Motorola Wireless Dog Fence Review [Updated in 2024]

Last Updated on July, 2024

So you’re out on the prowl for a RELIABLE invisible fence system. Regardless of how you came across the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence, you need to know if this invisible fence is worth the money. 

Unlike a traditional fence, an invisible fence will only serve the purpose of the invisible fence if the system is FOOLPROOF.

You don’t want a device that could be working one day and completely FAIL the next day, leading to your dog straying (LOST DOG **sad face emoji).

So how does the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence compare to other products in the market? Is this wireless dog fence RELIABLE? Will it work to ensure your pet’s SAFETY?

This review will dive into honest depths to uncover everything to be said about the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence (testimonials, pros, cons, and even a BETTER alternative.)

The Good

Motorola is a trusted electronics brand, and the product offers some great features, such as portability.

The Not So Good

The system uses radio technology which is outdated and faulty. The signal strength fluctuates, leading to a faulty invisible fence allowing your dog to stray.

The Bottom Line

The features of this invisible fence system are impressive. However, features are useless if the system is not 100% foolproof.(Check out the Better Alternative section)

About the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence (WIRELESSFENCE25)

Brought to you by the TECH GIANT MOTOROLA, the Motorola Invisible Dog Fence is a wireless and portable invisible fence system that will work to keep your pooch within a confined space of up to 1 acre radius.

The main components of the system are the transmitter and the receiver collar.

The communication between the transmitter and collar is done via RADIO signaling (which can be dodgy at times.)

The system comes with tone and static correction (9 levels of static correction).

Motorola Wireless Dog Fence

You can opt to use the tone-only mode of correction to train your dog or opt for higher levels of static correction for stubborn HARD-TO-TRAIN dogs.

Safety is also a primary concern, and the system is designed to stop using static correction if your dog is beyond the boundary for more than 30 seconds,

You have to consider the various PROS and CONS of this system to understand whether THIS wireless dog fence is worth the money. (They will, however, replace the system if you can explain the FAULT and are LUCKY)

What’s in the Box? (Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25)

Motorola Wireless Dog Fence Box, transmitter, collar and flags on the table
  • Wireless fence unit *transmitter* with LCD screen
  • Pet collar unit – best fits pets over 20 lbs
  • Power adapters (for pet collar & wireless fence units)
  • Rechargeable battery (for wireless fence unit)
  • Nylon collar strap
  • 2 Pairs collar contacts-long & short (for pet collar unit)
  • Training flags x 50
  • Test light
  • Outdoor ground stake (for wireless fence unit)
  • User’s guide

How Do You Use the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence?

Setting up this system isn’t difficult. Unlike some invisible fences in the market, you won’t have to bury any wires. 

The transmitter can be powered via a rechargeable battery pack or a power outlet.

You can use a battery pack if you need to carry the system with you (say camping.)

The collar is RECHARGEABLE. 

You must power up the transmitter and collar, define the coverage radius using the transmitter, and place the collar around your dog’s neck.

a dog wearing Motorola Wireless Dog Fence collar

The system comes with 50 TRAINING FLAGS. These can demarcate the boundary line, creating a visual point of reference. This will make it easier to train your pooch to the invisible fence.

You can adjust the correction mode (tone and/or static) and opt for the level of correction preferred. Once the mode and correction level has been defined, you are ready to train your pooch to THIS invisible fence system.

Radio signals sent between the transmitter and collar will govern the delivery of correction. If your dog leaves the coverage radius, it will receive a warning tone on the collar, followed by static correction if opted. 

When properly trained, your dog will know to retreat to the safe zone when the correction occurs. 

The system comes with a rechargeable battery pack for both the transmitter and collar, which means you can use it wherever (in the park, at a BBQ, or even when camping.)

Features of the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence (WIRELESSFENCE25)

The Motorola WIRELESSFENCE25 comes with some good features.

Rechargeable Collar and Transmitter

Both the collar and transmitter of this system come with a rechargeable battery pack which is told to last about 24 hours on a single charge.

(In our experience, the charge drains much faster.)

The collar best first dogs weighing 20 pounds and above. 

The transmitter has a LCD display which displays the intensity level, signal strength and battery levels. Those are some handy features.

a human holding Motorola Wireless Dog Fence collar and Motorola transmitter on the wall


The system comes with tone and static correction. You can opt for the tone-only mode of correction or choose from 9 levels of static correction (giving you great control over the mode of discipline.)

Additional Collar

The system is upgradeable to include one more dog. A total of two collars can be synchronized to a single transmitter, which means the system can include up to two dogs. (Extra collar has to be bought separately.)

Both AC and DC Power

Offering a rechargeable DC power option, you can use this system on the go. However, you can use AC power (power outlet) to power this invisible fence system when needed.

You can leave the transmitter plugged into a power outlet when used at home. 

Weatherproof Collar

The collar is weatherproof, so you won’t have to worry about your dog getting the system wet in the rain. (Or maybe your dog likes swimming…)

It is rated IP54 waterproof.

Price, Refund Policy and Warranty – (WIRELESSFENCE25)

Priced at $429.98, the system is not a small investment. Makes you wonder if it offers real value for money. 

Unfortunately, the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence DOES NOT come with a warranty. Neither do they have a money-back policy. This means if your system malfunctions or ends up being FAULTY, you would have to cut your losses and move on. 

Motorola Wireless Dog Fence (WIRELESSFENCE25) Customer Testimonials 

Though the features of this product may have swayed you to think it’s a RELIABLE invisible fence system, in our experience, this system has MANY FAULTS.

If you don’t trust our words, just look at what some of these customers who purchased the system had to say. 

Motorola Wireless Dog Fence Customer Testimonial 1

This system DID NOT work as promised. It went on to shock the dog without even leaving the boundary. This is because the system uses RADIO technology, which isn’t the most advanced piece of technology.

Motorola Wireless Dog Fence Customer Testimonial 2

This person defines the product as a ‘COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!‘Sure, the features look nice and the pictures on the online store would be enticing, and suddenly, you have paid good money on an UNRELIABLE and FAULTY system (happens more often than you think.)

***Unlike you, everyone doesn’t go around doing the research before purchasing.

Motorola Wireless Dog Fence Customer Testimonial 3

The system, in our experience, is NOT FOOLPROOF. The radio signaling is unreliable, and your fence could completely FAIL and cease to serve its purpose.

Note: With a faulty system, your dog can and may stray. (LOST DOG)

However, it wouldn’t be a fair review if we didn’t look deeper into the Pros and Cons of this system.

Pros and Cons of the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence

Though some key features of this product make the Pros list, there is a similarly IMPORTANT list of Cons which would easily outweigh the Pros.


The system comes with a rechargeable battery pack, making it a PORTABLE invisible fence system. This is the feature most HIGHLIGHTED on this product’s sales page. 

Installing the system doesn’t require you to get down and dirty; no underground wires to install. There is NO DIGGING involved in setting up this invisible fence.

The collar is WEATHERPROOF (most invisible fences come with this feature), which is a definite plus. You don’t want a system that will malfunction at the touch of a bit of rain. The system is advertised to work regardless of the weather outside. 


Radio signaling? That is 20th-century technology (OUTDATED.) The technology used by this invisible fence system is dodgy. It may work one day and completely miss the mark the next day. What good is an invisible fence if it DOESN’T WORK half the time?

The product, in our experience, is NOT RELIABLE; the signal strengths vary, and we have noticed complete drops of signal leading to NO CORRECTION (which means the dog gets away, strays, or gets lost…)

Priced at $429.98, the system is NOT a small investment (especially if the product is not reliable.)

Though advertised to last 36 hours, the rechargeable battery DOES NOT! **you may find yourself charging this system TWICE a day!

Finally, the customer base is filled with UNHAPPY customers who purchased this FAULTY product and were left FRUSTRATED.

Is it Worth Buying the Motorola Wireless Fence? (WIRELESSFENCE25)

This wireless dog fence is NOT worth the investment. The system is dodgy, and you would expect a more reliable product for the price you pay ($429.98)

The list of CONS of this product most certainly outweighs the Pros. We found this system to be UNRELIABLE, backed by OUTDATED technology, which has reports of malfunctioning devices that SHOCK your dog for no apparent reason.

In our honest opinion, Motorola makes better phones and should stick to phones instead of venturing into such products which confuse customers. 

When you think of Motorola, you immediately think of a trustworthy brand. However, this fence is NOT RELIABLE.

You should be getting a much BETTER product at the price you pay ($429.98)

So is the Motorola Wireless Fence worth the money? NO. Plain and simple, NO!

A Great Alternative: Halo 2+ Dog Collar

Now here is something designed using technology from the 21st Century!

The Halo 2+ Dog Collar is a much BETTER alternative that can be TRUSTED!

Brought to you by a world-renowned dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan, the Halo 2+ Dog Collar is beautiful INNOVATION at work. 

The system has a wireless receiver collar connected to your PHONE via a GPS-enabled mobile APP.

The system doesn’t require you to install wires (NO DIGGING AND BURYING.

halo 2+ dog collar

Compared to the radio technology of the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence, the wireless GPS technology of the Halo 2+ collar is EXTREMELY RELIABLE. You won’t have to worry about a faulty connection.

You can use your phone to create up to 20 invisible fences and save them for use whenever. This invisible fence system has a ten-square-mile coverage and can be used in small and large spaces. What’s even better, this system is 100% PORTABLE.

The technology used to design this collar minimizes stray signal interference. This only IMPROVES the ACCURACY and RELIABILITY of the product.

Undoubtedly, the Halo 2+ Dog Collar is much BETTER than the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence. 

The Halo 2+ Dog Collar comes with a tone-only mode and 15LEVELS of static correction, giving you complete control on the mode and level of correction, including vibration.

The collar is also WATERPROOF (rated IP-67). It WON’T malfunction if your dog gets the collar wet. 

BRILLIANT is the word to define the Halo 2+ Dog Collar. Though it costs a few hundred dollars more than the asking price of the UNRELIABLE Motorola Wireless Dog Fence, at $649, it is a well-worthy investment that delivers COMPLETE value for money.

If you are worried about the price tag of this device, ask yourself, do you want to spend money on a CHEAPER yet FAULTY device that does not work?

Or invest in an invisible fence system that will ensure that your dog NEVER gets lost? (Glance at your phone, and you can track your dog’s real-time position.)

You can define boundaries with a touch of your phone and add more collars.

Compared to the outdated RADIO technology of the Motorola system, the Halo Collar relies on GPS and GNSS technology (ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY) which makes both products look like night and day in comparison. 

Miniature Schnauzer wearing halo collar

It even comes with health and activity TRACKING, which allows you to monitor your dogs activity levels and ensure better wellbeing. 

Though the Halo 2+ collar is a little bit more money, this is a DURABLE and TRUSTWORTHY invisible fence system, which makes the Motorola Wireless Dog Fence look like a WOODENTOY!

Halo 2+ has a host of HAPPY customers who have all left some AMAZING customer reviews praising the much BETTER QUALITY, ACCURACY, and RELIABILITY of this product in comparison to other wireless fence systems in the market.

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The Motorola Wireless Dog Fence is NOT worth the money! For the price you pay, you expect it to deliver better results.

In our experience, the device uses OUTDATED technology and will fail to deliver on the advertised promise.

Our VERDICT: The Motorola Wireless Dog Fence is an UNRELIABLE and FAULTY invisible fence system. There are much better alternatives, such as the Halo 2+ Dog Collar.


Radio Technology

Yes, the collar is weatherproof. 

Great Alternative
Halo 2+ collar
Black and White Color Halo Collar products image




Overall Score


Precise and fast real-time location tracking
Multiple feedback mechanism
Built-in App
Storing up to 20 GPS-enabled geo-fences
Enables dog training
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Pretty expensive

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