How Much Does An English Setter Cost? All Expenses Revealed

Last Updated on July, 2024

English Setters are affectionate and friendly dogs that make them perfect as family pets. This popular dog breed even gets along well with other pets.

Before bringing an English Setter puppy or senior dog home, you need to know the costs involved in the upkeep and maintenance of your dog. Just like humans, they also need many aspects of their doggy life taken care of. 

Knowing the costs and other potential expenses will help you give the best care possible that your dog deserves.

The purpose of this article is to serve as a price guide. It has all the required information you need to know about the costs involved in raising an English Setter.

Quick Summary

English Setters can cost between $600- $1,400 depending on the source.

The purchase cost of an English Setter can vary based on factors such as breed quality, breeder reputation, registration/pedigree, healthy upkeep, training, breed popularity, age, and appearance.

Over the course of a 13-year dog lifetime, the average cost of owning an English Setter is estimated to be $24,135, which includes basic essentials and routine vet visits. However, this cost can increase with additional expenses such as emergency medical treatments and pet insurance.

How Much Does an English Setter Cost?

a English Setter dog running on the ground

Based on our research, an English Setter puppy can cost anywhere between $600-$1,400. 

During the first year, you should expect to spend around $3,500. This includes the one-time set-up costs to get your English Setter comfortable at home and other required supplies.

In the upcoming years, around $1,720, which is $143 a month, will be sufficient to maintain your dog. 

So assuming a 13-year-long dog lifetime, it is likely to cost you an average of $24,135 to own an English Setter. This cost includes the basic essentials such as dog food and treats, grooming essentials, routine vet visits, and other required supplies.

If you decide to spay/ neuter your dog, use pet boarding/ pet daycare facilities, use a pet sitter/ dog walker, or if your dog happens to require any emergency medical treatments, the cost can rise.

Pet insurance will cover major medical requirements but must be maintained at an additional monthly charge.

Read on to learn the cost breakdowns and the extensive expense analysis on raising an English Setter.

Note: The purchase price of the English Setter puppies was analyzed across many reliable sources, including the American Kennel Club (AKC), NextDayPets, and Puppyfind. And the puppies belong to the newborn-6 months’ age group.

Factors Affecting the Sale Price of an English Setter

a English Setter dog standing on the ground

Breed Quality

Since purebreds are closer to the parent breeds, they are pricier than mixed breeds deviated down the line.

Breeder Reputation

A breeder is recognized in the canine industry, especially for the careful and ethical breeding of dogs. The duration of their presence in the industry and their expertise make them reputed breeders. Hence this is reflected in the price tag of the dog.

Registration/ Pedigree

Dogs registered at the American Kennel Club (AKC) are costlier than non-registered dogs.

Healthy Upkeep

Responsible breeders invest in many of the requirements of the dogs they breed. The price can vary based on the quality of life given to the dog.

A reputed breeder keeps up with all the essentials, such as vaccinations from birth, deworming, nutritional dog food, initial health screenings for genetic disorders and other major illnesses, and routine vet visits to ensure a happy and healthy dog.

The sale cost is determined by taking these into consideration. 


A reputable breeder tends to the socialization aspect of a dog. A trained and socialized dog means you get a well-behaved dog.

Although the price gets higher, you won’t possibly need to pay for further training.

Breed popularity

The price varies. If the demand for an English Setter is high in a given region and the supply is not enough to meet the demand, the costs are increased. In such cases, you can check outside your area but visit in person before purchasing.


Most people want the experience of witnessing their puppy grow into an adult dog. For this reason, puppies are in demand. Smaller the puppy, the higher the price. The price of an adult English Setter is lower because of the low demand.


Specific coat colors and markings have become a trend. In any breed, some colors are preferred over others. When the interest in a particular color or marking goes up, the price increases, sometimes only temporarily.

Also, puppies with rare colors and markings cost more. The kennel clubs consider specific colors and color combinations to be accepted.

Set Up & Supply Costs

To welcome your English Setter, you must ensure that you have everything necessary to make your dog feel at home. It is best to get them beforehand rather than wait till your puppy comes home. 

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of items your English Setter will need. We analyzed multiple products across many websites to give you reliable information on the price ranges.

For a large dog breed like an English Setter, a sum of $215- $855 is likely to be the initial supply cost for the first year. And $95- $385 for every year after that.

The following table summarizes the expense types and the price range.

Type of expenseAverage price
Food and water bowls$20
Dog collars and leashes$35
Dog ID tag$10
Dog bed$50
Dog Crate$55
Plastic poop bags$55
Poop scooper$20
House training pads$25
Stains/odor removal sprays$10
First aid kit$30
Nail clippers$15
Total Average cost $450

Note: the costs can vary based on your location, source of purchase, brand, and quality of the items.

So the calculated average for the first year of supplies will cost you around $450. Many items included in the list can be used before needing replacements.

You should expect a cost of about $215 every year after the first year to replace grooming items, beds, toys, and plastic bags.

You also may require miscellaneous supplies such as muzzles, harnesses, dog clothing, playpens, yard fences, or gates to restrict your English Setter to its boundaries.

These costs are not accounted for in the above expense list because they are not must-haves. So if you do need these items, you can check out thrift stores to get them at a lower price as they won’t be used as often.

Cost of Feeding Your English Setter

English Setters are large dog breeds that grow up to an average of 65 lb (vary from 45-80 lb). Analyzing the fast-selling top best food brands, you should expect to allocate an average sum of $230 for dry food in the first year.

After the first year, a sum of $265 is expected for every subsequent adult year.

Dog age groupAmount of food consumption per yearAverage annual cost for dog food
Puppy English Setter200 lb$230
Adult English Setters290 lb$265

Note: Price changes based on the premium/ standard food brand you choose. The above data is based on brands such as pedigree, Purina, and Blue buffalo.

Treats are essential for many reasons. But using it as a reward to assure good behavior helps in behavioral training. So you cannot compromise on treats. A research, including many of the best-selling dog treats, reveals that it will cost you around $345 annually.

Cost of Training Your English Setter

According to certified dog trainers, English Setters do benefit from professional training. Private training sessions are recommended for basic training, positive leadership, and potty training. 

Group sessions will help improve house manners, obedience, and barking less. For an English Setter, around 3-5 sessions are sufficient based on how fast it picks up. This will cost about $550- $800. Adding five 1- hour group classes will cost $150-$200.

You can also try training your English Setter using training books as guidance. But commitment, consistency, and patience are fundamental to making your English Setter understand.

Cost of Grooming Your English Setter

a human grooming a English Setter dog

A professional grooming session for an English Setter will cost from $60- $75. And they may require up to six sessions per year based on the maintenance at home.

If some dog owners opt to groom their English Setter themselves, the number of sessions can be reduced.

A typical dog grooming session includes a shampoo bath, fur coat trimming, fur brushing, nail clipping, teeth brushing, and eye and ear cleaning. 

The price quoted depends on the size of the dog, coat condition, temperament, health, age, and additional services requested.

If you wish to cut down on this cost, you can learn to groom your English Setter. All included dog-grooming sets are available for purchase for an average price of $75.

Cost of Medical Bills for Your English Setter

The below illustrated medical costs were obtained from a veterinarian in association with raising an English Setter.

Overall, an average sum of $615 is expected to cost you for the first year. If you choose to spay/neuter and gastropexy your dog, an additional one-time cost of $550 can be expected. And every adult year from there on, expect to pay $655 on vet bills.

Life stage/ Medical CostAverage cost
First year- Puppy$615
Spay/ neuter (optional)$250
Gastropexy (optional)$300
Every adult year$655

First-Year Veterinary Expense for Your English Setter Puppy

A vet would typically recommend around three vet visits during the first year if the puppy is around 8 weeks of age during the first visit. This can change based on the puppy’s well-being.

So each vet visit can cost you from $65- $170. These visits will cover the essentials like physical exams, fecal examinations, vaccines, and heartworm and flea prevention.

During the rest of the year, it is highly recommended to use the heartworm prevention supply costing around $60-$120 and the flea prevention supply, about $70- $125.

This will prevent the development of heartworm disease, especially for those residing in the Southeast of the US.

Additional vaccines that the vet is likely to recommend include;

  • Leptospirosis– Costs around $15-$25. This is mainly for those dogs who tend to be around wildlife, go camping and hiking, and play around in puddles, ponds, and lakes. For some dogs, this vaccine will be included in their visit.
  • Influenza– This will cost around $70-$90. If your English Setter goes to daycare/ pet boarding facilities or the pet boarding center requires this vaccine to be fulfilled to prevent a possible influenza outbreak.
  • Lyme– This is recommended if the dog is exposed to ticks. This often happens if it lives in a woody area/farm or goes camping or hiking. For two doses, you should expect to pay $60-$80.

If you do not want to mate or cross your dog in the future, you may want to consider surgical sterilization. This prevents any possible reproductive-related issues that may arise.

To spay your female puppy or neuter your male puppy, expect to pay anywhere between $150-$450. Some low-cost clinics may offer the procedure for lower costs of $50- $100. Post-op and follow-up care are crucial, even for minor procedures. So choose accordingly.

An English Setter is a large breed dog with a deep chest. Such large dog breeds are prone to gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), commonly known as bloat or torsion.

GDV is a life-threatening condition where the stomach twists on itself and requires surgical correction. So it is recommended to perform a gastropexy along with sterilization to prevent GDV in the future. This surgical procedure can cost you from $200- $400.

Following Years Veterinary Expenses for Your English Setter

On top of the initial vet visits for your new puppy, routine vet visits are vital to ensure your puppy’s health is in tip-top condition. 

Based on your dog’s overall health, your vet will recommend a few follow-up visits yearly that will cost you between $125-$265.

These visits ensure that your English Setter is alright.

It covers the basics, such as physical examination, vaccine updates, and blood work. 

a English Setter dog lying in the bed

Depending on what the blood work and physical examinations reveal, your vet may request further testing like a heartworm test, other parasitic infections, or any other relevant test to diagnose a suspected condition.

Continuing heartworm prevention ($80-$200) and flea prevention ($175-$300) treatment is very important for the healthy growth of your dog.

Certain Core vaccine shots will require follow-up doses or annual boosters costing you $15-$45 each. A fecal examination will be requested if the dog is exposed to a particular lifestyle or has an inconsistent stool, and this will cost $40-$50.

Most common health problems seen in English Setters

It is crucial that you are aware of some of the potential health problems faced by the English Setter breeds. Knowing these conditions will give you an idea of what you are getting into and guide you to provide the best care for your dog. 

Known health problems in English Setters include;

  • Otitis Externa– A common condition in other dogs too. It causes inflammation of the external ear canal. An external ear exam, ear swab/ cytology, and ear medications to treat this condition will cost $150- $300. In severe cases, extensive ear meds will be required.
  • Elbow dysplasia/hip dysplasia– Caused due to improper development of joints and can result in arthritis. Usually requires surgery to be fixed. Expect to pay around $2000-$3500 per joint. This mostly becomes a problem in older dogs. But there is a likely chance that obese English Setters get it at a young age. So make sure to follow dog sports and keep an eye on the weight. 
  • Dental disease– This health problem is commonly seen in other breeds too. With routine dental cleanings, you can keep this issue under control. But some cases may require dental procedures for removing infected teeth, costing you $400-$800.
  • Allergies: English Setters are prone to atopy allergies. Treatments for allergies vary depending on how often the dog gets them. Certain cases are occasional flare-ups, but some can be a throughout-the-year issue. Suggested treatments may include injections, allergy testing, and prescription food. So the cost can vary anywhere between $100- $2000 per year depending on the severity.
  • Cancer– Commonly seen in the form of skin cancer in English Setters. Vet bills will vary depending on the treatments you opt for. And this can include surgical removal of the tumor, chemotherapy, or medications. So the cost will ideally fall into the range of $500- $10,000.
  • Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KSC)– Commonly seen in English Setters when the tear glands can longer produce enough tears. This causes the eye to dry. Treating this will cost you $50- $150 per month.

The table below summarizes the treatment cost for the potential health issues your English Setter may encounter;

Medical conditionEstimated treatment cost range
Otitis Externa$150- $30
Elbow/Hip dysplasia$2000-$3500
Dental disease$400-$800
Allergies$100- $2000 per year
Cancer$500- $10,000
Keratoconjunctivitis sicca$50- $150 per month

Pet Insurance

Applying for pet insurance will help you cover major expenses in medical bills. The extent of coverage will change based on the insurance you pick.

The latest State of the Industry Report by The North American Pet Insurance Association mentions that a plan that includes accident and illness coverage costs an average of $566. And accident-only plans cost $190.

Pet insurance is one of the most significant expenses to consider for dog owners. It serves as a safeguard shield throughout your dog’s lifetime. Some medical conditions like cancer can be extremely expensive to treat.

And it is likely for any dog to develop such health issues. Be it a purebred or mixed breed dog, all dog owners value their pet’s life and well-being. For this reason, insurance is popular in the US so that anyone can afford the care their pet deserves.

Some companies even offer complete health coverage that will undoubtedly come at a higher rate.

Additional Costs of Owning an English Setter

Dog License

A dog license is essential as an asset of ownership. It serves as an ID card and lets others know that your dog is up to date on rabies vaccines.

Many states require you to license your pets for this reason. Licensing costs $10- $20 but can be expensive if your dog is not sterilized.


A microchip gives a unique identity to your dog. If your dog gets lost or stolen, there is a high chance of reuniting with your dog if it is microchipped.

A microchip holds the dog’s medical history, so it can be accessed easily in an emergency. Microchipping your dog will cost $25-$50, and many states require you to do so.

Dog Walking

English Setters are active large dogs that would definitely benefit from daily exercise sessions. On days you may not be able to accompany your dog for a walk, hiring a dog walker is a good idea.

You can easily find a dog walker through apps like Rover and Wag. Per 30- a minute walking session, expect to pay $15- $25. 

If you need a dog walker throughout the year, the cost will add up accordingly. If your dog is not properly socialized, you may have to consider private walks that will cost even more.

a English Setter dog walking with a human

Pet Boarding

English Setters are gentle, friendly, and sensitive dogs who love giving and receiving attention. If you are away for most of the day, you should consider getting a dog sitter or using a pet daycare facility.

And if you have to be away for days, then getting your pet into a boarding facility is highly advisable. 

In general, dog boarding facilities are available for $25- $85 per day. Be sure to book in advance if you plan to go away during the holiday season. You may get better rates if you book in advance.

Pet Traveling

Many airlines and train companies facilitate pet traveling. If you plan to take your pet along with you, make sure to check around for requirements and rates.

The rates can vary significantly based on several factors like journey distance, pet weight, size, breed, and many more. So plan ahead if you want to travel with your pet.

Total Cost of Owning an English Setter: Summary

Puppy English Setter: First-Year Cost

You should expect to allocate a sum between $2075- $5630 for the first year’s expenses, including the sale price of your puppy. Most of the costs included are non-avoidable for most puppies during the first year at home. 

The total cost may seem like a daunting amount. But apart from the one-time expenses, other costs can be broken down into monthly costs to make it more affordable.

The table below illustrates a summary of the expenses you need to expect;

First Year ExpensesCost Range
English Setter Puppy- Sale cost$600- $1400
Dog Supplies$215- $855
Food and treats$280- $1025
Training$550- $1000
Grooming$0- $450
Medical$395- $830
License$10- $20
Microchip$25- $50
Total Cost for the first year$2075- $5630

Other Potential expenses during the first year are shown in the below table. Add the expenses you opt for to the ‘basic total cost for the first year’ to get your grand total.

Optional First Year Expenses

Optional First Year ExpensesCost Range
Spay/ Neuter$50- $450
Gastropexy surgery$200- $400
Insurance$350- $780
Dog Walking (30 minute sessions)$15-$25
Pet boarding per day$25- $85

Adult English Setter: Subsequent Year Costs

For each adult year of your English Setter, you should expect to set aside $750- $2945 for essential expenses, as illustrated in the below table. If split down to months, expect monthly costs to fall between $630- $245

Adult year expensesCost Range
Dog supplies$95- $385
Dog food and treats$265- $1165
Grooming$0- $450
Medical$380- $925
Total cost for each adult year$750- $2945
Monthly cost$63- $245

If you expect to add other potential costs, such as insurance, pet boarding, or dog walking, you can add the respective amount mentioned in the ‘potential first-year costs’ table to the total. 

The Total Cost of Ownership for an English Setter

An English Setter’s life expectancy is anywhere between 11- 15 years. Assuming an average of 13 years, you’ll be looking at a total ownership cost between $11,075- $40,970

Including all optional costs like dog boarding, walking, spay/ neuter, and insurance, you have to expect an expenditure of between $66,300- $139,945.

Where to get an English Setter from?

a English Setter dog


Best breeders to get an ethically bred English Setter from across the US to include;


Solely dedicated to the English Setter breed, they rescue abused, abandoned dogs in poor living conditions. They provide all the necessary care to rehabilitate and rehome into caring families. Some of these shelters even save dogs from being euthanized.

If you are looking to give a loving and caring home to English Setters, you can check out the following places;

Other Dog Breeds Pricing Guides:

Final Thoughts

Taking on a dog into your home is a lifetime responsibility you should be able to commit to. When you welcome a dog into your family, it becomes a part of the family. 

Knowing the financial aspects before adopting will help you decide your stance. So if you are absolutely determined to get an English Setter, make sure you can provide for all its needs aside from love, care, and shelter.

Frequently Asked Questions

English Setter puppy prices vary on many factors. But a registered puppy from a reliable and high-quality breeder at around 8 weeks of age can cost you about $1000.

It is essential that you get insurance for English Setter dogs. Although we may not know if you will ever have to use it, it’s always a safe option to have health coverage for major injuries. 

Based on our research, you should expect to spend anywhere between $265- $1165 annually on dog food for an English Setter. 

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