Poodles Without a Haircut: What Does it Look Like?

Last Updated on June, 2024

Hello! So you have got a Poodle, and maybe you’ve noticed its fur is getting out of control. 

And you got the question, ‘What would it look like without a haircut?’ Am I right? Let me share with you when I realized my Poodle needed a haircut.

My Poodle’s hair was growing like crazy, covering his eyes and getting hard to handle. So, I decided to go for a ‘Short Cut’ style even though it was a tough decision for me back then.

If you’re in the same situation and thinking, ‘What do I do with all this poodle hair?’ DON’T WORRY. I’ve been there and got the update on poodle haircuts to keep your dog looking stylish and comfortable.

Quick Summary

Regular haircuts are necessary for Poodles to maintain their appearance and prevent potential health issues.

Different haircut options for Poodles, including the Short Cut, Lion Cut, Teddy Bear Cut, Lamb Cut, Modern Cut, and Dutch Cut.

The potential risks and benefits of shaving a Poodle’s hair, such as making it easier to spot and remove pests but also exposing them to potential sunburn and disrupting their natural coat protection.

Poodle Without Haircut

pictures of poodles without a haircut

Unlike most dogs that shed fur, Poodles grow long hair, which can get long if left unshaved. (Are you imagining your friend’s dog’s skin now? Great!) Now, think, what will happen when you let a Poodle go out without a haircut? 

In simple terms, it’ll look odd.

IMAGINE Long curly hair covering their eyes, nose and mouth. (worse, right?) Unshaved Poodles start resembling wooly sheep, but not in a cute way. They often look messy, worn-out, and not so great without focusing on being stylish.

The trouble doesn’t STOP at appearances. When Poodle hair grows, it becomes a breeding ground for knots and mats. These aren’t just unsightly; they’re painful for your furry friend. 

Tangled hair can pull on their coat, causing discomfort and even sores. Did you get me? If left uncut for too long, these mats can lead to infections, risking your Poodle’s health.

You see, grooming isn’t just about looks regarding Poodles. It’s about keeping them comfortable and healthy.

Without regular haircuts, your Poodle can end up with a mess of hair that traps dirt and oil, making them look messy and causing potential dog skin issues.

What Are the Different Poodle Haircuts?

a picture of a poodle seated on the floor

‘What will my Poodle look like without a haircut?’ Is this what you’re thinking?

A Poodle without a haircut will have a very different appearance than a Poodle groomed to meet breed standards. Sometimes, you will be annoyed by your Poodle’s coat or their long hair.

Poodle haircut is high maintenance. However, If you want to cut their long hair and try a certain style of Poodle haircut for your dog (like other poodle owners), don’t skip these Poodle cuts.

  • Short Cut

Short Cut is one of the famous poodle cuts that have short hair. It’s a low-maintenance option to trim all over your Poodle’s coat to the same length. This Cut is super easy to handle. (Understood?) 

It’s great for active dogs that love to get muddy since it’s simple to clean and dry. WHAT’S GREAT? It’s easy to maintain and might even be something you can handle yourself, saving you a trip to the professional groomer.

  • The Lion Cut/ Continental Cut 

If you don’t like without a haircut for your Poodle, you can go for the Lion Cut/ Continental Cut.

It gives your dog a lion-like appearance by shaving certain areas like the back legs while leaving Poodle’s hair on the ears, chest, and paws. (Are you imagining your shaved Poodle?)

This style creates pom poms of fur (like curly coats), making your Poodle have MAJESTIC and CUTE coats. It’s a popular choice for dog shows.

If you’ve ever wanted your pup to look a bit like a lion, this Cut is the closest you’ll get for dog breeds like Poodles.

  • Teddy Bear Cut

Do you like teddy bears? (who doesn’t like it?) This popular Teddy Bear Cut will make your Poodle look like a REAL teddy bear. 

But how? It involves rounding the face and ears while keeping the body coat mid-length. Though unsuitable for dog shows, it’s a cute option for most pet Poodles and Doodle breeds, achieved with scissors trimming.

Note: To maintain this puppy cut, brush the coat regularly.

  • The Lamb Cut

The Lamb Cut is another Poodle cut that is BEST for your Poodle with tight curls, especially Toy Poodles, giving them a lamp-like appearance. 

It involves shaving the entire body of your unshaved Poodle, leaving a tuft of hair on the head. The groomer also shaves parts of the tail, front legs, and face. It’s a UNIQUE option for a distinctive look. (A shaved face Poodle? Yes.)

  • The Modern Cut

The Modern Cut is a popular choice for your uncut Poodle, often known as the European or Scandinavian Cut. The BEST part? Less grooming needs.

It maintains a natural look while keeping your furry friend tidy. Unlike the Lion Cut, it lets more hair cover the body, giving a rounded and softer appearance, especially on the rear legs, tail, and feet; IDEAL for a Standard Poodle or a Miniature Poodle.

  • Dutch Cut

The Dutch Cut is a good choice for an active Miniature Poodle, even though it costs some grooming. This Poodle cut (haircut) shaves the legs and body while keeping the hair long on the head, tail, and ears. 

The coat is around 3 cm long, the ears and head are kept long, the face is shaved, and the tail gets a pom-pom. (It will look great, won’t it?) Try this for your unshaved Poodle.

Can I Shave My Poodle’s Hair (Long Hair)? 

pictures of fully hair grown poodles

Yes. But, You can’t shave their entire body as it exposes them to the weather, risking sunburn or heat stroke, especially in warm climates.

Their curly coat protects them from the sun and cold. So, they need some fur! ALWAYS Remember! Your Poodle relies on its hair to stay warm.

Most Poodles are hypoallergenic dogs. So, leaving some parts of a Poodle unshaved is the BIGGEST HELP you can do for them. An ungroomed poodle is less likely to get skin infections, skin irritation, and health problems.

However, you can get a trim for your Poodle every 4 to 8 weeks. If your Poodle’s hair grows fast, you can trim it every 4 to 6 weeks. But, this varies as each Poodle differs, and the owner’s preference differs. 

You can choose a style you like when trimming, but remember that fancier cuts need more upkeep (grooming). But still, you should get your buddy to a PRO groomer to shave some parts of their body to keep them looking sharp.

If you love your pup, ALWAYS consider a summer cut rather than trying a full shave. If needed, professionals can handle face shaving, especially for dog shows, to keep your Poodle safe and stylish.

Pros & Cons of Shaving


Spotting Bug is Easier: When the fur is clipped short, it’s easy to see and deal with ticks and fleas on your pup. Keep those annoying pests in check.
No Tangle Troubles: Shorter hair in specific places means less risk of knots and tangles. Keep your dog looking sharp without the hassle.


Shaving Risks: Shaving may disrupt the natural protective function against bugs and temperature extremes if your Poodle has a double coat.
Just for looks: Shaving your Poodle is more about style than health – it doesn’t do much for your pup’s well-being.
Sunburn Risks: Exposes the coat to the sun, potentially causing issues like sunburn. 

Other guides and tools you might need when training your dog:


Imagine your Poodle before a haircut, all NATURAL and CHARMING, Right? Now, think about what happens after the trim.…


Picture yourself walking the street with your Poodle, looking fabulous in one of the stylish cuts I mentioned earlier.

I love the Short Cut for my fluffy companion. What’s your CHOICE?


No, taking care of a Poodle’s hair is not too difficult. Regular brushing and grooming is recommended. If you prefer shorter hair, it is easy to manage, especially if your Poodle swims frequently. However, longer, fluffy cuts will require daily attention. It is recommended to have a professional grooming every 3 months for shaping, and you should have no problems maintaining your Poodle’s hair.

Yes, Poodles have hair on their face. Some grooming options involve shaving the face to accentuate their elegant head and ensure better hygiene.

Poodles typically require daily brushing to maintain a healthy coat. A slicker brush can be used to prevent tangling, especially when encountering substances such as tree sap or mud. Regular grooming is beneficial for the overall health and appearance of their coat.

Yes, Poodles have sensitive skin and can develop allergies which can cause issues such as itchy skin, ear, foot, and belly infections. When exposed to allergens from the environment or food, they may experience these problems, making it difficult to conduct dog training.

Grooming is vital for Standard Poodles because neglecting it can lead to matting and potential skin infections, such as those caused by excessive hair retention. Additionally, caution should be taken when handling their nails, as their blood vessels are located within them.

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