Maltipoo Dog Breed Info: Personality, Characteristics & More

Last Updated on July, 2024

The winning combination of Maltese and Poodle, the Maltipoo is a cute and cuddly dog breed. Unlike other dogs that are very aggressive (guard dogs), the Maltipoo is a playful and gentle creature that is highly intelligent when it comes to dogs. 

Purebred dogs are, in general, more expensive. Though Maltipoos are not considered purebred dogs by the American Kennel Club (AKC), they can still cost a pretty penny.

The dog breed will decide what kind of pet you have in your hands. Maltipoos get traits from both a Poodle parent and a Maltese parent.

This mix of Poodle parent genes and Maltese genes makes this breed of dog such an attractive and adorable pick. 

All the information you need about Maltipoos will be found in this article. Regardless of whether you already have a Maltipoo or are planning on getting a Maltipoo, the information in this article could prove very valuable to you as a pet owner.

Quick Summary

The Maltipoo breed was developed through a mix between a Poodle and a Maltese in the 1990s in the United States for the purpose of creating a cute and affectionate companion dog.

Maltipoos are a small and low maintenance breed that is considered great for families with children due to their gentle, playful, and affectionate nature.

Maltipoos have a lifespan of 10-15 years and may be prone to health issues such as dental problems, allergies, and collapsed trachea. They require a nutritious diet, regular grooming, and attention, especially during their puppy stage.

The History of Maltipoo 

Maltipoo walking on the ground

Poodles were bred for many years before the breeding of the Maltipoo. Poodles were bred into smaller and smaller sizes, now called Toy and Minature Poodles.

However, the exact time and date regarding the mix of the Poodle genes with the Maltese genes are unknown. 

However, it is historically specific that the Maltipoo was developed through a mix between a Poodle and a Maltese, as you would gather from the name of this dog breed. 

The breed was first created in the United States, and the purpose of the breed was to make a cute and affectionate dog. Miniature Poodles were selected as one of the parent breeds to ensure small and cuddly size. 

They were bred in the 1990s to be a small and low maintenance companion. When the breed was developed, dog lovers worldwide found themselves fascinated with this playful and gentle breed, which to many, looked to be the ideal family pet. 

Though other dogs have a long history of breeding (centuries), unlike other dogs and other breeds, the Maltipoo is a breed that was developed not too long ago.

Small fluffy dog breeds such as the Maltipoo are known to be intelligent; the Maltipoo is brilliant. 

About Maltipoos

Maltipoo lying inside the cage

Maltipoos are a fascinating breed of dogs. Also known as a designer breed, these Poodle mixes get many attributes from their parent breeds. 

Pet parents love how adorable and playful these small yet mighty dogs can be.

Though there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog, Poodle mixes such as the Maltipoo are known to keep allergy sufferers comfortable, allowing them to have a dog around the house. 


Maltipoos are affectionate dogs with unique personalities. They are gentle and playful creatures. Usually known to be happy and perky dogs, they can be a beautiful energy in your company. 

The Maltipoo temperament is perfect for families with children. Children adore small dogs such as Maltipoos.

Children love dogs, and children love playing with small dogs. Pet parents with children would love how well the Maltipoo gets along with the young ones in the family. 

Dog breed such as the Maltipoo is considered great companions. Though loyal, their playful and curious nature may cause them to venture into dark corners around the house. Though small, Maltipoos are wanderers at heart. 


Maltipoos generally are fluffy and adorable dogs. The fluff is hair, not fur. This is why a Maltipoo can be an excellent pet for anyone allergic to fur. 

The fluffy nature of these dogs means you can groom them in whichever way you prefer.

Much like Poodles, Maltipoos are also groomed to make them look cuter and cuddlier. 

When it comes to colors and patterns, Maltipoos can have any color or pattern that is seen in the Poodle breed.

This could include colors such as the parti-color (a color pattern on top of white). Chocolate, apricot, blue, and black are also common with many all-white or mostly white because of the Maltese’s white coat.

Maltipoo sitting on the floor

You can see the affectionate nature of these dogs when you look at Maltipoo pictures. A simple look at their eyes and see the love and affection they usually have for people. 

Maltipoos are, on average, 8 to 14 inches tall and can weigh anything between 5 and 20 pounds.

The size of the Maltipoo will vary based on the size of the parent breed. 


When it comes to many dog breeds, you have to be extra careful when raising a dog from the puppy stage. Maltipoos are a hybrid breed, which means at the puppy stage, the size of these dogs is small. 

Maltipoo puppies often weigh less than 5 pounds, making them more petite and tiny.

Maltipoo owners must therefore be extra careful when caring for Maltipoo puppies who are obviously adorable and cute but also fragile.

It is best to begin training at the puppy stage. Maltipoos though a smaller dog breed, are an incredibly intelligent breed of dogs.

Maltipoo puppy sitting on the floor

Positive reinforcement works well at the puppy stage and should be adopted to better train your Maltipoo from as a puppy. 

Look for registration from the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) to ensure that your puppy has been screened and is from a reputable breeder before bringing your Maltipoo puppy home. 

Breed Information: Maltipoo

maltipoo adult running on the ground

Maltipoos are a highly sensitive breed of dog. They are excellent around children. You must teach children how to interact with Maltipoos, especially if you have both a Maltipoo and children in the same household. 

Ideally, you should start training a Maltipoo at the puppy stage. They respond well to food rewards and start training to incorporate good behavior to get the most out of this breed, which is known to be gentle, affectionate, and playful. 

This individual dog can play fetch or even hide and seek (they are very intelligent…). Also, they are perfect for cuddle sessions because the Maltipoo’s coat is super soft and comfortable.

Maltipoos are one of the most friendly dogs, and friendly dogs make great pets!

As a mix between a miniature Poodle and a Maltese, it is often the size of a standard Poodle, if not slightly bigger. The average weight is less than 20 pounds; this is a small breed, considered a kid-friendly dog, primarily due to its small size and playful nature. 

Maltipoos are designer dogs, capable of being groomed to look better. Considered a social dog breed, Maltipoos are wonderful around other pets, including dogs, and make excellent companions. 

Maltipoos take well to obedience training. Maltipoos are a very loyal and obedient breed of dogs. As mentioned, they are an intelligent breed of dogs with unique personalities.

With the proper training, your Maltipoo will shine and become an even more beautiful addition to your family. 

A mix between a Toy Poodle and a Maltese, Maltipoo parents get the best of both worlds. Small dogs like the Maltipoo require daily exercise to prevent health concerns.

Hence, if you have a Maltipoo, it is a good idea to provide ample space to run, roam and maybe take them out for a walk every day.

Important Facts about the Maltipoo

maltese poodle standing on the ground

You must pick a Maltipoo from reputable breeders that use ethical means to breed these puppies. The more reputable the breeder, the less you would worry about a health issue spoiling your day. 

Here are some important facts about the Maltipoo Breed. 

  • Fact 1 – Maltipoo is a Rather new breed of dog.
  • Fact 2 – Maltipoos make great therapy dogs and can be excellent for cases such as separation anxiety. Not only are Maltipoos prone to separation anxiety, but their playful and gentle nature can also help people suffering from anxiety amidst other illnesses. 
  • Fact 3 – Since Maltipoos have hair, not fur, there is a good chance that even if you are allergic to fur, you won’t have an allergic reaction around Maltipoos. 
  • Fact 4 – Young age is the best time for a Maltipoo to learn obedience training. Young-age Maltipoos are easier to train; however, smaller dog breeds, such as the Maltipoo, require constant attention at the puppy stage. 
  • Fact 5 – The adult dog (Maltipoo) can get rather big. Adult Maltipoos are known to weigh more than 20 pounds, though size varies based on the breed mix. 

Living Conditions of Maltipoos

maltese poodle mix standing on the floor

Maltipoos can adapt. Like Poodle parents, Maltipoo parents can also raise these dogs in an apartment or a house. 

Maltipoos are known to be able to adapt well to any environment. This means Maltipoos will find a way to adapt regardless of living conditions. 

It is a good idea to ensure your Maltipoo has a proper place to sleep. Even if you live in an apartment and cannot provide your Maltipoo with a Maltipoo home, you can always provide a little sleeping area in which your adorable puppy can rest. 

This breed of dog is very people-oriented. You don’t have to keep your Maltipoo outside or in a kennel. They are much better off inside the house with family, being welcomed as an essential and much-loved part of the family.

Though Maltipoos can adapt to new environments, you must provide a special place in the house or apartment that the Maltipoo can call its own. This doesn’t have to be a whole room but a quiet corner where your pup can sleep. 

Maltipoos are very playful creatures, so I hope you, as the pet owner, will not have an issue with your pup sleeping on the couch, desk, chair, or dining table.

How Much Exercise Does a Maltipoo Need?

maltese poodle running on the ground

The dog’s size is based on genetics and the dog’s diet. A Maltipoo fed a rich diet loaded with nutrients can become taller than 14 inches and weigh more than 20 pounds. 

When it comes to exercise, they need about 10 to 15 minutes of gentle exercise every day. This can include a gentle walk in the park or generally playing in the backyard. 

The exercise requirement only works to improve the health and well-being of the Maltipoo, thereby ensuring a longer and happier life. 

Maltipoo Breeding and Grooming

Maltipoos are initially a mix between Poodle and Maltese. 

Considering the puppy’s small size, ethical breeding practices are a concern. Hence, if you want to get your hands on a Maltipoo, you must source the puppy from a reliable and reputable breeder that will follow ethical breeding practices.

Maltipoos, when bred, can have anywhere between 4 and 6 puppies at a time. Considering the already small size of Maltipoos, you must take extra care when it comes to Maltipoo puppies due to their incredibly tiny size and fragile nature. 

Adult Maltipoos can be groomed and fluffed based on the latest trends or your personality. Maltipoos are known as designer dogs that look better when they are groomed and taken care of. 

It is considered the norm to groom a Maltipoo on a bi-weekly basis (every 2 weeks.) Hence, if you are considering taking your Maltipoo to a professional groomer, you need to be aware of the added costs of grooming involved. 

If you have a Maltipoo that hasn’t been groomed in a long time, take it to the local dog salon for an excellent cut and fluff!

Maltipoos are social creatures; when groomed, they are more sociable. 

Otherwise, you must take it upon yourself to groom your Maltipoo at home at least twice a month. 

How Easy are Maltipoos to Train?

Maltipoos are very obedient and loyal companions and follow instructions based on training. 

When training a Maltipoo, all you need is some of your dog’s favorite treats. Maltipoos are brilliant dogs, and they take to instruction very well. 

Training a young Maltipoo pup is easier than training an adult Maltipoo set in its way.

Though training an adult Maltipoo isn’t impossible, teaching young pups commands and instructions takes less work than teaching an older Maltipoo the same tricks. 

White Maltipoo standing on the sofa

Remember, as with any dog and training; it takes time to master commands. Hence, be patient and repeat the training steps until your dog learns to master the commands. 

Training can be an essential part of health. Training amounts to exercising, which your Maltipoo needs to ensure good health. Hence, regardless of training or otherwise, you must ensure that your Maltipoo gets plenty of exercise for better health and well-being. 

It’s a good idea to rely on an online dog training course too.

Common Health Issues with Maltipoos

In general, Maltipoos are a healthy breed of dogs. However, a few common health issues surface from time to time, which pet owners should be informed of. 

One of the most common health issues that Maltipoos have is terrible teeth. Decaying teeth can be a real problem for many Maltipoos.

Due to the small size of a Maltipoo and the small size of its teeth, the rate of decay is faster.

This decay rate may be hastened by the actions of the dog owner, who may serve them wet dog food with a lot of gravy, leading to faster tooth decay.

maltese poodle lying on the bed

Maltipoos also commonly suffer from a condition known as White Shaker syndrome. The condition is identified by shakes and tremors that may develop on the dog’s entire body.

Though genetics are the main reason behind this condition, environmental factors can too bring about this condition. 

Allergies are also another common health problem that many Maltipoos face. The skin of Maltipoos is rather sensitive, which may result in the development of allergies in reaction to anything they may have eaten as a part of their diet.

They may also react to shampoos and other grooming products. 

Hence, checking your puppy’s skin whenever you groom your Maltipoo is a good idea. 

Another common health issue that Maltipoos suffer from is a phenomenon known as a Collapsed Trachea. This condition is very painful for both the Maltipoo and the Maltipoo owner. 

The condition results in the ring of the Trachea collapsing, resulting in pain, discomfort, and difficulty breathing.

The normal LIFESPAN of a Maltipoo is 10 to 15 years.

How to Properly Care for a Maltipoo?

maltese poodle lying on the bed

Maltipoos are social creatures and need the attention and care most dogs require. However, Maltipoos being as playful as they are, need more attention than other breeds of dogs. 

They make great companions, and to properly care for them, you must ensure you provide them with a diet rich in nutrients, including fibre, which is the most critical aspect.

It is based on the diet of the Maltipoo that the appearance of the health of its coat will vary.

Apart from feeding them and providing them with a nice place to sleep, you must also ensure that you periodically groom your Maltipoo. When left ungroomed, hair could cover your Maltipoo’s eyes, making it difficult for your puppy to see. 

Maltipoo puppies being as small as they are, require more attention and care. Hence, if you have a young Maltipoo, you must feed it multiple times a day and provide the pup with plenty of healthy exercise for healthy growth. 

Are Maltipoos Good Family Pets?

maltese toy poodle mix sitting on the ground

Maltipoos are extremely friendly, playful, and gentle. They are excellent around children, which is why they make such great family pets. 

Affectionate creatures such as Maltipoos prove great as therapy dogs and can often work to provide comfort for various illnesses and problems the family may be suffering from. 

Maltipoos are loyal and obedient and take to instructions very well. The fact that you can train them so well is partly why they make such great family pets. 

Their small size is one of the main reasons why children are drawn to them. That and their playful and gentle nature make them a delight to have around young infants and older children alike. 

Maltipoos make excellent family pets and would be a beautiful addition to any family looking for a cute and cuddly four-legged friend. 

How Much Does a Maltipoo Cost?

maltese poodle puppies lying on the floor

Maltipoo costs vary based on where you are purchasing a Maltipoo and on who it is that you are purchasing from. 

Ranging in cost between $400 and $4000, Maltipoos can cost a heft sum based on the breed and breeder mix. Though a reputable breeder may cost more, it is always recommended that you trust a reputable breeder and not rely on puppy mills. 

A Puppy mill adopts unethical breeding practices, leading to a greater chance of your Maltipoo developing various health conditions. 

The price depends on the size, age, and mix of breeds of the Maltipoo. However, if you are looking for a Maltipoo, it may be worth noting that you CAN source a pup from a reputable breeder for even as low as $400. 

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Final Thoughts

Maltipoos are beautiful creatures with beautiful coats and unique personalities. Their playful nature and size make them great family pets to have around children. 

Regardless of whether you already have a Maltipoo or are considering getting a Maltipoo, this breed of dog is a beautiful pick. Not only are they obedient and loyal, but they also make charming show dogs.

Though Maltipoos are not as vicious as some guard dogs, if you are looking for a pet as more of a companion rather than a guard, then a Maltipoo could be the very best pick for you!


Maltipoos are known to bark, but not excessively. They are typically quieter than other breeds.

Maltipoos do not have a strong prey drive due to their small size and nature.

Maltipoos can reach a maximum weight of 25 pounds or more.

Maltipoos are known to be very playful.

No, Maltipoos are not aggressive. They are gentle and playful pets.

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