Woofz Dog Training Review (2024) Should You Try This App?

Last Updated on July, 2024

There’s nothing that brings more comfort and joy than a well-trained dog. 

The LAST thing dog parents want is to be EMBARRASSED or STRESSED by your dog’s misbehavior.

But at the same time, not all of us can afford to blow off $350 per hour on a professional trainer ($350?? Per hour???).

Still, your dreams of a well-trained dog don’t have to go down the drain.

All thanks to the internet gods! 

You can find EVERYTHING online nowadays, from an app that’ll help you train your dog (the Woofz app) to an article that’ll review it for you and even give you a better alternative (that’s me!). 

I tried out two different online training methods on my Labrador Retriever so that you don’t have to.

So, what are you waiting for? Stick around to be blessed by the internet gods!

The Woofz App Review

Woofz dog training

According to the app, Woofz is a Puppy Care Log and a Pet Tracker that a certified veterinarian has designed to help in training your furry friend.

It’s easy to use and is characterized by a super cute animated interface.

Create separate profiles for each of your dogs and keep track of everything related to them in just one place!

Features of the Woofz App


The app has various courses that you can choose from, such as the “Say Goodbye To Problem Behavior” course, the “Home Alone” course, etc.

Each course promises to help teach your dog a certain number of skills within a specific period.

For example, the “First Days At Home” course spans one week and three days and helps to teach seventeen new skills to your dog.


The following are all the training courses the Woofz app features;

  • Say Goodbye To Problem Behaviors
  • 10-Day Personal Program
  • Home Alone
  • Speak Your Pet’s Language.
  • First Days at Home.

You can also teach your dog the following commands;

  • Good Dog
  • Look At Me
  • Come
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stand
  • Wait
  • No
  • Drop It
  • Fetch
  • Place
  • High Five
  • Snake
  • Spin
  • Touch
  • Roll Over
  • Dead
  • Kiss
  • Bunny
  • Bow
  • Shame
  • Nose
  • Get My Slippers
  • Balance Object On Nose
  • Walk Between Your Legs
  • Put Toys Away
Woofz dog training review

The app includes a clicker that can be used for positive reinforcement as all the training featured is a positive reinforcement based.

You can also use the app to teach your dog both basic and fun tricks.

The training is done through videos in the same animated style as the rest of the app. 

HOWEVER, while I was training my Labrador Retriever, Daisy, I found that much of the information provided could be found more extensively through a quick Google search.

So, while they’re cute, these training videos provide pretty basic information that you can easily find through a google search that costs you nothing (whereas- spoiler alert- the app costs you a pretty penny!)

Since the videos are animated, they also fail to consider the nuances that come with trying to train with a REAL dog.

There were many instances when Daisy was NOT cooperating and it left me feeling super distraught because I didn’t have a clue on what to do. The little dog on the app wasn’t having any problems!

This oversight might leave you feeling frustrated and lost as well when your dog doesn’t respond to the training as well as the little 2D dog on the app does.


This feature on the app helps you with two functions;

  • The Calendar lets you keep track of all your dog-related events such as visits to the vet, vaccinations, training times, grooming times, etc.

With this function, you can ensure that you will always be a good parent to your dog by NEVER missing a doggy appointment even when you’re super busy. 

  • The Health Check function allows you to track your dog’s moods, activity, feeding habits, any strange behavior, etc., throughout days when you are perhaps worried about your dog. 

This function can help you pinpoint exactly what’s up with your dog if it has been acting weird recently. 

There’s no harm in keeping a record of how your dog is doing, even if there’s nothing wrong.

These two functions can actually be accessed on the free version of the app. So if you’re looking to simply journal your way through your dog’s everyday experience, this is the app for you.

Track Walks

You can monitor the time you’ve taken on your walks with your dog, along with the number of miles. You can also track the number of walks gone in a specific period such as a week or a month.

This feature is helpful, especially if you have a puppy and you only have to walk it for a recommended period and no more.


Woofz dog training program

Have you ever spent hours going through your gallery trying to find one particular sweet picture of your dog amidst all the other adorable photos of your dog?

With the Memories feature, your struggles are over. 

In this tab on the app, you can commemorate moments with your dog and can keep all their pictures in one place right at your fingertips.

Now you must be thinking, why do I need an app for this? I can just make an album in my gallery.

And technically, you’re correct. 

But with this app, you can keep everything (events, health checks, pictures, etc.) related to your dog in one space. 

The real question is, is it worth its price?

Read on, and you can be the judge of that.

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The app contains the following subscription choices;

  • Weekly with a 3-day free trial at $ 7.99.
  • -Weekly with a 3-day free trial at $ 9.99.
  • -Weekly at $ 7.99.
  • -Quarterly at $ 29.99.
  • -Quarterly with a 3-day free trial at $ 29.99.
  • -Yearly at $ 49.99.
  • -Quarterly at $ 34.99.

Your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

Your account will be charged within 24 hours before the end of the current period.

I personally went with the weekly with a 3-day free trial at a $9.99 subscription.

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Summary of Pros and Cons


The app is super user-friendly and easy to use.
Instructions are clear and you can navigate the app easily.
As I mentioned before, the app has a very cute design that made me happy every single time I clicked on the app.
All the training on the Woofz app is positive reinforcement-based. 
This means that your dog is in for a lot of treats, praise, and fun during training.


The Woofz app is very expensive, to the point where you could replace it with a one on one personal trainer and feel no difference in your wallet.
The free version of the app has barely any options so you HAVE to pay to get a decent amount of training done.
Very basic information is provided, and you can access them for FREE on the internet.
The lack of real life examples makes training difficult because you don’t have a real dog and trainer to draw experience from.

Is the Woofz App Worth it?

Woofz App Logo

I used the Woofz app for a month with Daisy and found it extremely easy to use.

My favorite part of the app was the journal function because whenever I had to note down something important in relation to Daisy, all I had to do was pull it up.

To be honest, though, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the training because I felt the need for more resources, especially because of the price I was paying.

I would have also appreciated a community that I could join because that would have made us feel less alone on our training journey.

So, would I say that the Woofz app was worth it?

Personally, no.

Both Daisy and I didn’t benefit from the app as much as I had hoped we would.


What Do People Say?

We can’t draw conclusions without looking at peoples’ experiences with the app, now can we?

So, I scoured through tons of reviews to summarize for you just what people had to say.

The app has a 4-star rating on Google Play with 1,386 reviews. The Apple App Store has a 4.4 rating with 628 reviews.

Several good reviews of the app say it did wonders to their dog.

BUT take them with a grain of salt because there are many more negative reviews.

A common complaint that users have had is that they have to pay quite a hefty amount for training programs and information that (as mentioned earlier) can be easily accessed through a quick google search.

And you NEED to pay to use the app. 

Generally, apps can be used for free, and paying only unlocks extra features. Woofz has a free version, but you can barely use any training options unless you pay. 

There have also been a lot of reviews stating that even after they paid, the app doesn’t work properly. According to these reviews, the app works on and off and repeatedly freezes.

Woofz dog training customer testimonial

K9 Training Institute: An Alternative to Woofz

So, of course, I canceled my Woofz subscription. 

Like I said, I love the journal and everything cute and dynamic about the app $10 ($9.99) per week is $40 per month — that’s a lot of money to waste.

However, I was left with an untrained dog. There was no way I could afford a $100/hour professional dog trainer, so I kept browsing for online training programs.

If it was worth the price, I was willing to pay. Because I also didn’t want to spoil my dog anymore with amateur training approaches.

This is when I came across the K9 Dog Training Institute.

The user reviews were compellingly positive, and they seemed to be using real dogs in the videos. On top of all that, I was surprised to see that it was, wait for it, completely FREE.

Not only that, but K9 Training Institute (K9 TI) seemed to have everything I was looking for; it had been used to train over 2.7 million dogs, too — green flags all over.

I took this course before taking paid courses. Guess what? I trained my dog in the best way for entirely free. 

To make it easier for you, I’ll walk you through as I did.

When you visit the K9 Dog Training Institute website, you’re asked:

  • Whether your dog is an adult or an adult dog who is aged 1 year or more
  • Whether your fog is a puppy who is less than 1 year

One of the biggest issues I had with Woofz is that I never knew who mapped and planned the training. It first occurred when I noticed that my dog wasn’t responding as positively as the 2D dog on the Woofz app.

The K9 Dog Training Institute’s lead trainer is Dr. Alexa Dias. Her PhD is in animal behavior, backed by 20 years of training service dogs, the dogs who are trained to take care of the disabled.

Not only that, she also has trained emotional support dogs for war veterans who struggle with severe PTSD.

She’s not the only one — a dynamic duo leads this course; the second trainer is Eric Presnall, who is the lead presenter of the K9 Training Institute.

Eric Presnall hosted “Who Let The Dogs Out” which was aired on Animal Planet TV show. His role was to judge dog trainers based on how well-trained the dogs were.

The best thing is that the selected dogs were not ordinary; they were service dogs, surfing dogs, and even skateboarding dogs.

If you remember the show, Eric brought leading Hollywood’s well-recognized animal activists, including Greg Kinnear and even Betty White.

Once you book your FREE seat, you get the invitation, and it’s a training video series that features real dogs. 

What Does the K9 Dog Training Institute Include?

It’s unwise to publicly say that your course content is based on Harvard and Standford universities unless it is the utter truth, which is the case with the K9 Training Institute. If it was otherwise, they would be drowning in legal suits.

It immediately makes sense as the training style is well-defined. While Woofz adheres to positive reinforcement, I felt it was quite traditional.

What makes K9 Training Institute’s training so effective is that it features an upgraded version of positive reinforcement. Dr. Alexa and Eric combine positive reinforcement with body language and rewards based on service dog training.

That’s why it enables resolving 11 common behavioral issues so conveniently. 

The best thing is that not only will these issues be resolved, but your dog will also know how to behave as a service dog. However, you should know that this is not a course to follow for certified service dog training.

One of the biggest issues I, and most dog parents, face is leash pulling. Woofz training made me feel frustrated and almost made me believe that it was a lost cause. 

Following the K9 TI’s training, my dog completely stopped pulling on the leash when we were outside with multiple concurrent distractions.

Knowing how service dogs behave, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the secret to this calmness is that Dr. Alexa and Eric use service dog training techniques.

Leash pulling is only one side of the issue; the other side is jumping on people.

The K9 Training Institute strategically trains your dog’s brain well. That way, your dog will know that jumping on people, whether at home or outside, is not only inappropriate but also embarrassing for THEM — that’s how jumping on people stops.

Housebreaking is seldom seen in service dogs. As your dog trains similarly to a service dog, you never have to worry about housebreaking anymore. 

The video series is to the point and empowers you as a dog parent to adjust training based on the unique behavioral characteristics of your dog. 

This is where body language-based training comes into play. The Woofz app and the typical dog training program ensure that your dog follows commands.

The K9 Training Institute does that and trains your dog to read you (body language) and respond accordingly. This resembles how brain-trained service dogs are to read their masters.

This 100% free dog training course is also not limited to specific breeds. Whether your dog is a Pomeranian or a Rottweiler, you can train them all the same; any breed can be trained perfectly.

Once you click the GRAB YOUR FREE SEAT NOW, a form pops up to enter your contact information. Fill it out and submit it, and they’ll get back to you.

I’m not a big fan of featuring customer reviews on the official business website; they’ll only show what’s beneficial for them. My go-to reliable source is TrustPilot.

This is a glimpse of what Trustpilot reviews say about the K9 Training Institute. 94% of them are 5-star reviews. The lower ones seem to have questionable claims.

This experience was so amazing for my family and I. The patience displayed by himself and team was great. We haven’t interacted with dogs in years due to a bad situation. I recommend anyone with a phobia of dogs too welcome K-9 into your home its life changing!

It should have been a refreshing experience for Cedric to get back into dogs and train better.

I have read a lot of articles, watched many videos and heard from other dog parents various means and methods of training, philosophies and science of dog rearing etc. But it’s the first time I have experienced first hand positive results from the very beginning. And it was through K9 training video. It was very helpful in giving me a real understanding of my 3month old beagle and what he really needed.

Biji has started training a Beagle puppy and got what he really needed, further confirming that the K9 Training is fluff-less.

Over to You

Woofz App is resourceful; it has several training videos, a memory gallery, and so much more.

It also has enough positive reviews too. The only problem is that its effectiveness is a hit-or-miss, in my experience, and the price you have to pay for that is quite high. 

I also didn’t like that there wasn’t a clearly indicated source of the content, which can be found with a single Google search.

On the other hand, the K9 Dog Training Institute is COMPLETELY FREE, comes from a legit PhD-bearing training duo, and is based on service dog training.

Not only does it make your dog obey, but it also allows them to read you and respond accordingly, giving them intelligent autonomy.

I’ll leave it to you to decide. I hope this review was helpful, and feel free to spread the word and help other fellow dog parents.


Yes, many positive reviews demonstrate its effectiveness, however, there are a few drawbacks and negative opinions expressed.

The cost of Woofz App per month can range from $40.

No, the main feature of the Woofz App is a 2D dog that appears throughout the video series.

Better alternative
K9 Training Institute
K9Ti Product Image
Ease of Training




Overall Score


The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
The K9TI offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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