180+ Cute Korean Dog Names With Meanings

Last Updated on July, 2024

Finding the BEST Korean dog name for your new dog can be quite the task.

Why? Because it has to sound meaningful and cute, also should originate from Korea.

Hence, we have hand-picked and categorized some of the best Korean dog names for both male and female dogs, in terms of uniqueness, cuteness, popularity, and even those suitable for each different Korean dog breed. 

This is an all-in-one guide curated to satisfy both you and your dog with the best collection of dog names. 

Unique Male Korean Dog Names

A dog wearing a korean flag bandana in his neck

We have a fantastic collection for you if you are looking for adorable male Korean dog names. 

Here is a list of male Korean dog names for your new pup with its meaning:

  • Anjong: Illustrates tranquility and a sense of serenity.
  • Bong: Refers to a mythical bird of wonder.
  • Bonhwa: Denotes glorious and magnificent characteristics.
  • Cho: Someone who is handsome or pretty.
  • Chungae: Symbolizes being loved and noble.
  • Daehim: Means the most extraordinary mind, including a strong mental power.
  • Dal: Means “moon,” a source of fascination and beauty.
  • Geon: Conveys a sense of strength or bravery.
  • Haengun: Expresses the meaning ‘lucky’ depicting the fortunate luck.
  • Hwan: A name that means shining and being adorable.
  • Hyeon: Signifies possessing virtuous and high moral standards.
  • Jiho: Represents wisdom and bravery.
  • Min: Possessing a clever, bright mind and personality.
  • Min Ho: Signifies a strong and courageous personality.
  • Min Joo: Conveys the idea of being quick and handsome.
  • Minjun: Illustrates the qualities of smartness and cleverness.
  • Sang: Emphasize the concepts of forever and everlasting.
  • Seulgi: Possesses the attributes of wisdom, intelligence, and majesty.
  • Yong: Denotes being bold, brave, and fearless, like a dog.

Unique Female Korean Dog Names

a female shiba inu dog standing in a grass field

Do you have a female dog? We got you the perfect female Korean puppy names:

  • Aecha: Meaning a loving daughter. 
  • Aein: Represents being beloved or someone’s sweetheart.
  • Amin: Means lovely, reflecting a charming quality.
  • Bae: Signifies qualities of inspiration and being beloved.
  • Bomi: Signifies the beauty emphasizing the aesthetic charm of an individual.
  • Bong Cha: The ultimate girl with outstanding characteristics.
  • Bongju: Represents the symbol of joy and happiness.
  • Changbok: Portrays the light of the sun, symbolizing its radiant glow.
  • Choon Hee: Symbolizes a spring girl, representing the vitality of the spring season.
  • Danbi: Means “welcome rain,” symbolizing the refreshing nature of rain.
  • Eun: Signifies kindness, being affectionate and warm-hearted.
  • Eunbi: Convey’s mercy and kindness of a compassionate personality.
  • Geon: Signifies qualities of strength, resilience, and power.
  • Hayangi: Refers to “whitey,” such as someone with a very fair complexion.
  • Hea: Describes someone with grace and elegance.
  • Hei Ran: Embodies grace signifying the beauty of an orchid. 
  • Mee: Conveys the idea of a beautiful daughter.
  • Mee: Represents attractive attributes of beauty and gorgeousness.
  • Mi-cha: Meaning a beautiful girl of charm and beauty.
  • Nari: Represents the lily or a flower, reflecting purity and beauty.

Cute Korean Dog Names

a cute poodle wearing a korean flag

Is the Korean term “Dasom” a cute, creative, and unique name? Indeed, there are many cute names such as this for your pup in the Korean language.

Here is a list of cute Korean dog names:

  • Baram: Represents the wind, symbolizing the ever-moving nature of a breeze.
  • Bomi: Defines springtime as symbolizing the season of growth and beauty.
  • Bora: This signifies the color purple, representing its vibrant nature. 
  • Dasom: Means “love,” conveying a sense of affection.
  • Gwiyomi: A Korean name meaning “cutie,” emphasizing the adorable nature of a dog.
  • Jakada: Portrays being “little” and suits a dog that is small and cute.
  • Maehui: Depicts the rose, symbolizing the expression of beauty.
  • Malli: Signifying the flower jasmine to indicate the purity and fragrance of white flowers.
  • Miso: Means smile, highlighting a pleasant appearance and cuteness. 
  • Nabi: Depicts the butterfly and its cheerful personality.
  • Wonsoong: Signifies a monkey being naughty and playful. 
  • Yeobo: Means darling as an expression of love.
  • Yeori: Embodies the elegance of defining someone with grace and sophistication.

Unisex Korean Dog Names

A german shepherd wearing a korean flag

You can call your Korean puppy an adorable name which is unisex or gender-neutral. 

Here is a list of gender-neutral Korean names for dogs: 

  • Beodeul: Means the attribute of a willow, symbolizing the willow tree. 
  • Bitna: Reflects radiance and brilliance.
  • Bitnara: Means light or brightness.
  • Haneul: Represents the meaning ‘heaven’ depicting the eternal blessings. 
  • Hwan: Signifies happiness or shine, representing joy and radiance.
  • Injeong: Embodies the benevolence of having a compassionate personality. 
  • Jin: Means “jewel,” symbolizing value and preciousness.
  • Miyeon: Describes clouds as resembling divine beauty. 
  • Myeong: Signifies the brightness of reflecting luminosity. 
  • Sandeul: Indicates a gentle wind, representing its calming nature. 
  • Seokyeong: Portrays the flower, symbolizing its beauty and charm. 
  • Seori: Denotes frost, illustrating icy patterns. 
  • Sinjeong: Suitable for a dog with great spirit and determination.
  • Sohui: Hints at the qualities emphasizing magnificence. 
  • Su: Interprets excellence in terms of one’s grade.
  • Ja: This name means attractiveness, and is ideal for a beautiful dog. 
  • Jung: Illustrate righteousness by describing morals and ethics. 
  • Min: Conveys cleverness, indicating a sharp and intelligent mind.
  • Yon: Depicts blossom or the lotus flower, symbolizing purity and beauty. 
  • Yong: Implies qualities of bravery and fearlessness. 

Popular Korean Dog Names With the Best Meanings

A brown dog laying on the ground with a chain around its neck

Shouldn’t the name you call your new puppy be MEANINGFUL? Such terms add wisdom and beauty to your new dog.

Here is a checklist of popular Korean names you must check for your furry friend:

  • Bo-bae: Signifies the treasure, emphasizing its worth. 
  • Busan: Busan is a large city in South Korea. 
  • Doja: Means the “peach”, symbolizing delicacy and sweetness. 
  • Goo: This name is ideal for a dog who has a deep relationship with their owner, as it means ‘to complete someone’. 
  • Honja: Means alone, representing the solitude state. 
  • Kuri: Meaning copper reflecting its distinct color and properties. 
  • Mir: Signifies the dragon associated with strength and power. 
  • Nuri: Signifies the vastness and significance of the world.
  • Okja: Describes a precious gem symbolizing its great value. 
  • Sakula: Represents the cherry blossom, symbolizing how precious it is. 

Best Korean Puppy Names 

Are you looking for that “perfect name” for your cute dog?

Here’s a list of the best Korean dog names with meanings:

  • Ae Cha: Signifies an affectionate daughter, emphasizing the love in a family bond.
  • Areum: Reflects being beautiful and gorgeous. 
  • Bae: Means belly or stomach, indicating a body part.
  • Bam: Denotes the night, symbolizing the darkness and gloom.
  • Bada: Associates the sea, emphasizing the beauty of the divine ocean. 
  • Bap: Represents the rice grain, highlighting the staple of Korean cuisine. 
  • Belief Soo: Indicates kindness and nobility. 
  • Baram: Meaning the wind, symbolizing being breezy and powerful. 
  • Bo Mi: Depicts a lovely and charming personality. 
  • Bitna: Means “to shine,” projecting the reflective qualities of reaching great heights. 
  • Bo Bae: Meaning a treasure, or something precious 
  • Byeong: Signifies luminosity depicting shine or a glowing texture.
  • Chang Min: Expresses a bright or strong personality reflecting resilience. 
  • Chul Moo: Indicates an iron weapon, symbolizing the properties of strength and excellence. 
  • Da-som: Denotes “love,” representing affection and tenderness. 
  • Dak Ho: Represents a deep lake, suggesting the divine flow of water. 
  • Doh: Means the achievement of success.
  • Eun: Signifies silver, or kindness, reflecting the value of the metal and being generous, respectively.
  • Eun Ji: Conveys compassion, or earth, depicting being gentle or grounded to earth. 
  • Geun: Implies foundation, symbolizing being steadfast and supportive. 
  • Gyeong: Signifies respect, emphasizing honor and admiration. 
  • Ha Eun: Represents summer and kindness, symbolizing brightness and benevolence. 
  • Ha Yun: Defined as summer and sunlight, reflecting the radiance associated with the summer season. 
  • Hae: Symbolizes an ocean reflecting the majesty of the seas. 
  • Hae Won: Indicates a beautiful garden, emphasizing the tranquility of a well-kept place. 
  • Haengbogi: Represents the happiness of being joyful and content. 
  • Il Seong: Resonates with the sun, representing the idea of brightness and success in one’s life. 
  • Jae Hee: Signifies glimmering, reflecting brilliance and sparkle. 
  • Jae Sang: Depicts mutual support and always being a supporting soul. 
  • Ji Woo: Signifies being ambitious, reflecting success, aspiration and stability. 
  • Joo: Represents a gem symbolizing preciousness. 
  • Jung: Exemplifies the virtuous qualities. 
  • Kwan: Suggests being strong, indicating a powerful personality. 
  • Mee: Means beauty, emphasizing attractiveness. 
  • Nam Sun: Illustrates integrity and truthfulness. 
  • Si-woo: Showcases the quality of a protector, emphasizing the quality of safeguarding the family. 
  • So Hui: Signifies magnificence, reflecting a splendid personality. 

Korean Names Inspired By Famous Korean Celebrities

famous korean celebrity names kept for dogs

Do you watch Korean TV shows and K-dramas? They have become very popular due to the excellent performance given by Korean celebrities. 

Here is a checklist of Korean names inspired by Korean celebrities: 

  • BoA: The stage name of the famous Korean singer and actress- Kwon Bo-ah.
  • Jungkook: A member of the Korean boy band BTS.
  • Onew: The name of the lead singer for the K-pop band SHINee.
  • Suga: The nickname of the famous Korean rapper Min Yoon-gi.

K-Pop Dog Names

famous korean k-pop band names kept for dogs

What is K-pop? K-pop is a Korean popular music that originated in South Korea. 

Here’s a list of K-pop band names which you can name your new furry friend:

  • BigBang: BigBang is a boy band group consisting of three members. 
  • Blackpink: Blackpink is a girl group with four members. 
  • EXO: EXO is a boy band group with nine members. 
  • iKON: iKON is a boy band group with six members. 
  • Mamamoo: Mamamoo is a girl group managed by Rainbow Bridge World with four members.  
  • Monsta X: Monsta X is a boy band group with six members.
  • Seventeen: Seventeen is a boy band group with seventeen members. 
  • TWICE: TWICE is a boy band group with nine members. 
  • Winner: Winner is a boy band group with four members. 

Korean Dog Names Inspired By Korean Landscapes

Do you love the landscape of Korea?

Then, it’s best to name your dog with a memorable South Korean landscape. Remember, each landscape, including North and South Korea, has a remarkable history. 

Here is a list of Korean dog names inclined by South Korea’s landscapes:

  • Busan: Busan is known as the second largest city in Korea, famous for its bustling port and captivating beaches.
  • Daegu: Daegu is another large city in South Korea.
  • Daejeon: Daejeon is a place located in the central region of South Korea.
  • Darangee: Darangee is a village of rice terraces.
  • Ggotji: Ggotji is a stunning beach in Korea. 
  • Incheon: Incheon is a city in the northwestern part of South Korea with 3 million inhabitants.
  • Jebudo: Jebudo is a small island in South Korea that witnesses the sea’s parting. 
  • Jeju: Jeju is the name of an Island in Korea. It is known for its beaches and volcanic landscapes.
  • Korea: Korea is the land of the morning sun.
  • Osan: Osan is a Korean city supporting agricultural and enterprise industries.
  • Seoul: The capital city of South Korea is Seoul, with a population of 10 million people. 
  • Suwon: Suwon is a city with a long history in South Korea.
  • Ulsan: Ulsan is the seventh most significant and beautiful city in Korea. 
  • Upo: Upo is a lovely marshy area in Korea. 

Korean Dog Names Inspired By Korean Food and Drinks

famous korean food and drink names kept for dogs

If you want to name your male or female dog with Korean food names, we have listed them with meanings for each. 

Here is a list of dog names inspired by Korean cuisine and culture:

  • Bibimbap: Mixed rice.
  • Bulgogi: Marinated Korean beef barbecue.
  • Hobakjuk: Pumpkin porridge.
  • Hoeddeok: Sweet syrup pancakes.
  • Japchae: Stir-fried noodles.
  • Kimchi: Fermented vegetables. 
  • Makgeolli: Raw rice wine.
  • Naengmyeon: Cold buckwheat noodles.
  • Samgyeopsal: Ginseng chicken soup.
  • Samgyetang: Pork strips.
  • Seolleongtang: Ox bone soup.
  • Soju: Clear alcoholic beverage.
  • Sundae: Blood sausage.

Korean Dog Names Inspired By Nature

nature kept as dog names

Nature-related Korean names are elegant and beautiful to call your puppy. 

Here is a list of Korean names inspired by nature:

  • Bada: Illustrates the sea or ocean. 
  • Baram: Represents the wind, depicting its influential nature.
  • Byeol: Means a star, symbolizing the luminous object in the night sky. 
  • Nun-i: Depicts the snow, signifying the cold precipitation in winter. 

Korean Dog Names Inspired By Beauty 

South Korea is known for its quality cosmetics and beauty brands. If you plan to name your boy or girl dog with a name signifying beauty, these names are some of the best! 

Here are the hand-picked dog names inspired by the beauty world:

  • Areum, Mi-young, Mi Sun, Yeppeun: These three Korean terms signify “eternal beauty,” depicting its elegance and glamor. 
  • Yeppeun: Means “whitey”, portraying a fair complexion. 

Best Korean Dog Names for Korean Dog Breeds

Are you looking for culturally inspired Korean dog names?

Here is a list of names for Korean dog breeds, including male and female dog names separately. 

Korean Dog BreedFemale Dog namesMale dog names
JejuJeju, Busan, UlsanUpo, Hwan, Dae
PungsanNari, Bae, HeaSu-won, Cho, Geon
SapsaliSapsaliBoA, Kuri, Doja
JindoDasom, Jakada, WonsoongDasom, Jakada, Wonsoong
NureongiKimchi, Bulgogi, BibimbapJapchae, Sundae, Galbi

Why Pick a Korean Name for Your Pup?

You may pick a Korean name for your puppy if you have a Korean heritage or are inspired by Korean culture. 

Does Korea have a fantastic history? Absolutely, it does! Located on the northern side of China, Korea is divided into two main territories; North Korea and South Korea. It’s the home for millions of people with a unique culture. 

Hence, why not name your puppy with a beautiful Korean name?

Other guides and tools you might need when training your dog:


In conclusion, it doesn’t matter whether you have smaller or bigger dogs—the above guide has the best Korean dog names of all criteria based on food and drink, celebrities, breeds, landscapes, and more! 

Explore and find the best fitting Korean name for your pup. They are unique names conveying expressive meanings.

We hope you found the best Korean name for your puppy from this extensive list!


Some cute and meaningful Korean pet names are Dasom (love), Wonsoong (monkey, mischievous), Nabi (butterfly, cheerful), Baram (wind), Jakada (little), Bora (purple), and Miso (smile).

Some names of BTS dogs include Jjanggu, Ddosun, and Gureum.

Yeontan is a male or boy dog.

According to myNZTE, the most popular pet in Korea is the dog.

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