How Much to Put a Dog Down UK? Canine Euthanasia Pricing

Last Updated on July, 2024

Euthanasia in the dictionary means- the Good Death. If you’re here wondering how much it will cost you to put your furry friend to sleep. Trust me, it will not be higher than the emotional cost. 

So if you’re beating yourself over reaching this page in search of difficult answers, you shouldn’t (been there, it’s never easy).

To give you an average, most vets take £200 to £450; costs depend on the weight of your dog. It can be up to £570 for bigger dogs. 

One expert who also happens to be an Euthanasian Vet said, “I love my job whether I’m saving a life or ending it, I’m making a difference.”

Quick Summary

Cost of putting a dog down in the UK varies depending on the size of the dog, with most vets charging between £200 to £570. There are also additional costs for cremation or burial.

There are different options for where the euthanasia can take place, including in a clinic or at home, and some options may have additional fees.

It is important to carefully consider your dog’s behavior and quality of life before making the decision to euthanize. Pet insurance may or may not cover the cost of euthanasia and burial.

How Much to Put a Dog Down UK?

The prices for Euthanasia vary, depending on the size of the dog. The whole process can be a lot quicker and easier to go through when you already know what to expect. 

So here’s my research to help you in this painstaking time.

sizes of dogs

Small Dog, AKA Toy Dogs

Toy dogs are dogs with little weight but are very good with children. Pet owners with these angel puppies don’t have to pay much for this last kindness. The reason is simply that they don’t need a higher dose. 

Toy Dogs are characterized in such ways for their size like toys but more full of life. Their average weight is 10 kg or less.

For a small dog like a Shih Tzu or a Pug, it’d cost from £200 to put them to sleep.

Most dog parents prefer to be present with their best friend till the pain is gone and they’re finally in peace. But it is totally up to you to decide. 

Medium Family Dogs

Most Family dog’s life is spent with the whole family around. The goodbye is even harder. Medium Dog breeds include breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Beagles.

To put down a dog this size- weighing around 25 pounds to 50 pounds will cost starting from £300 to £400

A lot of people decide on home visits first for consultation or even for the full procedure. This way, it is a familiar environment for the animal in pain. Some do home burials to have their best friend with them for life. 

Big Dogs

Big guard dogs are loved as any other breed, Appropriate consultation with the vet is essential. This size requires a slightly higher euthanasia dose to put them to sleep. So the cost for them starts from £450 and goes up to £570.

These big dogs can weigh around 65 pounds to 160 pounds; hence, they need some sedation before Euthanasia.

What Are the Procedures Dog Owners Choose From?

process of euthanasia for a weak dog

This right thing, but a hard decision can be thrown at you at any moment if your pet has been feeling too sick for too long. One really important factor is deciding where your dog should be put to sleep. 

This also impacts the cost of putting your dog down. There’s no doubt that every dog owner wants the best possible outcome for their puppy.

You can talk to the vet about it and plan Home Euthanasia. In this way, your other pets can also get a chance to say goodbye.

Did you know that if you let your cat or other animals witness the final goodbye, they understand and don’t get agitated looking for their friend. 

It will cost more than the procedure in the clinic but it will keep your pet calm in resting their suffering.

At home, if your dog is on palliative care, and god forbid, you have to make a decision, your first thought would understandingly be Home Euthanasia

Meanwhile, if you’re losing your dog due to a grave accident and rushing him to the vet’s clinic, after talking with the vet, you can decide to have it done in the clinic.

Or you call an Out-Of-Hour Clinic to help you with it at home, for which they may charge an extra fee. 

Remember that this decision is never easy in any circumstances.

So keep breathing through it. Keep thinking of good times, and say your goodbye most comfortably to your dog. 

Home Euthanasia for a dog

What Can Pet Owners Expect During Euthanasia?

Considering how daunting the decision is, it is a relief that the two-step procedure is nothing but a pin-prick for your pet. Depending on the sickness or health condition and the size of your dog, a slight overdose of anesthetic does the job. 

You are always allowed to be there with the veterinarian while they do it, and you can even bring children with you. But be careful to explain to them what is about to happen so they stay calm. 

If your dog is bigger, like a greyhound, the vet may give him a higher dose than normal. In such cases, they are sedated before being given the injection. 

This process would be more painful for you than for your dog so make sure to give yourself a few minutes before moving on to the next step. 

Other Costs 

Once your dog has passed away, don’t be alarmed as the reality crashes on you. The emotional price you’ll be paying will be so much deeper.

burials of dogs at pet cemetry and at home

The other costs here mean, the costs depending on cremation type:

  • Communal Cremation 
  • Individual Cremation 
  • Home Burial 
  • Pet Cemetary Burial

Communal or Individual Cremation

You may not feel like making another decision regarding your pet’s death after the procedure is over. This option lets you leave the rest up to the Crematorium, which means your pet’s cremation with a few others. They take care of the ashes for you. 

A more personalized way of saying final goodbye is an individual cremation with some extra cost. The ashes are returned to you, and you can spread them as per your wishes. You may have to set aside £100 for these extra fees. 

Burial at Home

This is the best option for you if you want your last goodbye to your friend to be very personal. A lot of people prefer to bury their pets in their gardens; just be sure to confirm if it is allowed where you live.

Pet Cemetary Burial

Pet Cemeteries are your best bet if you don’t want to bury them yourself and also don’t want to completely disconnect with your pet by spreading their ashes.

This option is also the expensive one as it can cost you up to £600, depending on the size of your dog. 

Other guides and tools you might need when training your dog:


Observe your dog’s behavior and use it to inform your decision. If their condition does not improve with medication and effort, seek advice from your vet and allow yourself enough time to carefully consider before making a decision.

Yes, if the insurance includes these services, they will cover the entire cost. It is important to mention these services when obtaining pet insurance.

Yes, costs for this service can differ in different parts of the UK. However, they are more dependent on the size of your dog rather than the specific area.

Yes, vets can refuse to put down a dog. However, they are open to discussing the situation with the owners as it is a matter of life and death. Most vets will not refuse to put down a dog if it has already undergone surgery that has failed.

Closing Thoughts

To wrap it up, this grueling decision will take a lot of courage, but you don’t have to make this decision alone. Make sure to have your family or friends around you. Your vet will answer all the questions you have to help you understand. 

Let yourself grieve your loved dog and keep talking about them to keep them alive in memories. 

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