JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Review [2024 Updated Review]

Last Updated on July, 2024

So you’re on the hunt for an invisible fence. You may have JUST come across the JUSTPET wireless system. Maybe a friend or colleague recommended it to you. 

Regardless of how you came across the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence, you NEED to know whether this system is any good. How does the JUSTPET system compare to other products in the market? Is it the best? Or, is it FAULTY?

What use is a FAULTY system; it will just lead to a LOST DOG!

That’s right. This is the RISK you take when you choose an invisible fence, which is why you HAVE to ensure that the system is FOOLPROOF. Otherwise, is it worth the money? Why would you pay for a system that doesn’t work?

So how does the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence compare to others in the market? Let’s dive deeper and get to the bottom of this.

The Good

This system is highly affordable and offers some good features, such as a waterproof and rechargeable collar.

The Not So Good

The connectivity on this device isn’t perfect. Their customer base is not composed of 100% happy clients.

The Bottom Line

This isn’t the most reliable product in the market. The low cost of the product may entice you; however, consider it well before purchasing. (Read about it at the end of the article.)

About the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

The system is a 2-in-1 wireless dog fence and training system intended to keep YOUR dog within YOUR property. 

The system comprises a receiver collar and a transmitter.

The transmitter of the newer models are battery-operated (you can even use rechargeable batteries) and will not require a power outlet.

This bravely increases the PORTABILITY of this product.

The receiver collar is too battery-operated and has a RECHARGEABLE feature. (You won’t have to keep a pile of batteries around to ensure that your invisible fence works.)

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

The system offers tone, vibration, and shock correction. You can choose the Tone-Only Mode or use Shock correction where necessary (for stubborn dogs.)

This system is one of the CHEAPER products in the market, which immediately brings about the question of DURABILITY and RELIABILITY.

The system uses 3 GHzDUAL ANTENNA technology to produce a more robust and reliable signal. That being the case, the technology of the JUSTPET Wireless Fence is rather old and outdated. (There are more advanced products in the market.)

What’s in the Box?

inside the package of JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence
  • Wireless fence main unit: 1
  • Dog collar receiver: 1
  • Training flags: 14
  • Test light: 1
  • Power adapter: 2
  • Charging cable: 2
  • Wireless fence main unit wall mounting screw: 2 sets
  • Conductive post: 4
  • English manual: 1

How Does the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Work?

The system is relatively easy to use and set up.

The transmitter is the point of control and is where you adjust the coverage radius (maximum coverage of 578 feet.)

The system uses Radio Technology to communicate between devices (transmitter and collar.)

Once the radius has been determined, you can use the training flags that the system comes with and demarcate the boundary line using the flags, making it EASIER to train your dog.

a dog lying on the table and wearing JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

The correction level (signal intensity) can be adjusted between 0 and 100. The higher the level of signal intensity, the harsher the shock correction. You can also use tone and vibration correction if you prefer a gentler approach to training your dog.

Once the correction level has been adjusted based on preference and need, the next step is to place the RECEIVER COLLAR around your dog’s neck, and the system is ready for training.

Every time your dog comes near the edge of the defined radius, your dog will be corrected (beep and/or shock.)


It would be best if you worked with your dog to train it to this invisible fence system. The BETTER your dog is trained to the system, the more likely your dog will stay within your property even when the invisible fence system is turned off. (That’s right, your dog will learn to STAY, even without the collar.)

Here’s how to train your dog for a wireless fence.

Features of the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

The JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence does have some good features that they boast about. Most of these features are shared with other wireless dog fences.

(However, features are useless if the system is FAULTY.)

No Wire

The system does not require you to install any underground wires. This means you won’t have to get down and dirty digging holes to bury the wire. 

This invisible dog fence is wireless, making it easier to INSTALL.


The system is battery-operated and does not require a power outlet to work. This means you can carry it anywhere you like and use it anywhere, such as in the park or when you go camping. 

The portability of this wireless fence is a NICE FEATURE which not all products in the market offer. 

Waterproof and Rechargeable Collar 

The collar is waterproof (rated IPX7), so you won’t have to worry about your dog getting it wet *Maybe your dog likes swimming.

You won’t have to worry about replacing batteries ever so often.

Since the collar is RECHARGEABLE, you can recharge the battery whenever it runs low. (Runtime: 24 hours) 

The collar can be adjusted between 8 and 28 inches neck size. 

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence collar inside the water

Battery Operated Transmitter

The transmitter of this system is battery-operated and will NOT REQUIRE a power outlet to work. Compared to other products in the market that still use a power outlet to power the transmitter, the JUSTPET system has this edge, which bravely increases portability.

Adjustable Signal Intensity

The signal intensity can be adjusted between 0 and 100, allowing you to control the correction level. You can use a higher signal intensity to correct the behavior of stubborn dogs. 

Three Correction Functions

The system offers tone, vibration, and shock correction. You can opt for only tone and vibration correction where you feel shock correction may be too much for your pooch. 

Both the type of correction and the level of intensity is in YOUR hands. Hence the product gives you a reasonable degree of control over how you want to correct your pet’s behavior and train them. 

Price, Refund Policy and Warranty – JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

The system is priced at $78, making it a cheaper and more affordable option in the market.

However, this wireless system has NO WARRANTY, and neither does it come with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Hence if the product fails to work, you would have to cut your losses and move on. 

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Testimonials

Unfortunately, this wireless system only has a few happy customers. In our experience, any product’s fantastic features are USELESS unless the system works in a FOOLPROOF manner. Why would you pay anything for a FAULTY system?

Just have a look at what these customers had to say.

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Testimonial 1

This customer found that the system DOES NOT WORK. The level of correction, though adjustable, was not enough to correct the dog’s behavior. 

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Testimonial 2

These people have nothing nice to say about the product. It is described as a complete waste of money. In our experience, finding a GOOD invisible fence in this price range can be challenging. If you pay less than $100, the system will most likely be FAULTY.

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Testimonial 3

This person had to SAVE their dog from a busy street. When you buy an invisible fence to keep your dog safe, and the system proves FAULTY, what was the point of the purchase?

There were so many unhappy customers who, like us, tried the product and found it USELESS

Though the system has a list of Pros, the Cons certainly outweigh them. 

Pros and Cons of the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

Though the Cons of this product outweighs the Pros, it would only be a fair review if we tried to understand the various Pros better.


At $78, the system is CHEAP. (This could very well be a Con. *think about it.)

For the price range the system is placed in, it does offer some great features. The collar is WATERPROOF, which does improve the durability of the product. 

The system is also battery operated, which makes it PORTABLE. (**but there are other PORTABLE systems in the market)


The transmitter is RECHARGEABLE, which is nice. You won’t have to keep replacing batteries. 

You can also add up to three collars, which means the system can be used with up to three dogs. (Spare collars have to be bought separately.)

Sadly, those are the only Pros to this system we can think of.


  • Unreliable- The product uses 3 GHz wireless technology, which isn’t the most reliable technology in the market. The technology used in the system is old, outdated, and UNRELIABLE. One day, the system could be working fine, and the next, completely FAIL.
  • Greater Risk – The downside to using a cheap product is the RISK it brings with it. If the device acts FAULTY (as it has shown to do sometime) the chances of your dog running away is MUCH GREATER. No dog owner would want to RISK losing their dogs.
  • Though this is a multi-dog fence, the system only allows the integration of 3 collars which means if you have more than 3 dogs or want to have more than 3 dogs, you will need a second system (transmitter.)

Is it Worth Buying the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence?

a dog sitting on the ground and wearing JUSTPET collar

In our experience, this system is CHEAP and FAULTY. We were too swayed by the price of this product and its features, which is why we thought to try it out. However, the product DOES NOT WORK half the time. 

It is an UNRELIABLE wireless fence system which we CANNOT recommend.

When you consider the safety of your pooch, you want to avoid being swayed by a CHEAP product, which will only place your pet’s safety at RISK.

This system will eventually MALFUNCTION, leading to your dog getting away. 

Though the marketed features of this product are great, you CAN NOT trust this device or its features. Just reread those customer reviews: many FRUSTRATED and UNHAPPY customers.

This product is CHEAP, and much like how we use the word CHEAP to describe LOW-QUALITY things, it simply is NOT WORTH THE PURCHASE! (Buy at your own RISK.)

A Great Alternative: Halo 2+ Dog Collar

Now, this is a product that you can TRUST!

This invisible dog fence system is brought to you by the WORLD-RENOWNED dog behaviorist Cesar Millan.

The word to define this system is BRILLIANT. You WON’T have to worry about a FAULTY system, not with the Halo 2+ Dog Collar.

Unlike the JUSTPET Wireless System, the Halo 2+ Dog Collar looks like it was invented in the 21st century.

This system is INNOVATION at its finest; it is INTELLIGENTLY designed and easy to set up.

halo collar

The system comes with a smart WATERPROOF (rated IP-67) collar and a smartphone app.

Unlike the outdated technology of the JUSTPET system, Halo 2+ uses state-of-the-art LOCATION-ENHANCED TRACKING, which uses GPS and GNSS technology.

Comparing the two products is like night and day; the Halo 2+ Collar offers GREATERRELIABILITY and ACCURACY

All you have to do is glance at your phone, and you will be able to track your dog’s EXACT whereabouts (a great feature if your dog manages to stray.)

The coverage of the Halo 2+ Collar is AMAZING. Covering a ten-square-mile area, you can define large or small safe zones for your dog!

The system connectivity is much BETTER due to wireless GPS technology. It makes the 3 GHz Dual Antenna technology of the JUSTPET System look like STEAM LOCOMOTIVE compared to an ELECTRIC TRAIN.

What’s even better, the technology of the collar is designed to minimize stray signal interference. As a result, the Halo 2+ is EVEN MORE RELIABLE (GREAT ALTERNATIVE). 

The system comes with 15 LEVELS of static correction, which gives you COMPLETE control over the level of discipline. (It also comes with sound and vibration correction.)

Defining boundaries on your phone is SIMPLE and can be achieved with a single touch. You can define MULTIPLE boundaries and save them on your phone (up to 20 geofences.) 

The system is 100% PORTABLE; you can carry it (**your phone) wherever you like and use it ANYWHERE!

The receiver collar comes with a RECHARGEABLE battery (charges fast). With each recharge lasting about 20 hours, a single battery will last you 3 to 5 years (**AMAZING.

It even has health and activity TRACKING, allowing you to keep an eye on your dog’s wellbeing. 

The correct word to define this system is most undoubtedly BRILLIANT.

The system is not CHEAP (now remember what we said about cheap stuff being low-quality).

Miniature Schnauzer sitting on the grass and wearing halo 2 collar

However, the system is still on the more affordable end of the spectrum of invisible fences (***some costing upwards of $1000.) 

At $649, the product COMPLETELY delivers VALUE FOR MONEY! It has excellent customer reviews and a growing community of HAPPY customers (5 out of 5! TOP MARKS!)

There is no doubt the Halo 2+ Dog Collar is considerably more RECOMMENDED due to the apparent RELIABILITY of this product. This is by far the BETTER choice compared to the FAULTY JUSTPET system. What’s even better, dogs LOVE the Halo Dog Collar!

Even if you are turned off by the $649 price tag of the Halo 2+ Dog Collar, ask yourself this question; would you want to spend $78 on an UNRELIABLE and FAULTY invisible fence such as the JUSTPET System?

Or invest the money in a more RELIABLE product that can be TRUSTED to provide BETTER RESULTS.

Note: A faulty product could leave the door open for your dog to STRAY. With the Halo 2+ Dog Collar, you won’t have to worry about a FAULTY device, which means NO LOST DOG!

The FLIMSY JUSTPET system is nothing compared to the MORE DURABLE Halo Collar.

Though you will have to pay more for the Halo 2+ Collar, it is a RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY product that offers excellent VALUE FOR MONEY! Completely WORTH the investment.

All in all, the Halo 2+ Collar is incomprehensibly BETTER than the JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence.

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The JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence is a CHEAP invisible fence that WILL NOT deliver. The chances of losing your dog are MUCH GREATER if you consider going with this unreliable product. (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

The customer reviews, including ours, should tell you exactly why this system CANNOT be recommended.

Though the low cost of this system may entice you, there would only be a point in an invisible fence if it works. (Your dog WILL stray if the system is FAULTY.)

In comparison, the Halo 2+ collar, though more money, is most certainly WORTH the purchase. When buying an invisible fence, you must consider it an investment to keep your dog safe.

If the system does not keep your dog safe, what is the investment’s point?

Final Verdict: JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence – NOT RECOMMENDED.


Collars made by JUSTPET will work with the JUSTPET Wireless Fence system; however, model numbers will have to be matched.

JUSTPET isn’t the market’s most reliable and trusted brand of invisible dog fences.

You can use rechargeable batteries to run the battery operated models of JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence.

The JustPet Wireless Dog Fence’s Collar is rated IPX7 waterproof. 

Halo 2+ collar
Black and White Color Halo Collar products image




Overall Score


Precise and fast real-time location tracking
Multiple feedback mechanism
Enables dog training
Built-in App
Storing up to 20 GPS-enabled geo-fences
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Pretty expensive

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