Cockapoo Haircuts: Find the Best Grooming Style for Your Dog

Last Updated on June, 2024

Are you a proud owner of a Cockapoo or planning to be one? 

Being one of the most in-demand designer breeds, Cockapoos are known for their fluffy coats and their adorable looks.

With the fluffy coat comes the massive responsibility of regular haircuts and maintenance.

Now, don’t overthink. If you choose the right Cockapoo haircut (there are so many to choose from, from the classic teddy bear cut to the cocker cut and more) and learn the proper grooming procedure, it will be a piece of cake. 

This article will help you choose the ideal haircut for your pooch and make you an expert in Cockapoo grooming. 

Let’s begin. 

Quick Summary

There are multiple popular haircut styles for Cockapoos, including the puppy cut, lamb cut, teddy bear cut, cocker cut, and summer cut.

It is important to choose the right haircut for a Cockapoo based on factors such as the dog’s coat type, lifestyle, and climate.

Cockapoo grooming involves regular maintenance and can be done at home or by a professional groomer, with a variety of tools and techniques available to ensure a cute and healthy appearance for the dog.

Most Popular Cockapoo Haircut Styles

Cockapoo puppy cut, lamb cut, teddy bear cut, cocker cut, and summer cut are the most popular Cockapoo haircuts. 

Let’s look into each of the different types of Cockapoo haircuts in detail. 

1. Cockapoo Puppy Cut

a picture of two cockapoo dogs with a puppy cut

The puppy cut is amongst the most preferred Cockapoo haircut styles. Despite its name, this cut suits dogs of any age.

Puppy cut involves trimming your dog’s coat to around half an inch to one inch long all over the body. 

The puppy cut is short enough to avoid tangles. So you can save your time spent on brushing and trimming. It’s easy to maintain, compared with some other Cockapoo haircuts. 

A Cockapoo puppy haircut is easy to achieve. You can nail this haircut, even if you are a beginner. Usually, most Cockapoo owners choose this style as their puppies’ first haircut. 

Additionally, this cut helps keep your pup’s body cool during summer. Hence, a puppy cut is ideal if you live in warm climates or are involved in many outdoor activities with your furry friend. 

A puppy haircut also helps to retain the quality and softness of the Cockapoo fur, while giving it an adorable look.

Distinguishing Features

  • The coat is 1/2-1 inches throughout the whole body.
  • The belly and paw are shorter compared to the body.
  • The tail is trimmed or left as it is. 

2. Cockapoo Lamb Cut

Cockapoo lamb cut is one of the best Cockapoo haircuts, giving your dog a poodle-like elegant look. 

The lamb cut involves trimming the hair on the entire body, while keeping the face, tail, and leg hair long. 

Getting a perfect blend of short and long hair might be difficult. So, take your dog to a professional groomer for a Cockapoo lamb cut. 

This cut requires daily brushing. You can cut the imperfections using a scissor when the hair starts growing. 

Lamb cut is perfect during summer or if you want a low-maintenance dog.

a picture of a cockapoo lamb cut

Distinguishing Features

  • The length of the body fur is 1 inch.
  • Face, tail, and leg hairs should be kept longer than one inch.

3. Cockapoo Cocker Cut

a picture of two cockapoo dogs with a cocker cut

Cockapoo cocker cut is suitable for dogs with straight hair which they inherit from the Cocker Spaniel gene. 

In a Cockapoo cocker cut, you keep the hair around the ear, legs, and body long while trimming the fur on the head and face area short. 

Remember, this Cockapoo haircut requires a lot of maintenance. The coat is more likely to get tangled due to its long length. So you must brush the coat daily and wash and trim frequently. 

Try this cut, if you want your puppy to have a Cocker Spaniel look.

Distinguishing Features

  • Leg, belly, and ear hair is two or 2+ inches long.
  • The head is much shorter than 2 inches.
  • Body length is longer than the head and shorter than the leg, belly, and ear. 

4. Cockapoo Summer Cut/Cockapoo Shave Cut

a picture of two cockapoo dogs with a summer cut

Cockapoo shave cut is the best Cockapoo haircut for summer, and the most low-maintenance haircut of all. 

A Cockapoo shave cut keeps your dog cool during the hot summer months, and also makes the grooming process easy. 

For the summer cut, the fur is cut short and almost shaved. So it won’t get tangled, and dirt and dust won’t get deposited on the Cockapoo’s coat. You don’t need to brush and maintain it every day.

This cut is also easy to achieve. You can do this at home even if you are a beginner in Cockapoo haircuts.

Distinguishing Features

  • Coat should be cut to 1 inch or less.
  • Ears and tails are kept longer in some, but not in all dogs. 

5. Cockapoo Teddy Bear Cut

As the name suggests, a Cockapoo teddy bear cut gives your dog a rounded face with a fluffy look.

It’s similar to the Cockapoo puppy cut but makes your dog’s face and head appear more rounded, keeps the hair longer, and makes the eye stand out by removing the excessive hair around the eyes. 

A Cockapoo teddy bear cut is relatively easy to maintain. You must brush the coat regularly to remove dirt, dust, and tangles. 

The Cockapoo teddy bear cut is an excellent alternative to the puppy cut, for dogs having slightly more hair on the heads than the bodies. 

If you want your dog to look like a teddy bear, you must go for this.

a picture of a cockapoo bear cut

Distinguishing Features

  • Medium-length haircut.
  • 2-3 inches long coat throughout the body.
  • The hair on the head is slightly longer and rounded.
  • The dog’s eyes stand out. 

Other Cockapoo Haircuts That Give a Teddy Bear Look

1. Cockapoo Curly Cut

Cockapoo curly cut will also make your dog look like a teddy bear. Here, the hair is trimmed short on the entire body while keeping long, tight curls on the head and ears. 

2. Cockapoo Fluffy Cut

Cockapoo fluffy cut is one of the most popular haircut styles for black and brown Cockapoo. The hair is cut short all over the body except the head and ears. This haircut will make your Cockapoo look precisely like a teddy bear. 

Note: Hairstyles with shorter lengths are easier to maintain compared to long hair. 

Types of Cockapoo Coat

Cockapoo is one of the Doodle breeds formed by a cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. 

Hence, it may inherit the Poodle’s curly coat, Cocker Spaniel’s straight coat, or something in-between. 

Mainly, there are three Cockapoo coat types. Let’s look at each one in detail.

types of cockapoo coats

1. Cockapoo Straight Coat

This type of coat comes from the Cocker Spaniel parent. A straight coat with a soft and delicate texture is the easiest to maintain

Cockapoos having straight coats usually have double coats. So they are more likely to shed. 

2. Cockapoo Tight Curly Coat

Cockapoo curly coats are inherited from the Poodle genes. 

This coat is the favorite of most dog owners due to its hypoallergenic, very low-shedding nature. Curly coats require regular brushing and maintenance because they are prone to tangling. 

3. Cockapoo Loose Wavy Coat

The Cockapoo wavy coat combines the Cocker Spaniel’s straight coat and the Poodle’s loose waves. It’s not too straight, nor too curly. 

The best thing about this coat is that it requires very little maintenance compared to a curly coat, and it’s relatively low or non-shedding compared to a straight coat.

Cockapoo Grooming Process 

You must start grooming your Cockapoo puppy when you take them home so they get familiar with brushing and trimming from an early age. 

Before starting grooming, you must introduce the brush to your Cockapoo. Make sure your pooch relates the brush with positive experiences. 

Here’s a simple method to introduce the brush positively to your pet:

  • Place the brush on the floor and throw your dog’s favorite treats on and around it. 
  • Let your dog explore the new object. 
  • Next, lightly touch your dog’s body with the edge of the bristles. 
  • Each time you reach out with a brush, offer a treat immediately. 
  • Initially brush the coat lightly, and over time, you can brush by pressing firmly. 

You can groom at home or take your puppy to a professional groomer. 

Professionally Grooming a Cockapoo

If you decide to take your pup to a professional groomer, ensure they are experienced in Cockapoo haircuts. 

Remember, the groomer will cut your dog’s hair. Therefore, communicate the shape and the style you want clearly. Show them a photograph if you have one. 

Sometimes, your dog may need a shorter cut than you expect if its coat has a lot of knots and matts. 

Grooming a Cockapoo At Home

a man grooming a cockapoo

If you are wondering whether you can groom your pup yourself, the answer is YES. 

It’s relatively easy to groom your Cockapoo if you know the right tricks. It will also save you a lot of money in the long run. Let’s go through how you could groom your puppy at home. 

Tools Required for Cockapoo Grooming At Home

  • Brush: Buy a good quality brush as you will use it daily. 
  • Metal comb: You need a metal comb to deal with matted fur and to comb small, hard-to-reach areas such as ears, face, and paws. 
  • Clippers: You can use clippers to cut and shave your dog’s body hair. 
  • Scissors: Scissors are required to cut small areas like the paw and face and hard-to-reach areas like the ears and around the eyes. 
  • Dog shears: A dog shear is a scissor-like tool. You can get a professional haircut using this tool. 
  • Grooming table: Buy a grooming table with a leash and an adjustable arm so that you can keep your dog still and safe on it and use both hands for grooming.
  • Detangler spray: Dentangler spray helps untangle knots and mats in your puppy’s hair with less force. 
  • Shampoo: You must use a shampoo to clean the coat thoroughly while bathing. If your Cockapoo has a shedding coat, use a shedding shampoo. It will remove the loose fur during the bath. Use a non-shedding shampoo if your Cockapoo has a low-shedding coat. It will keep the dog’s hair nourished. 
  • Conditioner: Always use a good quality dog conditioner. Conditioners make the groom long-lasting, makes the brushing process smooth, and keeps your pup smelling amazing.
  • Ear cleaning products: Cockapoos have long ears and are prone to ear infections. Use proper ear cleaning products to maintain ear hygiene. 
  • Nail clippers: Use a quality set of nail trimming tools for regular nail trimming. 

Steps for Grooming Your Cockapoo

A Cockapoo dog breed looking at the camera
  • First, bathe your Cockapoo with a dog shampoo and a conditioner.
  • Dry and remove the mats and tangles with a brush.
  • Trim or cut the dog’s coat using clippers. Use scissors to cut hair on the face, ears, and around the eyes. 
  • Clean your Cockapoo’s ears with an ear-cleaning product. 
  • Finally, trim the dog’s nails. 

If you are not confident about cutting your puppy’s fur, it’s better to take your dog to a grooming salon.

How Often Do You Need to Groom a Cockapoo?

Here’s a grooming schedule for you to raise a well-groomed Cockapoo. 

  • Brush the coat daily or at least 3-4 times a week.
  • Clip the nails weekly or 1-4 times a month.
  • Trim the coat every 6-12 weeks.
  • Bathe your puppy once a week or every 4-12 months. It depends on your dog’s lifestyle, coat type, hair length, skin conditions, allergies, and activity level. Don’t bathe your Cockapoo too often.

Cockapoo Grooming Tips

  • Start grooming as early as possible, in the puppy phase.
  • Brush the coat daily and clip the nails frequently.
  • Cut the hair around the eyes short to prevent eye infections.
  • Dry the Cockapoo’s ears and eyes properly after bathing. 
  • Point the scissors upward when you trim around the eyes to avoid any injury. 

Other guides and tools you might need when training your dog:

What is Your Favorite Cockapoo Haircut?

Puppy cut, teddy bear cut, Cockapoo lamb cut, Cockapoo summer cut, and cocker cut are some of the most popular types of Cockapoo hairstyles. 

You can groom your pup at home or take it to a groomer for a haircut. All Cockapoo haircuts give an adorable look to your pup. A short-length haircut is easy to maintain compared to longer hair. 

Consider your dog’s lifestyle, the climate you live in, your budget, and the time you have for grooming while choosing a Cockapoo haircut. 


The best haircut for a Cockapoo depends on your lifestyle and where you live. Consider both factors when choosing a haircut for your Cockapoo. All Cockapoo haircuts are adorable, so make your decision based on practicality and the needs of you and your dog.

To stop your Cockapoo’s hair from matting, simply brush its coat daily and immediately brush out any tangles you come across.

The speed of cockapoo hair growth varies. Unlike other dogs, most cockapoos do not shed. However, some shed small amounts twice a year. On average, the hair of a cockapoo can grow back in about two weeks.

A Cockapoo’s coat is determined by the percentage of genes it receives from its Cocker Spaniel and Poodle parents, resulting in either hair or fur.

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