health of their coat. Additionally, it is important to regularly check their ears, nails, and teeth for any issues or illnesses. Don’t forget to trim their nails regularly as well.

Ready to Put Your Grooming Skills to Test? 

Grooming is a necessary process that comes with owning a dog. Though it may seem complicated, any dog owner could take to it with enough dedication and consistency.

Patience is key too; you must remember that your dog won’t understand what you’re doing the first time.

Not only would you be saving yourself a lot of money, but you would have fantastic opportunities to bond with your Bernedoodle as well!

So remember, consistency and making the process fun is key in grooming your dog. And with that in mind, happy grooming!

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