SportDog Invisible Fence Review [2024 Upd.] Does it Work?

Last Updated on July, 2024

The SportDOG fence system can be a great alternative to traditional fences.

If you have a playful dog who loves to explore, you may be thinking of checking out the SportDOG in-ground fence system.

But the question is, does the SportDOG fence live up to the expectations?

To answer this question, I have tried the SportDOG fence for my 3-year-old pup, Shadow. I was already using an invisible fence, mind you!

This was solely purchased to review and see whether it lives up to its claims. Because I don’t want your money to go to complete waste like mine was a few months back. 

Here, I will share my experience with SportDOG invisible dog fence and help you make a better purchasing decision.

Let’s get to it!

The Good

The SportDOG fence system allows the area to expand up to 100 acres. And it offers seven stimulation levels. Plus, it comes with the anti-linger feature.

The Not So Good

The SportDOG collar design is poor, and it causes irritation and infections in dogs. Also, the shock level is too intense for some dogs.

The Bottom Line

Although the SportDOG fence system has important features like expandable area and anti-linger feature, I cannot recommend it to dog owners. After examining the inefficiency of the device, I recommend you check out Halo 2+ for a better experience. (Look out for it in the Better Alternative section below.)

About SportDOG Invisible Fence

SportDOG fence is an in-ground dog fence system that allows dog owners to keep their loving dogs safe and secure inside the yard.

Radio System Corporation created the SportDOG brand in 2003.

The manufacturer is world-famous for developing electronic dog tracking and training products.

The company mainly concerns with delivering high-quality products that perform even in extreme conditions.

Sounds PROMISING, right?

SportDOG Invisible Fence

How Does it Work?

SportDOG in-ground fence system utilizes a tiny receiver collar, fence transmitter, and boundary wire to create an invisible barrier. 

And the fencing system works by emitting radio signals from the transmitter through the boundary wire. 

First, you should bury the underground wire to establish your dog’s boundary area.

Then, you will have to train your pet to stay inside the perimeter. While training the dogs, owners can use boundary flags as a visual aid.

a dog wearing SportDOG Invisible Fence collar

Don’t forget! Your dog must wear the receiver collar to keep him inside the fence. The collar has contact points that touch your dog’s neck. 

And if your dog reaches the warning zone, the collar produces a warning beep and vibration.

Moreover, if your pup goes beyond the warning zone and reaches the stimulation zone, the collar produces a static stimulation. 

Your dog will receive the stimulation through the contact points in the collar.

What’s in the Box?

 SportDOG Invisible Fence transmitter
 SportDOG Invisible Fence collar inside the box
 SportDOG Invisible Fence Boundary Wire on the table
 a human touching SportDOG Invisible Fence Operating Guide
SportDOG Invisible Fence Charger Boundary Flags and Wire Connectors

You will find the following items when purchasing the product.

  • Fence Transmitter with Adaptor
  • Collar Receiver with Charger
  • 1000 Feet of Boundary Wire
  • Operating Guide
  • Test Light Tool
  • 100 Boundary Flags
  • Long Probes
  • 2 Wire Connectors

Features of SportDOG Invisible Fence

Now, let’s dig deeper into the SportDOG invisible dog fence features. Shall we?

Expandable Area

The wires included in the kit can cover up to 1 ⅓ acre of land. But, if you want to let your dog run on more than 1 ⅓ acre, you can expand the area up to 100 acres.

WOW! That’s a pretty big safe zone for your dog to roam and run freely.

You can expand the area and distance by purchasing additional wire. It’s as simple as that!

And you can choose the area that needs to be covered by the virtual dog fence. Of course, that means you should plan the layout before burning the wire.

yard size and FT. of wire needed chart

Stimulation Levels

SportDOG in-ground fence system allows you to control how much stimulation is needed to keep your dog within the boundaries.

You can select the stimulation needed to get your pet’s attention. 

KEEP IN MIND! Different dogs are reactive to different correction levels.

SportDOG in-ground fence system offers a range of static corrections to match any dog’s temperament. It includes seven static correction levels.

And some correction levels may be unnecessarily stressing your pet. So, if your dog is too sensitive, you should reduce the intensity of the stimulation. 

Apart from the static corrections, the unit produces a warning tone and/or a vibration to discourage pets if they try to cross the border line.

If a dog refuses to back off, he will receive a safe static correction. 

Durability and Design

The SportDOG transmitter and collar are waterproof and can perform in any weather.

The SportDOG manufacturer has used the DryTek technology, which allows the devices to be submerged up to 25 feet.

Moreover, SportDOG in-ground dog fence uses a solid core copper wire as a standard.

This is an important feature because it is higher quality than most containment systems on the market. 

Plus, this solid core copper wire is easy to install and inexpensive.

a human holding a SportDOG collar

In addition, the SportDOG transmitter unit comes with built-in lightning protection. So, you don’t have to worry about buying a separate lightning protection device.

Sounds GREAT, right?

SportDOG dog fence system also has a wire break alarm, alerting you of a cut or break of the wire.

And the dimensions of the collar without the strap is 2.60″ X 1.30″ X 1.23″. The collar suits dogs 10 pounds or larger with neck sizes between 6 and 28 inches.

So, if you have a tiny little dog, SportDOG is a BIG NO-NO.


SportDOG in-ground dog fence comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it takes 2 hours to charge fully.

Moreover, it can last up to 1 – 2 months per charge.

That’s BRILLIANT, don’t you think?

That’s not all!

The SportDOG dog fence system also offers another exciting feature, the low battery indicator.

So, this feature makes it easy for you to stay alert on the battery level.

And you will have to replace the battery after 6 – 12 months. All you have to do is swap it with a new 9 volt battery.

Unlimited Number of Dogs

Do you want to contain all your pooches inside the yard?

No problem!

The fencing system is NOT limited to one dog.

If you have more than one dog, all you have to do is purchase extra collars for them.

The SportDOG containment system can control any number of dogs using any number of receiver collars.

However, extra collars should be bought separately to cover all pets.

dogs standing on the ground

Anti-Linger Feature

Anti-Linger feature is a feature that many dog fences on the market do not offer.

This feature ensures that the battery of the collar does not drain unnecessarily.

Most dog fencing containment systems run into excessive battery usage. This is because our furry friends tend to hang around the warning area of the fence perimeter. 

As a result, the unit constantly produces warnings causing the battery to drain unnecessarily.

Thanks to the anti-linger feature in SportDOG in-ground dog fence system, you won’t have to face such issues.

This feature prevents excessive battery draining in the warning zone.

Multi-Dog Training System

The SportDOG brand also offers a contain + train in-ground fence system.

This system provides all the above-mentioned containment capabilities and training capabilities as well.

It allows dog owners to keep their pets safe inside the boundaries and train them inside the boundaries, at home, and in the field.

And this system works by receiving radio signals from the fence transmitter and the remote transmitter.

a dog lying on the ground near the sportdog Boundary Flag

In the containment mode, the collar receiver will only interact with the fence transmitter. And in the training mode, the collar will interact with the remote transmitter. 

This will allow dog owners to train their dogs inside or outside of the perimeter.

In this mode, the collar will not react when they cross the warning and stimulation zones of the border line.

By the way, there is also containment and training mode. In this mode, the collar will interact with both remote and fence transmitters.

Do you know what that means?

It means that you can train your dog while he is contained inside the yard.

And this dog fence also offers seven different static correction levels and tone/vibration options.

Moreover, the collar receiver and the remote transmitter come with two rechargeable batteries.

How Much Does the SportDOG Fence Cost?

Now, let’s check the price of the SportDOG dog fence system.

You can purchase the SportDOG rechargeable in-ground fence system for $319.95. And SportDOG contain + train system costs $469.95.

Dog owners can enjoy free shipping on orders over $89. 

Moreover, if you are unhappy with the product, you can return it within 45 days for a refund.

And these products come with a 1-year warranty.

My Personal Opinion

So, I purchased the SportDOG fence system to contain my pet dog Shadow safely inside our 2 acres yard.

First, I trained him on a leash. However, it took 12 days for my pet to get used to the fence system. 

Within the first two weeks, I was glad and satisfied with the functionality of the SportDOG dog fence.

The system could stop my pup’s escape attempts and keep him inside the boundaries of our property.

And the anti-linger feature was beneficial to prevent excessive draining of the battery.

sportdog transmitter on the wall

But after a few weeks, I had a TERRIBLE experience with the product.

The SportDOG collar was FREAKING HORRIBLE! Wanna know why?

The collar had caused a deep cut in Shadow’s neck. I expected a higher quality dog collar because SportDOG is such a famous brand.

 At first, I didn’t suspect the collar was causing this injury.

However, due to its POOR design, I realized that the collar was irritating my pup’s neck. And my dog had developed an infection, which made it uncomfortable.

Although the invisible dog fence could keep my buddy inside the perimeter, his injury and suffering were not worth it.

So, because of this reason I was disappointed with the SportDOG fence system.

What Do Others Say About SportDOG Fence?

There is a mix of positive and negative reviews on the SportDOG fence system.

Some customers are happy with the fence since they could contain their pets inside the yard.

But that’s not the case!

Just like my experience, many customers complain about the poor quality design of the SportDOG collar.

Many people are unhappy with the collar because it has caused infections and injuries in many dogs.

Also, some customers claim that the dog fence could not effectively keep their pets inside the barrier. They had trouble keeping the pets contained. They say that their dogs could still escape the border line while wearing the collar.

In addition, some individuals complain that the shocks are not safe for pets because they are too intense.

So, here’s what others say about this dog fence.

SportDOG Invisible Fence Customer review 1
SportDOG Invisible Fence Customer review 2
SportDOG Invisible Fence Customer review 3

Pros and Cons of SportDOG In-ground Fence System

Now it’s time to examine the pros and cons of the SportDOG dog fence system.


  • Easy To Install

SportDOG wire installation is easy. First, you must plan the layout and test it before burying it. Then you have to place the flags in the warning zone. 

After that, you should find the static stimulation level and train your dog.

  • Stimulation Ranges

The SportDOG collar has 7 stimulation levels to match any pup’s temperaments. It also has vibration and tone options.

  • Works With Multiple Dogs

The SportDOG in-ground dog fence system can handle any number of dogs using separate dog collars.

  • Dog Training

SportDOG contain + train in-ground dog fence system facilitates dog training.

  • Anti-linger Feature

This is an important feature that effectively prevents excessive draining of the battery.


  • Poor Collar Design

The SportDOG collar irritates dogs’ necks and is unsuitable for extra small pets.

  • Unsafe Shock Levels

Even the minimum shock levels can be a little high at times.

Better Alternative to SportDOG Fence System

I was already using Halo 2+ as the primary collar before trying out the SportDog collar.

Trust me!

Halo 2+ is a great product and highly recommended. It is a wireless dog fence system that works great and it is the best thing I tried for my pet. 

Halo 2+ is not just a virtual dog fence. It is a smart fence that offers a range of superb options to ensure ultimate safety of your loving pet.

halo collar

It also facilitates GPS location and activity tracking while keeping pets safe inside the boundaries.

The thing is, though the device is excellent, it’s on the pricier side. You’ll have to pay $699. 

Moreover, you will have to activate one of the following plans to activate the product.

  • Basic plan: $.15 per day (billed monthly at $4.49)
  • Silver plan: $.33 per day (billed monthly at $9.99)
  • Gold plan: $.99 per day (billed monthly at $29.99)

Why is Halo 2+ Better Than SportDOG Fence?

Now let’s check out the AMAZING reasons why Halo 2+ is better than the SportDOG in-ground dog fence system.

  • Halo 2+ is a wireless smart dog fence that enables dog owners to define up to 20 wireless GPS fences at home, and everywhere they go. Plus, it is easier to install. On the contrary, SportDOG only allows you to create one fence by burying the wire.
  • Unlike the SportDOG dog fence, Halo 2+ provides real-time GPS location tracking using GPS technology and 44 satellites.
  • And if a pet leaves a safe zone, Halo 2+ produces a return whistle to guide them back to the secure area. Plus, it uses tone, vibration, and static correction.
  • Halo 2+ dog fence uses Bluetooth-enabled beacons to keep pets away from danger zones.
  • The Halo collar is flexible and comfy. And its sizes are:
    • Small: 11” – 15”
    • Medium: 15” – 20.5”
    • Large: 20” – 30.5”
  • Halo has an IP67 waterproof rating and is salt water resistant too.
  • Halo 2+ provides lots of health and fitness details such as,
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly activity charts to track how much time your dog spends active and resting
    • Activity and training progress
  • Halo offers video-based training lessons from Cesar Millan to improve bonding and lifestyle changes.
  • Halo dog fence also has a smartphone app that allows dog owners to build wireless fences, view their dog’s real-time location, and access training.

My Halo 2+ Experience

I’ve been using this collar ever since it came on to the market.

And it was a MARVELOUS experience to use Halo 2+ to keep track of my pup safe inside and outside our home.

Halo 2+ dog fence effectively kept Shadow inside the wireless perimeter without causing him any discomfort.

I am really happy with Halo 2+ and I recommend it to any dog lover.

a dog is wearing halo collar

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The SportDOG in-ground dog fence system can contain dogs inside the invisible perimeter. It also offers important features like the waterproof receiver, dog training, and the anti-linger feature.

However, the SportDOG fence system’s poor collar design is its biggest downside. The collar may irritate some pets.

So, I recommend Halo 2+ instead. It is a reliable and better choice.

Halo 2+ effective wireless smart dog fence enables dog owners to define up to 20 GPS fences. And also, it provides fast and accurate real-time GPS location tracking.

Plus, it has health and activity tracking features too.

So, if you want to keep track of your dog in the best possible way, check out Halo 2+ and enjoy peace of mind.


You should not keep your dog’s collar on for more than 12 hours a day. Leaving the collar for more than 12 hours can cause irritation and a condition called Pressure Necrosis.

The wires of an invisible dog fence should be buried 1 to 3 inches deep. This facilitates signal transmission and protects the wires from damages.

Yes! Removing your dog’s collar at night is always a better idea. Leaving collars overnight may lead to infection, irritation, and fur loss.

Better Alternative
Halo 2+
Black and White Color Halo Collar products image




Overall Score


Storing up to 20 GPS-enabled geo-fences
Built-in App
Multiple feedback mechanism
Enables dog training
Precise and fast real-time location tracking
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Pretty expensive

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