How Do Dogs Get Lost? Factors and Ways to Protect Your Pet

Last Updated on July, 2024

According to the American Humane Association, nearly 10 million dogs and cats are stolen or lost in the United States each year. One in three animals is reported to be missing at some point. Even children don’t go missing in such amounts. 

What must have gone wrong for the dogs to go lost? What will happen to the Dog once it gets lost? Who is responsible? What precautions can we take to keep our animal friends safe? Continue reading if you want to learn more in a short time.

Quick Summary

Common mistakes owners make to lose their dogs include forgetting to close gates or doors, not providing proper training, and neglecting to socialize their pet.

Nearly 10 million dogs and cats are stolen or lost in the United States each year.

Strategies to prevent dogs from trespassing include installing or extending fences, monitoring their movements, and providing appropriate training.

How Do Dogs Get Lost?

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When Gates are Accidentally Left Open

A dog is likely to trespass when a gate or door is unintentionally left open. Most dogs can’t resist the impulse to explore when given a chance, while some will stay in their yards or at their houses.

Even while these dogs may not be seeking to leave their homes, their sense of smell leads them to locations that could be many miles or even a few blocks away.


Some dogs willfully make an effort to escape their yards by crawling, excavating, or climbing. They will try to get away from their owner or run out a door if given the chance.

Wanderlust is a major factor in the growth of the number of stray dogs at pet safety organizations. Comparatively speaking, male dogs are thought to have an excessive wanderlust.

Blind Panic 

Like people, dogs can undoubtedly have panic attacks. People who experience panic attacks describe a sudden, overwhelming sense of anxiety. When a dog has a blind panic, its natural “flight” response causes them to run away.

Factors That Affect How Far a Lost Dog Will Travel

some Factors That Affect How Far a Lost Dog Will Travel

Oftentimes, lost dogs are able to travel considerable distances before aid arrives while running blind. As they gradually slow down, they typically start looking for cover. Here are some things that can influence how far a lost dog will go.

The Temper of the Dog

The distance a missing dog will travel before being found depends on how it interacts with strangers. 


Extreme weather (snow, hail, rain, or scorching heat) will limit lost dogs’ distances.


A dog that runs away from home in a residential neighborhood won’t get as far as one that runs away in a mountainous area.

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The Population of the Area

When dogs escape into crowded areas, there is a greater possibility that they will be discovered nearby the point of escape. However, dogs tend to roam further and are less likely to be found near the escape location in places with very few people.

What Possible Mistakes Can You Make to Lose Your Dog as it’s Owner?

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Forgetting to close the gate or door of your house: This can lead to an opportunity-driven journey for your pet, as I mentioned earlier.

No proper Dog training: Your pet will get used to neglecting your commands if you don’t provide appropriate training. It leads the Dog to act on his own will and thus can try to trespass.

Unable to monitor your pet: Due to the busy schedule at your workplace, you might need help to check on your Dog.

Punishing your Dog severely: Punishing your Dog by hitting and doing things is abusive. By continuing such disgusting habits, your Dog will surely try to get away from you and your belongings. 

Neglecting to socialize your pet: If your Dog is not comfortable around people, then in the case if it gets lost, it will have a hard time till it is discovered.

How to Find a Lost Dog? 

It would be a horrible phase if your Dog went missing. Don’t worry; every problem has a solution. According to the Humane Society Of The United States, there are promising steps that you can follow to find your lost Dog.

  • Before expanding your search area, conduct a thorough physical search of your neighborhood or the location where your Dog was last seen, looking in backyards, parks and other adjacent areas.
  • Spread the word about the occurrence by giving out flyers with your contact information to the people in the neighborhood, such as mailmen, runners, and dog walkers; Post notices in surrounding areas and on social media sites.
  • Search for the places that are common for your Dog to visit usually. 
  • Contact the center for lost pets, Pet FBI, and similar organizations that help find pets.

Most importantly, do not lose hope if you are unable to find your pet in one or two days.

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How to Protect Your Dog From Trespassing?

  • Install or extend your fence.
  • Walk around your yard and remove if you find anything that may help your Dog to climb up the fence.
  • Pour a concrete footer if your Dog is good at digging the ground to escape. 
  • Monitor your Dog’s movements often. 
  • You can also chain or cage your Dog, but I won’t suggest this cruel method. Chaining and caging is acceptable if it is for a short period. For long hours, a big NO.

Whatever Precautions You Take, Ensure You Provide Enough Training For Your Dog To Stay Safe. 

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How to Protect Your Dog From Trespassing?

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Trespassing of Dogs causes significant issues for the owner and the neighbors. Losing a beloved Dog due to trespassing might cause heartache to the owner. 

You can employ a few strategies to keep your Dog from trespassing. Installing fences, monitoring it from time to time, and acting if trespassing movements are noticed, training your Dog for months to prevent it from trespassing are such methods.

Installing an Electric/Invisible Fence type is what we recommend to you after considering the well-being of you, your neighbors, and mainly your beloved Dog.

Nowadays, the Invisible Fence is the most technologically developed, cost-effective, and popular fence type that most Dog lovers prefer to protect their Dogs. Invisible fences set up limits to assist you in keeping your Dog from escaping. 

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Final Thoughts

The rate of missing Dogs is increasing day by day. On average, over 10 million Dogs report to go missing each year. Only some people can understand the situation of a lost Dog.

Discovering a lost Dog may take a more extended period. Finding a lost Dog depends on the type of the Dog and external factors like weather and environmental areas. 

There are a number of significant errors that a dog owner may have made to miss the dog. The most common error among them is forgetting to lock the gate or door. The Humane Society of the United States has suggested a list of actions to take in order to locate a lost dog.

Instead of thinking about finding a lost Dog, it is better to take precautions to protect your Dog beforehand.

Installing a suitable fence is a good idea. Most Dog owners prefer an Invisible fence type to protect their Dogs, considering various requirements. You can choose whatever method you find the best to protect your wonderful Dog. 

You better do some research beforehand to decide the solution strategy to protect your Dog from trespassing. Since Invisible fence consists of GPS location tracking feature, I strongly recommend you to go for it.


A dog who escapes in the middle of the night will travel further before being found than one that does so during rush hour.

Seek professional help. Contact the center for lost pets, pet CBI and similar organizations.

Install a tracking device on your Dog’s collar to monitor it. Invisible type fences also include this feature.

It must have gotten scary. Try to make your Dog happy by saying lovely words and offering treats. If you suspect any unusual behavior even after a few days of being nicer with the Dog, immediately consult a Dog specialist veterinarian.

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